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Inviting you to participate THE FINLAND PHENOMENON - 2 Since it implemented huge education reforms 40 years ago, Finland's school system has consistently come at the top for the international rankings for education systems.
So how do they do it? It's simple — by going against the evaluation-driven, centralized model that much of the Western world uses.
We are delighted to invite you to participate in an Educational Odyssey that will take you - Inside the World's Most Successful Schools System -
The program will provide you a ringside view, a meaningful insight & demonstrate how you can practically adapt the Finnish techniques & methods to make a qualitative impact in your own environments
Benefits of Participation:
By taking ownership of your career and focusing your professional development you will:
• Be better able to recognize opportunity
• Be more aware of the trends and directions in technology and the education industry
• Become increasingly effective in the workplace
• Be able to help, influence and lead others by your example
• Accelerate your growth & enhance your future employability
• Have a fulfilling and rewarding career

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  1. 1. Inviting You Inside The Worlds Most Successful School System Date: - May Nights - DaysDuration: FINLANDDestination: Program Developed By: EXPERIENCEEXPLORE EVOLVE
  2. 2. About Travel To LearnAbout Travel To LearnAbout Travel To Learn TRAVEL TO LEARN develops Educational Professional Development Programs promoting the concept of World Classroom . It is an extension of experiential, project based learning which helpspreparestudentstobecomelifelonglearnersandtounderstandtherichnessanddiversity ofdifferenteducationalsystems,cultures,traditions tobecomeresponsibleworldcitizens. Programs offered include Exchanges | Immersions | Languages | Science | Performing Arts | Sports|OutdoorEducation| UniversityTours Guidance|SummerCourses|amongothers EXPERIENCEEXPLORE EVOLVE Participants of The Finland Phenomenon,
  3. 3. Program MentorsProgram MentorsProgram Mentors Ms.BeenaRao EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT Enterprising leader planner with a strong record of contributions in streamlining project operations related to building schools of international level to encourage child centric value based education, invigorating businesses, systems procedures. A focused, proactive influential professional with years of experience in School Operations Administration, Teaching, New Start-ups of schools, Back Office Procurement and having exposure of working asanEducationalConsultantforsettingnewschool transformationof existing schools. A planner and strategist with proven experience in policyformulations,managingadministrativeandoperationalcontrols in the education sector. Experience in capacity building and skill up- gradation of people through a synergic set of trainings, workshops and corporatecommunicationdevices.Capabilitytoconstruesocialtrends∕ feedback to determine program directions, goals and acclimatizing strategiesasperrequirements. Excellent interpersonal skills with an expertise to relate with people at any level of business; possess cultural awareness and sensitivity, has a mature thinking, strategic business approach and an elegantpresence. Shown expertise in transforming existing schools through various measures like conducting Joint Parent, Teacher Community Programs,Training,CurriculumDevelopmentandsoon NotableAccomplishmentsAcrosstheCareer National Mahila Rattan, Gold Medal Award by Indian Solidarity Council RashtriyaVidyaSaraswatiPuraskar by International Institute of Education Management ShikshaBhartiPuraskarbyAllIndiaAchieversFoundation IndiraGandhiExcellenceAwardbyInternationalBusinessCouncil Eminent Citizens of Indian Award by International Institute of Education Management Bharat Gaurav Award by Association for Economic Growth Development BestEducationalistAwardbyIndianSolidarityCouncil ECONS Award for Educational Excellence in the Institutions by ECONSSociety BharatGauravAwardbyIndiaInternationalFriendshipSociety Ms.RanjanaSud, EDUCATIONAL VISIONARY with thirty plus years of progressive experience and accomplishments. A builder of Educational Institutions of eminence, an educational administrator and teacher. Change agent for education, demonstrating participative and supportive leadership style in the designing and implementation of school policies, procedures and activities. Record in turning around under-performing educational entities through strategic planning, well designed curriculum and program enrichment, effective faculty interactionandcommunication. Makingthesefinanciallysoundandviableforsustainedgrowth. Administrative Competence: Team Builder and motivator: Has thekeeninstinctforidentifyingpotential,tonurture,groomand trainteachers. Humanistic approach in providing leadership and communicating with administration, staff, students and parents. EXPERIENCEEXPLORE EVOLVE
  4. 4. Welcome To FinlandWelcome To FinlandWelcome To Finland EXPERIENCEEXPLORE EVOLVE
  5. 5. A PEEK INTO THE PROGRAM Organised in cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Turku in Finland, the seven-day Innovation Camp utilises the multiple institutional and best open learning environments of the CapitalAreaofFinland. Allvenues of the visit are authentic: they are schools where normal, everyday routines get implemented genuinely, leading to the globally recognized top learning results the schools are not specially tailored polished for the group, but chosen for their authenticity. Participants of Finland Phenomenon observing an ongoing class at Nummenpakka Elementary School, Turku. In a carpentry workshop at Jarvenpera School, Espoo. The program builds on the core elements of the Finnish National Core Curricula for early childhood and compulsory education and the concept of phenomenon-based learning is strongly incorporated into the methodology of Innovation Camp and it covers all aspects needed when developing the successful school of the future: Pedagogy Quality Digital learning Learning environments Leadership EXPERIENCEEXPLORE EVOLVE
  6. 6. A PEEK INTO THE PROGRAM DELIVERY IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS The daily learning process during the Innovation Camp is shown below it ensures the impact of the investment andalsobuildsaroadmapforongoingdevelopmentworkinparticipant sworkplace: Step . Participants will receive new knowledge of the learning topic s in participatory mini-workshops led by Finnishexperts. Step . Participantshaveachancetoobserveandtestnewcontentsinpracticeinrealschoolsinrealsettings. Step . In a workshop led by experienced Finnish facilitators, the freshly gained new knowledge, ideas and experiences will be elaborated on and adapted to meet participant s concrete work and development needs. OBJECTIVES EXPECTED RESULTS The objective of the Innovation Camp is to familiarize the participants in real life settings with the key elements of the success factors leading to top quality in Finnish education: Fresh pedagogical approaches, innovative use of learning environments, pedagogical leadership and use of technologyaswellastodemonstratetheoverallqualitysystemleadingtosuccessinFinnisheducation. Furthermore, the methods are designed to create a lasting impact on the participants, enabling them to develop the quality of education in their own working environments. TheInnovationCampwilldeliverthefollowingresults:   Freshpedagogicalapproaches   Innovativeuseoflearningenvironments   Improvedpedagogicalleadership   Understanding and capability for practical implementation of the quality system leading to success in Finnish education. Participate in Mini Workshops Ellobration Adoption Apply Theories in Practice EXPERIENCEEXPLORE EVOLVE
  7. 7. IN SUMMARY... TOP SCORES ARE ACHIEVED WHERE EVERYONE HAS EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES. FREE EDUCATION FOR ALL HIGHLY TRAINED RESPECTED TEACHERS LIFE LONG LEARNING Scoring well in the PISA rankings was never Finlands primary objective- its aim was to create a better life for its young people and its performance in the international tables was just a welcome bonus - Tim Paramour EXPERIENCEEXPLORE EVOLVE
  8. 8. Day - Sunday th May, Day - Monday th May, Day - Tuesday th May, Day - Wednesday th May, Day - Thursday th May, Day - Friday th May, Day - Saturday th May, Day - Sunday st May, Arrive into Helsinki. Transfer to Hotel. Rest of the day at your disposal. Departure from the hotel after breakfast Welcome to Finland Introduction to KOULU Group and the program. Education in Finland, History and Future Aspirations | Success Factors of the Finnish Education System | Lunch The history and innovations of Finnish education and educational research Visit to the Faculty of Teacher Education at the University of Helsinki. Departure from the hotel after breakfast | Visit to Kasavuori School, the Dream School Concept Lunch at the school | Visit to Kasavuori continues, observing lessons | Visit to a Daycare centre Departure to TurkuDeparture from the hotel after breakfast Visit to an elementary school Lunch at the school Visit to Puropelto Secondary School. Opportunity to observe teaching and learning. Departure from hotel after breakfast | Visit to Piikkiö Comprehensive School: The role of ICT in Developing Leading Education Solutions Lunch | Visit to Kerttuli High School. Introduction to ICT focused learning and teaching | Return to Helsinki Departure from hotel after breakfast | Visit to a Vocational School Vocational Education and Training in Finland, Entrepreneurship and working life cooperation Lunch | Workshop on interactive learning methods showcasing modern solutions with xEdu Education Accelerator Program: meetings with innovative education solution providers, Wrap-up of the program, closing remarks and discussion | Presentation of Certificates | Gala dinner Departure from hotel after breakfast Excursion in Helsinki: Visit to Suomenlinna sea fortress with a tour guide Excursion in Helsinki Centre | Lunch | Shopping day at leisure in Helsinki Breakfast at hotel Departure for the airport DAY DATE PROGRAM DAY WISE ITINERARY itinerary is subject to change confirmation EXPERIENCEEXPLORE EVOLVE
  9. 9. Based on a minimum group of a maximum of participants is as follows: Program Cost Fixed : Euro , Euro = INR = Rs. , , - INCLUSIONS:   The complete program as indicated in the itinerary   Hotel Accommodation on a twin share basis. Single Supplement will be extra at actual   Meals: Breakfast Lunch + Gala Dinner   Transfers as per itinerary   full day excursion sightseeing   Visa Support Letter EXCLUSIONS:   Airfare + Visa + Insurance, if required we will happy to assist you with this Rs , - Per Person only.   Anything not mentioned in the itinerary   Items of personal nature including telephones, laundry etc   Cost of Visit to the consulate for Bio-metrics to catch the flight NOTES: . Detailed itinerary including, hotels, timings, venues etc will be provided days prior to travel . Veg. Non Veg. Lunches will be provided on all days, all dinners except the Gala Dinner will be on your own, there are several Indian restaurants suitable list will be provided . Airfare has been considered on an Ex - Bombay Delhi basis . Confirmation fares are not guaranteed until tickets are issued . Airfares at the time of issuance will be applicable . Airline fares are very dynamic, they change daily sometimes hourly . Taxes are calculated as on today . The only way to guarantee the price is to buy issue the ticket . Names should be as per valid passport . ROE has been considered Euro = INR , payment will have to made at the ROE applicable on the date of payment . Re remittance charge will be applicable on the above . GST . will be extra at actual COMMERCIAL OFFER: EXPERIENCEEXPLORE EVOLVE
  10. 10. atthetimeofRegistration balance istobepaid daysprior todeparture incasedeparture islessthan days paymentwillbeneededatthetimeofregistration AllpaymentstomadetoTravelToLearnasperaccountdetailsgivenbelow: AccountName:TravelToLearn NameoftheBank:HDFC Branch:Vijaynagar-Indore AccountNumber: IFSCCodeNo:HDFC SwiftCode:HDFCINBB PAYMENT:   Ifcancelled dayspriortothedeparturea cancellationchargewillbeapplicable   If cancelled days prior to the departure a cancellation charge will be applicable, any cancellationafterthatwillbecharged at   InallcasesaminimumprocessingfeeofRs ppwillbenon- refundable   Visafeesonceappliedcannotberefunded   If for any reason whatsoever if a visa is rejected or has to be applied again visa fees will have bepaidforthesecondtime CANCELLATION CHARGES: EXPERIENCEEXPLORE EVOLVE
  12. 12. For Details Please Contact: Learning is Experience. Everything Else Is Just Information ~Albert Einstein TRAVEL TO LEARN