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The Finns Are Coming!!!


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To deliver a hands on practical training in Early Childhood Education that combines the excellence of the proven and successful Finnish early education concepts to improve the pre-primary and primary school experience for children in India

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The Finns Are Coming!!!

  1. 1. Early Childhood Education Training We think that 21st century students deserve better! Transform your teaching into a learning culture! DATES: TIME: COST: VENUE: April 18th to 22nd 2018 9:00 am to 4:30 pm The Corinthians Resort & ClubPune Does your school still operate in 19th century classrooms with the pedagogy of the 20th century? PHENOMENON EURO 500 INR 40,000 learn2teachindia@gmail.comInsiyah Rahim | 8551015252Seema Karkaria | 9158756111 EDUCATION PARTNER
  2. 2. TARGET AUDIENCE Early childhood teachers and principals, development team, school management, leadership and any educational enthusiast. TEACHING METHODOLOGY Teaching will be based on lectures, video analysis, power point presentation, group work, interactive discussions and diverse tasks. Recommended readings on early childhood education which will be provided before the training days. PRE-REQUISITES Open mindedness with mindset to explore new views on working with early childhood education. Participants should be comfortable following lectures, reading literature, group works and participating in class discussions in English. Early Childhood Education Training
  3. 3. Finpeda offers Innovations in Education. Finpeda experts have participated in pedagogy, architecture and technology development projects both in existing school transformations and new school building projects. Finpeda has expertise and references in all public, research and business sectors. Finpeda key experts have participated in School of the Future Program in City of Oulu (* City of Oulu selected top 7 smart cities in the world and recently top 13 most innovative city globally) and e.g. won Microsoft Innovative Schools global teacher award and Millennium acknowledgement award in Finland. Finpeda has expertise to work in Immersive Education (iED) and Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN) as an academic leader and develop Future 3D-Internet services in CIE (Center for Internet Excellence) at the University of Oulu. Finpeda works in several markets e.g. we have strategic partnership with Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (NIS) in Kazakhstan. LEARN2TEACH is a training institute for Teachers & Parents offering a variety of courses with a child-centric approach. Our innovative courses are curated to equip teachers and parents with the appropriate skills and pedagogy to unleash the true potential of the child. Experts in early child-care, curriculum, and psychology carefully craft each course. Our faculty is known for their innovation and creativity in helping you overcome teaching and parenting challenges. Our unique courses and curriculum consulting can be customized for the specific needs of your institution. Early Childhood Education Training
  4. 4. - References in Finland (designed according new curriculum 2016): - from 16 school building competitions, we have won 13 in Finland during last 3 years - Kuopio Hiltulanlahti kindergarten and primary school (2018) - Parkano school campus day care, primary and secondary school, high school, library, sport and youth center facilities (2018) - Kuopio Karttula comprehensive school classes 0-9 school, library, day care and youth center (2018) - Kuopio Jynkkä primary school classes 0-6 school, day care, library, athletic and stage (2017) - Porvoo Skaftkärr skola – Kevätkumpu school: 530 students (2017) - Porvoo Tolkis skola and day care: 310 students (2018) - Porvoo Peippola and Toukovuori day care centres: 120 students (2017) - Porvoo Gammelbacka day care and nursery: 130 students (2016) - Hollola Heinsuo comprehensive school classes 3-9 (2017) - Hollola Kalliola primary school classes 0-6 (2017) - Hiukkavaara multipurpose house and comprehensive school classes 0-9 (2017) - Pudasjärven log school campus 10 000 brm2 (2016) - Tuomela primary school renovation 6 000 brm2 (2016) - Four school development projects (ongoing) in Kuopio (Hiltulanlahti), Kokkola, Kangasala, Imatra References outside Finland: - China, New private school building project (negotiations on-going) - Turkey, Forest school concept (negotiations on-going) - India, Private School Network (ongoing) trainings, designs and technology - India, Coimbatore, International and CBSE-school (ongoing) - Slovak, Municipality of Brehy, City Mayor development plans - Slovak, Catholic Church School Network trainings - Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev Intellectual School (NIS) strategic co-operation agreement FINPEDA Reference Projects Early Childhood Education Training
  5. 5. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION: Mrs. Päivi Erkkilä Kindergarten teacher since 1981, teaching practices with children from 1 to 7 years of age. Neuropsychological Coach for all ages. Photography as a pedagogical tool. K-12: SHORT INTRODUCTION Mr. Pasi Mattila Head of the Company Finpeda Ltd. Developer of 21st Century Learning, Future School and Learning environment. Writer of book How to Create the School of the Future – Revolutionary thinking and design from Finland. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION: Mrs. Jaana Juutinen University teacher and Doctoral Candidate Over ten years experience as a kindergarten teacher and a leader of the preschool. PhD on Early Childhood Education is under review FINPEDA Expert Trainers Profile Early Childhood Education Training
  6. 6. For more details / To register please contact: Insiyah Rahim 8551015252 Murtuza Rahim 9545446111 Seema Karkaria 9158756111 VENUE: The Corinthians Resort & Club ADDRESS: Nyati Estate Cement Road, Nyati County, Undri, Pune, Maharashtra 411060 Tel: 020-26952218 / 020-26952222 PAYMENT DETAILS A/C Name : LEARN2TEACH A/C Number : 50200027441101 RTGS/IFSC Code : HDFC0004187 Inclusions : Breakfast, Lunch & Tea FEES EURO 500 INR 40,000 Early Childhood Education Training