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International Education & Experiential Learning are critical experiences for students that take them from the pond they are in today to the ocean that awaits them...Travel To Learn develops International Educational Study Tours that provide students with customized, curriculum based programs that meet a schools learning objectives

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  2. 2. Hiun Tsang Mankind has always Traveled to Learn. An exceptional example of this is Hiun Tsang, he was an outstanding Chinese scholar who traveled from China to the West in search of knowledge in or around A.D.
  3. 3. I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditionsI never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn. - Albert Einsteinin which they can learn. - Albert Einstein I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn. - Albert Einstein
  4. 4. We partner Programs, Organizations Governments to develop customized, curriculumrelated,experientiallearningbased INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL STUDY TOURS Thegrowinglistofprogramsofferedinclude:StudentExchanges|Language Learning | School Immersions | Science STEM | Performing Arts | Sports | Outdoor Education - CAS AwardTrips | UniversityTours | Career Guidance | Summer Courses | Adventure | Business Entrepreneurship| Cultural Learning|ProfessionalDevelopment LeadershipProgramsforEducators more... The company is managed by Anupam Vaid who is ably supported by an experiencedteam ABOUT US
  5. 5. WHY IS INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION IMPORTANT FOR OUR SCHOOLS International education is about foreign languages, it s being able to work and travel in other countries, it s being able to understand what other people are saying, it s about listening, which is very important as we move forward in a much more complex world. If we re going to fix the problems that we have in our own world, it s going to have to be done by teaching our children through international education.- GaryKnell
  6. 6. Experiential Learning = Future of Learning AcceleratesLearning ProvidesaSafeLearningEnvironment BridgestheGapBetweenTheoryandPractice Produces Demonstrable Mindset Changes - Henry Mintzberg Leadership, like swimming,cannotbelearnedbyreadingaboutit . IncreasesEngagementLevels DeliversExceptionalReturnonInvestment EnablesPersonalizedLearning
  7. 7. Open the classroom doors...
  8. 8. Exchanges | School Immersions | Cultural Experiences GlobalSchoolToSchoolStudentExchangeProgram, UKSchoolImmersionProgram Traditions TechnologyTourtoJapan AustraliaSchool CulturalImmersionProgram Spain London
  9. 9. Exchanges | School Immersions | Cultural Experiences FrenchLanguageImmersionProgram EducationalStudyTourtoChina TheAmericanDream contd...
  10. 10. SCIENCE | S.T.E.M. Future of Science UK Elite Science Australia CERN Youth Science Program - Europe London, U.K.London, U.K.London, U.K. AustraliaAustraliaAustralia EuropeEuropeEurope
  11. 11. Career Development | Personal Development | Volunteering NSLC:CareerOrientedSummerCourses UniversityTours US,UK,Canada CreativeIdeatorCamp BearGrylls:WildCampSurvival University ToursUniversity ToursUniversity Tours Creative Ideator CampCreative Ideator CampCreative Ideator Camp Survival CampSurvival CampSurvival Camp USAUSAUSA WHAT’S YOUR BRIGHT IDEA?
  12. 12. Career Development | Personal Development | Volunteering LivingWithLions UKFashionDesign LondonProgram CASCurriculum AWARDTrips Living with LionsLiving with LionsLiving with Lions Fashion Design, LondonFashion Design, LondonFashion Design, London CAS Curriculam Award TripsCAS Curriculam Award TripsCAS Curriculam Award Trips contd...
  13. 13. Performing Arts | Sports TheaterTours UK ArtPrograminEurope-Photography,Dance,Music,Films InternationalStudentFootballExchange THEATER TOURS SPAIN TheaterTheaterTheater International StudentInternational StudentInternational Student Football ExchangeFootball ExchangeFootball Exchange
  14. 14. Performing Arts | Sports FootballCamp ValenciaFootballClub Cricket SouthAfrica,Australia,UK,Malaysia,SriLanka FootBallTourToBarcelona-Spain FOOTBALL TOUR TOFOOTBALL TOUR TOFOOTBALL TOUR TO BARCELONA-SPAINBARCELONA-SPAINBARCELONA-SPAIN contd...
  15. 15. Professional Development Leadership Programs Malaysia Singapore Australia USA Finland Inviting You Inside The Worlds Most Successful School System Lectures Workshop Development Programs Get an International Certificate KNOWLEDGE TREE Networking Sight Seeing School University Visits
  16. 16. The Wealth of a nation is not so much in its of economical and natural resources but it lies decidedly in the kind and quality of its children. The Children of today will be the adults who will create shape the future of tomorrow. They shall determine the destiny that awaits mankind… Children The Future of Tomorrow TRAVEL TO LEARN
  17. 17. Get Your Passports Now
  18. 18. We look forward to hearing from you to develop a suitable relevant program that meetsyourschoolslearningobjectives… Please Contact: Anupam Vaid +91-99811-77460 Amber Arora Shah +91-98901-10254 Priyanka Chaudhari +91-88898-00731 EXPERIENCEEXPLORE EVOLVE go further...