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An annual magazine of NDIIT launched in 2009

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  1. 1. New Delhi Institute for Information Technology(Society for Computer Education and Management Studies)105, MOR Pocket, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110 019Ph. : 26460703/04/05 Fax : 261227564 Website : www.ndiit.orgThe Key to Learn & ExcelNew Delhi InstituteforInformation TechnologyIN ASSOCIATION WITH UNITED COLLEGE LONDONThe Key to Learn & ExcelImpulseNewDelhiInstituteforInformationTechnologyTheKeytoLearn&Excel
  2. 2. INTERNATIONAL SEMINARCourse OutlineAWardrobe & Styling (Formal/Informal)2 SessionsFashion trends & personal styleCreating a wardrobe according to personal budgetPower dressingAPersonality Development and Communication Skills4 SessionsPersonality developmentProjecting self confidenceVisual poiseCommunication SkillsBoosting self-esteemABusiness Etiquettes & Social Skills2 SessionsArt of greetingInterview etiquetteArt of being firm-polite yet business likeArt of conversationInteracting and conversing sociallyBasics of hospitalityADance Classes8 SessionsSalsaJazzBollywoodHip HopFree Style(Dance form taught will depend on majority decision)AGroup Photographs in Formal and Semi Formal AttireAPresentation of The Elite School CertificateThe Key to Learn & ExcelNew Delhi InstituteforInformation Technology2nd Floor, NDIIT Building, 105, MOR Pocket,Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019Ph. : 91-11-41552222, Fax : 91-11-41634765E-mail : school@elitemodelsindia.comwww.elitemodelsindian.comElite India is part of the Elite network of agenciesfounded in Paris in 1975. Elite has a presence in over50 countries.The Elite School, a division of Elite India, was set up in2003 and has successfully completed training andgrooming 50 batches from its centre in New Delhi. Theschool offers programmes aimed at personalitydevelopment and confidence building for people fromvarious walks of life. Today, many of The Elite SchoolAlumni have created a mark for themselves in theirown fields due to the high quality of training that wasprovided to them by the school.The Elite School has, for the first time ever, customiseda personality development and grooming programmefor NDIIT. Only the students of NDIIT will have thechoice of benefitting from The Elite School expertise.
  3. 3. NDIIT, as its mission statements states, "The key to learn andexcel", provides a wonderful platform for the students to step intotheir competitive work. NDIIT is equipped with latest and noveltechnical support that enables a student to have a completeinsight of the corporate world. The highly skilled faculty of theinstitute imparts not only academic training, but also helps indeveloping overall personality fo the students. They are highlydedicated and deal with the students. I extend my best wishes toNDIIT management team and its faculty members for theirfuture endeavor.To,The DirectorNDIIT(M.A.A. FATMI)MINISTER OF STATEHUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENTGOVERNMENT OF INDIANEW DELHI-110 115jkT; ea=khekuo lalk/u fodklHkjr ljdkjubZ fnYyh-110115eksgEen vyh vkjiQ iQkrehM.A.A. FATMIlR;eso t;rs3"MBA students of NDIIT are good and intelligent.They are the future of India."Ph.D. (Economics)Dy. Country ManagerHead of Corporate Banking,VTBNew Delhi"Down to earth, NDIIT is a wonderfulcombination of modern educational techniqueand traditional proven managementphilosophy. Great future lies ahead for thestudents of NDIIT."Chief General ManagerHuman ResourcesSamsung EngineeringNew Delhi"The MBA students of NDIIT require lot ofcorporate exposure to understand the nittygritty of economic recession the U.S. andeconomic slowdown in India."Vice PresidentHuman ResourcesSona Koyosteering SystemsGurgaon (Haryana)It was nice interacting with the students ofNDIIT, an upcoming management institute. Itaugers well for corporate world.PresidentAstrowix India Project Solutions Pvt. Ltd.NOIDA, U.P.Dr. Yuri YakovlevVinay KaushikHari NairV.K. Jaitly (R)I am glad that I visited NDIIT for the conferenceand interacted with the students pursuing MBAprogram. We will be glad to come to NDIIT for thecampus recruitment program.Senior ManagerHuman Resource Planning Admn.)Geo Miller and Company Pvt. Ltd.New DelhiI found the MBA students of NDIIT interactiveand well informed. The MBA students of NDIITseem to possess real time information, suitedfor the corporate job market.Chief Operating OfficeAstrowix India Project Solutions Pvt. Ltd.NOIDA, U.P.A visit to NDIIT was a great experience. Thepeople we interacted with were courteous ingiving us the information we required theinfrastructure was quite impressive. It would bepleasant and nice to get associated with NDIIT.Corporate ConnectionNew DelhiN.K. GuptaSeema GiriRakhi / HarpriyaVIEWS FROM THECorporate54
  4. 4. MESSAGE FROM THEVice Chancellor"I am pleased to convey this message to NDIIT (New DelhiInstitute for Information Technology) on the occasion of the launch of itsannual magazine. The emblem of the Institute, "The key to learn andexcel", speaks loudly about its goals and objectives. Equipped with agood infrastructure and qualified faculty, NDIIT should be in a positionto train its students as able professionals. A very reasonable feestructure also makes this institute easily accessible to students fromvarious section of our society. I would, indeed, like to congratulateNDIIT for this courageous and noble endeavor.NDIIT is looking forward to developing leaders who would havethe ability to handle and deal with issues relating to business and othersocietal matters in a competent fashion. Emphasis should therefor beplaced not only on strengthening the foundations of management andIT programmes, but also in providing objective exposure todevelopments on the global scene. Its alumni should represent theyouth of todays India, who are able managers guided by a dynamicvision about the future of the nation.I am happy to note that NDIIT was founded with a clear objectiveof adopting a humanistic approach in training capable professionalswho would be able to cope with the demands of the changing times.Y.S. RajanPrincipal Adviser, CII & Former VC, PTU12NDIIT is committed to developing leaders who are capable ofmaking complex business decisions in a global environment, and arededicated to solving problems facing a company, society or humanityin general. Its management and IT programmes provide solidgrounding in all core computer and management disciplines, with anemphasis on the global environment of business. NDIIT also workstowards the development of management skills along with anentrepreneurial spirit-among its students. With the emphasis on theclear global outlook. I am very happy to say that NDIIT is an institutionthat was founded with a clear vision of adopting a humanistic approachin the training of able professionals who are capable of coping with thedemands of the changing the times.OMESH SAIGAL, IASEx Chief SecretaryGovernment of NCT DelhiMESSAGE
  5. 5. 2MESSAGE FROM THEDirectorhe publication of the Annual Magazine of New DelhiInstitute for Information Technology (NDIIT) is a matter of greatpride for us. It is the first such magazine being brought out byour Institute after the launching of the programmes in BBA,BCA, MBA and MCA in NDIIT under the umbrella of PunjabTechnical University, Jalandhar during the year 2008.We consider it as a fitting finale to the achievements of thiscalendar year to put together and publish a variety of articlescontributed by the students, their parents, and the faculty ofNDIIT. These inputs consist of their individual views, currentscenarios of business and industry, and other contributions bythe students and faculty of this Institute. They reflect some ofthe trends in the general intellectual mood of those closelyaffiliated with this Institute and its functioning.It is hoped that this publication would provide a useful glimpseinto the spirit and objectives of NDIIT for our prospectivestudents.Dr. J. DharT3Dear Students,I want to extend my heartiest congratulations onoccasion of launching of annual magazine "IMPULSE". AsonceAlbert Einsten said, "Agood institution is not known by theteaching it provides but as it renders an appropriateenvironment of learning." We at NDIIT are committed toprovide an effective environment which can contribute towardsoverall growth of an individual and to start an annual magazineof NDIIT is a step forward into the same direction. "IMPULSE"aims to make students, faculty and parents an intrinsic part ofmagazine. It offers the oxygen of innovative ideas and somefood for thought that can enhance the awareness of readersand shape the lives of many others.The education is not about gaining qualification but learning &understanding the practical aspect of life which contributestowards a successful career. We at NDIIT are working towardsto create an environment where every student get anopportunity to express themselves & their talent without anyhesitation. Many students do have fabulous ideas, which maywork wonders, if properly chanelised. We feel "IMPULSE" hascreated a platform to cater this.I must appreciate the contribution of all our faculty members &students towards giving their time and ideas to make thismagazine happening. Our objective is to make this magazinewidely useful for students, parents, faculty, policymakers andall those who work towards building the career of students.Moreover we also try to make our aspiring student tounderstand and familiarize themselves with the impulse of thecurrent market scenario.Rajeev LochanFROM THE DESK OFChief Executive
  6. 6. VIEWS & VISION OFOur FacultyABOUT USWorld class InfrastructureFounded in 1999, The New Delhi Institute ForInformation Technology (NDIIT) benchmarkonly against the best institution in & aroundDelhi. NDIIT is the leading education group ofIndia with headquarters and its facility atKalkaji, New Delhi with over 500 studentsstudying in its hi-tech campus.As part of this endeavour, we have air-conditioned amphitheatre style classroomsthat provide the most conducive atmosphereof dynamic and focussed discussions, whilethe libraries at our campus are equipped withbest reference books, periodicals, nationaland international journals, CD-ROMS,covering all the aspects of academics studiesand research material. The hi-tech labs act asideal training grounds for buddingprofessionals that allow students toexperiment and bring to practice what theyhave learnt in theory.Their underlying vision of the NDIIT is tonurture and engender creativity in thought andinnovations, thereby encouraging theirstudents to follow an unconventional path.While our libraries are equipped withinternational reference books, periodicals,journals and other research material, our air-conditioned amphitheatre styled classroomsprovide the most conducive atmosphere forlearning.NDIITis an organization committed to cater tothe growing need of professional education toprovide individual stand organisation withcomplete Information Technology andManagement support to help them keep pacewith today’s highly dynamic global environment.NDIIT is the brainchild of a group of seasonedInformation Technology and Managementprofessionals with varied and rich experience inrenowned national and internationalorganizations.NDIIT has, in a short span of time, shaped upinto a fast growing technomanagerial supportagency providing a comprehensive range ofservices through its five divisions, eachproviding specialized services as well assynergizing with other divisions to provide totalintegrated service, wherever required. The fivedivisions are :1. Information Technology products andServices.2. Management Consultancy and MarketResearch3. Professional Education4. Software Development and Exports5. Communications.-Vintee Shukla14indexindexContents PageViews & Vision about NDIIT 1Key to learn & excel 5Making a great first impression 8Article by guest faculty 9Articles by our faculty 10Articles by students 21Poetry section 40Hindi Section 48Views from corporate 54Edited by :ANUP CHAKRABORTY
  7. 7. NDIIT as an IT and Business School is committed to developing leaders capable ofconsistently trying to be ranked in the mostly making complex business decisions in a globalsought Business Schools not only in Delhi but all environment and who are dedicated to servingover India. Through its programs MBA, MCA, their companies, society and humanity. OurBBA & BCA, NDIIT fosters the development and Management and IT programs provide solidmanagement skills and expertise and an grounding in all the core computer andentrepreneurial spirit, with the emphasis on a management disciplines, with an emphasis onclear global outlook, ethical principles and the global, ethical and political environment ofsense of social responsibility. NDIIT is an business.institution that was founded with a clear aim: toThe Mission of the NDIIT the ‘Business and ITadopt a humanistic approach in the training ofSchool’ is to discover transformative knowledgecritical professional capable of coping withabout the issues faced by organizations andchanging times. Our Business and IT coursesmanagers in a dynamic global economy and torely heavily on case-based teaching methods,create exceptional learning and careerone of the few prominent Schools to do so. Ouropportunities by facilitating an engaged andmethods of teaching rely heavily on strongintegrated community of scholars, students andpreparation (done both on an individual basispractitioners. Secondly to educate the IT &and group basis) and deep discussions withinBusiness leaders of tomorrow while creatingsections.knowledge that has critical significance forThe institute NDIIT is known for its particular Industry and society (and) to become the beststrength in General Management & IT public Business and IT School in the nation.Technology and we are determined to place it- K.K. Sharmaamong the national as well as internationalstatus oriented Business Schools. NDIIT isYes! We build dreams in students mind and opportunity to each one to bag a MNC and startnurture their talents. NDIIT stands with its own up a bright career. Untidily we stand irrespectiveideology desired with state of art backed by best of caste, creed, religion and sex. Its our promiseresources and faculties. A healthy environment to all that we can and we will ride the pride of ourand management support with modern lab institute. Strengthen internally and drive withfacilities builds dynamic mindset in every one’s prosperity our Our campus recruitment given an-Tapaswini Nayak3At NDIIT we are passionate about groomingleaders who are not only through professionalsbut also good human beings with values. This isjust one of many reasons given below; this iswhy we are consistently rated amount the best.We can proudly say that we look beyond theconventional, and understand what we teachtoday, others adopt tomorrow.The undergraduate and graduate programs,therefore inculcate in students the skills andcompetencies they need for professionalcareers, as well as, further academicachievements. Execrably, the academicprocess lays great emphasis on generatinginternational and cross-cultural capability.We provide world-class curriculum andinnovative teaching methodologies to institutesworldwide. At New Delhi Institute for InformationTechnology there is a global series of vibranteducation and leadership strategies for gainingunbeatable competitive advantage fromworldwide experts for a matchless growthbeyond the ordinary.New Delhi Institute of Information Technologyprovides students a completely world-classacademic experience that adheres to stringentinternational quality standards, imbibes lifeskills among its students, and prepares them tonot only take on competitive careers but alsosucceed in life.NDIIT curriculum prepares dynamic students,personally and professionally, to take up futureleadership roles in a global setting.Academic CounselingFacility Highlights :Personality EnhancementApart from the self-learning course packs andassignments, students can also make use ofacademic counselling once every week onSaturdays from 10 am to 1 pm. Qualified facultymembers drawn from industry and academicwill solve the problems I queries of the students.Apart from personal contact program that isheld once every session, students get a chanceto interact with academic counsellors forsolving their queries related to specific topics ofcourse, assignments, project etc.Academic counseling which is conducted on aregular intervals provides students withvaluable insight into the global arena1. Classrooms2. Computer Lab3. LibraryAt NDIIT, emphasis is given on not only makingyou academically brilliant, but true leaders andteam players, thus preparing you for the real lifecorporate world.To help you in personal grooming, specialsessions and are held on business etiquettes,negotiation skills and effective communication.To help you to become an efficient teammember and effective leader, you will attendspecial classes on leadership, teamwork andanalytical skills.- Sudatta Panda2
  8. 8. THE KEY TOLearn & ExcelAs our mission statement states "Thekey to learn & excel", NDIIT has provided us awonderful platform to step into thiscompetitive world.Its been few months since I havejoined this college and today with firmconviction & complete satisfaction I wouldlike to share that our college is equipped withlatest & novel technical support that enablesa student to have a complete inside of thecompetitive corporate world. The faculty ofthe institute is highly skilled, literate & trainedthat imparts not only a complete educationalinput but also helps in developing overallpersonality of the students. They are highlydedicated and deals with student with clove,perseverance & patience.I feel pride & honour for being part ofthis eminent institute.Thank You,-Akansha SuriBBA, 1st SemesterAs it is a journey of 5 months, so Iwould environment of this institute is good &adjustable. The teachers are friendly & frank,we are very comfortable with them. They arealways ready to help is, to clear our all type ofdoubts. They organise extra-curricularactivities like sports, debate, competitions,etc. Even they provide us English improvinglanguage classes, specially for weakstudents who has problem with English. Theyhelps me in improving me day-by-day byproviding personality development classes.I learn here to be presentable, to beconfident, optimistic & all other qualitieswhich are necessary for a person tophysically & personally grow in his/her life.And I am really happy to say that Im studyingin NDIIT.ThankYou,-Jyoti YadavBBA, 1st Semester5NDIIT is a dream success both for parent and its addition to world class PGDIMT and ADIMT fromprospective students. Amongst the skyscrapers United college London, U. K. it has a goodby Nehru Place, New Delhi, there is a mighty infrastructure, labs, classrooms etc. apart from astanding of NDIIT a solemnly looking great great cultural mix of students from all over India,location. Both for all the participants in the speaking different languages, belonging tobuilding phenomenon location of NDIIT is in different backgrounds. NDIIT is a great hit mustproximately from all different parts of Delhi and enjoy and binder the light of joy, learning andGurgaon. NDIIT is still under a new prospect of happiness for future years of NDIIT.having its students of first batch of PTU (PunjabTechnical University), Jalandhar, Punjab to -Naveen Bawejagraduate in a couple of years, so is a great roomfor future development in modern terms. InThe speeding globalization is bringing thewaters of different zones closer and thedistances are losing their dictionary meaninghere comes the role of educationists,educational institutes, to guide the young brainsand to stir the soul of society to maintain itsflexibility.NDIIT enjoys the adopting and adapting nature,realized the needs of education in bringingawareness among the people. The institutefollows the student centric approach where thefaculty members are always alive to the need ofthe students and focused to develop them. Forthe personality development the studentsundergo communication skills, etiquette andorganization behaviour classes. To develop theircompetitive skill the students are subjected todebates, quizzes, sports and cultural programs.The Faculty are making efforts to take NDIITstandards to new heights and train our studentstowards the aim of learning to serve.Let us stand up and take an honest step to makethis world a better place to live we mustremember that in life.-Ankita PratapNew Delhi Institute of Information Technology(NDIIT) was established in 1999 to run variousprograms such as BCA (3 Year), BBA (3 Year),MCA (3 Year) & MBA (2 Year). The institute isaffiliated with Punjab Technical UniversityJalandhar for awarding the degrees.The “Process Management Approach” followedby the institute facilitates an effectiveimplementation of each process and itsmonitoring. Both the stake holders, the facultyand the students, share the vision and mission ofthe institute and are active partners in itsimplementation.The institute follows the student centricapproach where the faculty members arealways alive to the need of students and weare focused to develop them to top classprofessional. The program coordinator andmentors monitor the progress of each student.The student go through continuous evaluationfor which tests are conducted regularly fortheir personality development, the studentundergo communication skills, etiquettes andorganizational behaviour classes. To developtheir competitive skill the students are subjectedto debates, quizzes, software developmenttests, sports and cultural programs-Ramandeep Kaur4
  9. 9. Education is not only about learning or participation. All this is for the over allgetting knowledge but also involves its development of a student into aeffective application"-this college professional manager and alsoexactly and equally works on both involves his holistic development. Notaspects. For this our college integrates only teachers but non-teaching also isclassroom teaching with industrial proper, well educated and humble.exposure to bridge the gap between First impression is the lastingtheories and practice. The interaction impression. I was overwhelmed by thewith some prominent people of way receptionist provided mebusiness world is invaluable for information (admission details) when Istudents. I personally got a chance to entered this college for the first time.interact with some great people like Dr. Yuri The main thing about this college is its low feeYakovlev (Dy. Country Manager, VTB Bank, Mr. Hari structure as compared to other colleges whichSingh, V.K. Jaitley) who willingly shared their fulfills the dream of every common student.experience and gave some important tips aboutAll students are given equal opportunities in extra-how to deal with people and problems. To becurricular activities like debates, seminars and thehonest I can see a measurable, if not a sea-change,like. Expression is an integral part of managementin my attitude and behaviour in this short period ofbecause as managers we are supposed to be express and explain several things to the peopleNDIIT provides excellent infrastructure with we interact with. Such activities surely helpunmatched efficient faculty. College is located in a students to overcome the fear of speaking in publicposh area. The building is well maintained, class and be able to express themselves clearly.rooms are spacious and air-conditioned. ToLast but not the least asset of the college is itsprevent over crowding, the batch is divided intoefficient management. In fact this is the mostsections and the number of students in eachimportant part of a college because overallsection has been kept low. The faculty providesdevelopment and working of college depends veryvaluable insights into the working of anmuch on how well it is managed. Our college is stillorganization-something that is hard to find inon the track of development. So the provision forbooks. They also impart modern and latestimprovement is there and it is the managementmanagement concepts in addition to sensitizedwho is putting in its best efforts to make this collegesocio-economic realities of environment. Teachersone of the best B-schools of India. ALL THE BEST.believe in active knowledge whereby students aredirectly involved in learning. Assignments and -Humayun Rasheedprojects are regularly given to students for active MBA, 1st SemesterI am Vipul Sharma, the our personality to standby anywherestudent of BBA. Its been professionally. We also get an atmosphere to study5 months studying this as well as to enjoy the time till we are in thisinstitute and had an institute. As NDIIT says "The key to Learn & Excel" itoutrageous experience not only says but it also proves. Hence Im glad toover here. The faculty be part of this institute.members are supportingand the understanding Thank Youb e t w e e n f a c u l t y &student is remarkable. It -Vipul Sharmanot only provides us BBA, 1st Semesteracademic qualification but also help us to develop7Hi, only with the help ofthis institute. TimelyThis is Prem Kashyap, a student of MBA visits to variousBatch (2008-2010) of NDIIT (New Delhi Institute of industrial placesInformation Technology). I am very thankful to my helped me to flourishfaculty, colleagues, visiting-lecturers for providing my mind and use it inme a wonderful environment and helping my mind more effective waysto bloom to its best. The best part of this college is to use the resources,that we are being provided world class education techniques withat very nominal cost. increased expertise,skill and knowledge.I met many great minds and gained lots ofAnd our institute provides placements to variousexperience over here. I had been constantly takingmulti-national companies with higher and bestparts in many co-curricular activities. Recently Isuited packages to our talented students. And I feelparticipated in a Apex meet debate competitionproud to be the part of NDIIT.(Dec. 2008), and I must say, that was an awesomeexperience to have some words with some Thanksselected great minds. All thanks to our faculty. Theway they teach and their techniques are just -Prem Singh Kashyapawesome. The can turn even most boring topics to MBA, 1st Semesterinteresting one. I got exposed to corporate worldHi,I am glad to be the partof NDIIT, as student.This institute is one ofthe best Information We are very proud that our ward is the student ofTe c h n o l o g y ( I T ) your institute. She has groom up her personality ainstitute. They give theirlot. And your faculty has been helpful to them verys t u d e n t t h e b e s tmuch.faculty which is helpful,kind, generous, skillful.They take lot of painsfor the students. Andinstitute is helping thestudent to groom up their personality by keepingPersonality Development (PD) lecturers, whichwith help them in future when theyll go for jobinterview. The institute will provide us with a foreignlanguage too. The infrastructure of the institute isvery good. the institute is fully air-conditioned.And I am very lucky to be a student of NDIIT.-RASHI MANCHANDABCA, 1st SemesterParents ViewAnd we wish best of luck to the institute.....6
  10. 10. The first Global recession which badly dated the world their top honchos to have or resign to short notices.economy was in 1929 and its impact was fill till 1941. This again is working to the advantage of theLine then the United States of America has witnessed employees and is also at the some time keeping the13 economic recessions. However the comporting employees cost of the top management level to thethought is that the us economy not only recovered from minimum and completely under check.recession shacks but also regained its good oldAs a result of all this the CEOs & Directors are feelingblooming economic health.the wallet-pinch, and was the middle and the lower levelThe world is hoping that under the new democrat recreation are also getting badly het.president Mr. Barrack Obama, who imaged have toPlease note, ruling from the market melt down andvictory or though slogan of "Change", would introducelooking to firm cost, financial services corporatesound facial and economic realised to re-invest the UShouses are also slashing employees and effectingeconomy to good health and old vitality.refreshment.The Indian economy is the present elliptic worldSalaries in general at all levels of management haveeconomic condition is loading carefully under thebeen slashed from anything between 20% to full supervision of Mr. Chidambaram, Dr.Manmohan Singh and Mr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia. Retail sector is the worst motion of todays globalDespite fall in prices of oil to less than $50 per barrel, economic recession.the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister haveThe only this sectors which have not been hit by thisintelligently decided not to pass its benefits to theglobal economic recession are :common man, because the consumer price index ofagricultural products and manufacturing lector is still (a) Insurance Sector, andshowing a downwards trend.(b) Pharmaceutical SectorIn the product science, Indias GDP should havearound 6.70%. The present inflation rate of 8.9% is My advice to CEOs & directors as well as to middle andrepeated to come down to 4.5% or 5.5% by March, lower level executives is please do not panic. Rather2009. This will work to the advantage of Congress, start thinking what you would do if worst comes towhose coming general election slogan is "Aam Admi worse. The four general truths they should equipKe Saath, Congress Ka Haath". themselves to dial with PINK SLIP are :-Now coming to the ramification of Global recession, it is (i) Be Prepared - Dont push the panic button.obvious that the adverse impacts are heat-breaking.(ii) Be a report - Make sure you know year job insideCorporate houses are now looking at watering down out.power at employment house for their top management(iii) Be there - Let people know about the valueCEOs. This is, indeed, a new trend across all industriesadditions which you do to your job, andand across all sectors of corporate. In the presentseries, resignation are discrete and quick, which in (iv) Be a morale booster.earlier better times took 4 to 6 months. Likewise joiningIf the end, I would sign off by reminding you guys thatformulation in todays recession scenarios isthe US economy has faced 13 economic recession.completed within two to three months.Every time it has bounced back to greater vitality andIn fact lots of Corporate houses have asked this goal health. So be happy, things will change for betterdirectors and CEOs to take voluntary salary cuts, cuts under Mr. Barrack Obama. Right, Mr. President!in their parts and was voluntary comes cuts. Keepingthe bonus component shunter and discretionary, has -Anupam Sinhaallowed corporate house the elbow freedom to askGLOBAL RECESSION AND THE FOUR WAYS TOAVOID THE PINK SLIPArticle by Guest Faculty9MAKING A GREATFirst ImpressionWith every new encounter you are Appropriate dressing & Grooming helps makeevaluated and yet another Persons a good first impression & also make you feelimpression of you is informed. These first the PART. And so feel you cum & confidentimpressions can be nearly impossible to "ADD ALL OF THIRD UP AND YOU AREreverse or undo, you & you making those WELL ON YOUR WAY TO CREATING Afirst encounters extremely important for GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION".they set the tone for the all the relationshipWINNING SMILE : "Smile & the world smile &that fallow.the smiles to". So there is nothing like a smile tocreate a good first impression. A warm &So whether these first impression are inconfident Smile will put both you & the otheryour career or your social life, itsperson at ease, So Smiling is the Winner. Whenimportant to know how to create a goodit comes to the great first impression. But dontfirst Impression. I am going to providesgo overboard with this-people who take this toosome useful tips to help you to do this :far seem in sincere & smarmy or can be seen to be "light-BE ON TIME : The person you are meeting for the first weights".time is not interested in your "Good Excuse" for runningBE OPEN & CONFIDENT : When it comes to makinglate plan for arrive few minutes early & allow flexibility forthe first impression body language as well aspossible delays in traffic or taking a wrong turn. Arrivingappearances speaks much louder than words. Use yourearly is much better then arriving late, & this is the firstbody Language to project Appropriate Confidence &step in creating a great first impression.self-assurance. Stand Tall, Smile (of Course), Make eyecontact, greet with a firm handshake. All of this will helpBE YOURSELF, BE AT EASE : If you are feelingyou project confidence and encourage both you & theuncomfortable & own edge, this can make the otherother person feel better at ease.person ill at ease thats the sure way to create the wrongimpression. If you are cum & confident. So the other Almost the everyone get little nervous, When meetingperson will feel more at ease & so have a solid someone for the first time which can leads to nervousFoundation for making that first impression a good one. habits & sweaty palms. By being aware of your nervoushabit, you can try to keep them inject. And controlling aThe picture one present speaks thousand words, Andnervous jitter or a nervous laugh will give youso the picture you first presents says much about you toconfidence & help the other person feel at ease.the person you are meeting. Is your Appearancessaying the right things to help create the right first One modern manner worth mentioning is "Turn off yourimpression? mobile phone". What first impression will you create ifyou are already speaking to someone other than theSTART WITH WAY YOU DRESS : What is theperson You are meeting for the first time? Your newappropriate dress for the meeting or occasion? What isacquaintance deserves 100% of your attention.the appropriate business attire? Suit, Blazer, Casual? &Anything less & youll create a less than good firstask Yourself. What the person you will be meeting isimpression.likely to wear. For Business & Social meetingsAppropriate dress also varies between country & KEY POINTS : You have just a few seconds to make acultural so its something that you should pay particular good impression and its almost impossible ever tointension to when in an un familiar setting or country. change it. So its worth giving each new encounter yourAnd what about your personal grooming clean & tidy best shot. Much of what you need to do to make a goodappearance is Appropriate for most Business & Social impression is common sense. But with the little extraoccasion, a good hair cut or shape, well polished Shoes thought and preparation, you can hone your intuitiveclean & tidy clothes, neat & tidy make-up. Make sure style and make every first impression not just good butyour grooming is Appropriate & making you great.comfortable at that time. Appropriate dressing &-Sandeep Kaurgrooming.(Student Welfare Officer)8
  11. 11. Information technology (IT), as defined is the 1. Custom Application Development andstudy design, development, implementation, Maintenance (CADM)support or management of computer-based 2. System Integrationinformation systems, particularly software3. IT Consultingapplications and computer hardware. It deals with4. Application Managementthe use of electronic computers and computersoftware to convert, store, protect, process, 5. Infrastructure Management Servicestransmit and securely retrieve information. 6. Software TestingToday, the term informational technology has 7. Service Oriented Architectureballooned to encompass many aspects of 8. Web Servicescomputing and technology, and the terms hasThe government expect the exports turnover tobecome very recognizable. The informationtouch US$ 80 billion by 2011, growing at an annualtechnology umbrella can be quite large, coveringrate of 30 per cent per annum, from the earlier fewmany fields. IT professionals perform a variety ofmillion dollars worth exports in early 1990s.duties that range from installing applications todesigning complex computer networks andAs per latest findings the Indian IT Sector hasinformation databases. A few of the duties that ITachieved the following :professional perform may include datamanagement, networking, engineering computer • Indian IT-SPO sector grew by 33 per cent in FYhardware, database and software design, as well 2008 to reach US$64 billion in aggregateas the management and administration of entire revenue (including hardware). Of this, thesystems. software and services segment accounted forUS$ 52 billion, growing by 28 per cent over FYIn recent times, software development and IT2007.enable services, have emerged as a nicheopportunity for India in the global context. The • Software and services exports (includinggovernment is taking all necessary to make India, a exports of IT services, BPO, engineeringGlobal Information Technology Superpower, and a services and R&D and software products)front-runner in the age of Information Revolution. reached US$ 40.4 billion, contributing nearlyThe Government has announced promotion of 63 per cent to the overall IT -BPO revenueInformation Technology as one of the five tops aggregate.priorities of the country and constituted a National• IT-SPO exports (including hardware exports)Task Force on Information Technology andgrew by 28 per cent from US$31.8 billion in FYSoftware Developments.2007 to US$ 40.9 billion in FY 2008.The information technology industry has truly• While the US (61 percent) and UK (18 percent)transformed the way the world looks at India.remained the largest IT BPO export markets inRapidly capturing global imagination, the successFY 2007, the industry is now making a market inof its IT industry has placed India at the forefront ofother countries as well-with exports tothe emerging global knowledge economy.Continental Europe in particular, growing at aAccording to the National Association of Softwarecompound annual growth rate (CAGR) of moreand Service Companies (NASSCOM), the apexthan 55 percent over FY 2004-2007.body for software services in India, the revenue ofthe information technology sector has grown from • Domestic IT market (including hardware)1.2 per cent of the gross domestic product (GMP) reached US$ 23.1 billion in FY 2008 as againstin FY 1998 to an estimated 5.5 percent in FY 2008. US$ 16.2 billion in FY 2007, a growth of 43The net value added by this sector, to the economy, percent. Hardware remained the largestis estimated to be 3.3 to 3.9 percent for FY 2008. segment of the domestic market with a growthrate of 44 percent in FY 2008. Software andIndia’s IT growth in the world is primarilyservices spending grew by over 41 percentdominated by IT software and services such as :during the year.IT-ITES in INDIA11Information technology is not the cause of the changes attractiveness of becoming Asian economics to globalwe are living through. But without new information and capital focus. On the other hand, for those economicscommunication technologies none of what is changing that are unable to adopt to the new technologicalour lives would be possible. In the 1990s, the entire system, their retardation becomes cumulative,planet was organized around telecommunicated Furthermore, the ability to more into the information agenetworks of computers at the heart of information depends on the capacity of the whole society to besystem and the communication process. The entire educated, and to be able to assimilate and processrealm of human activity depends on the power of complete information. This starts with the educationinformation, in a sequence of technological innovation system, from the bottom up, from the Primary school tothat accelerates its pace Genetic Engineering, the university and it relates, as well the overall processbenefiting from this wealth of information processing of cultural development including the level of functionalcapacity is progressing by leaps and bounds, and is literacy, the content of the media, and the diffusion ofenabling for the first time, to the secrets of living matter information within the population as a whole.and to manipulate life with extraordinary potentialInformation and communication technology is theconsequences. Software Development is makingessential tool for economic development and materialpossible user-friendly computing, so that millions ofwell being in our age; it conditions power, knowledgechildren, when provided with adequate education, canand creativity, it is, for the time being, unevenlyprogress in their knowledge, and in their ability to createdistributed within countries and between countries; andwealth and enjoy its, much faster than any previousit requires, for the full realization of its developmentgeneration.value, and inter-related system of flexible organizationThe crucial role of information and communication and information oriental institutions. In a new shell,technology is stimulating development is a two-edged cultural and educated development conditionssword. On one hand, it allows countries to leafage technological development, which stimulate economicstages of economic growth by being able to modernize development, which further conditions socialtheir production systems and increase their development and this stimulates cultural andcompetitiveness faster than in the past. The most crucial educational development again. This can virtuous circleexample is that of the Asian Pacific economics and of development or a downward spiral ofparticularly the cases of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, underdevelopment, and the direction of the process willMalaysia and South Korea. This is so despite the current not be decided by technology but by society through itsfinancial crisis, which is unrealized to competitive conflictive dynamics.performance and may be related, in fact, to the-Vintee ShuklaINFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION AS A STRAGIC TOOLPositioning and Branding which are not really helping them to get the maximum returns from theconsidered essential in IT industry have clearly become existing investments.a part and parcel of the IT sector today. There is clearlyAdvertising can play a role but that should besea-change in the attitude of the people in the waysupplemental. There would be not point in simplyMarketing has come to be defined in the IT industry.creating a series to campaigns to tell them how toThe evolution of IT industry essentially began in the 70’s leverage more if it is not really experimental and they doand 80’s when the market demand pattern indicated a not feel the difference.trend that was to obtain more hands but at a lower cost.Indian software houses are more or less positioned onMarketing in IT is now all about educating the market the ‘cost effective’ premise. This implies that we areabout the potential of technology and that needs not to becoming more and more ‘competitive’. But in itsbe on a purely technological basis but in way that when limited sense it is only short term value that will bethere is technology in offering there is a market to go for created. It cannot sustained singularly and must beit. combined with value.Marketing should be focused towards not just making - Ramandeep Kaurthe customer invest more and more in technology butBRANDING AND POSITIONING IN I.T. INDUSTRYARTICLES BYOur Faculty10
  12. 12. growing as a major outsourcing hub with a service oriented architecture, virtualization as alsogrowth rate of 30 percent. networking projects. The net margins in thedomestic market at about 9-11 percent which has• The Indian KPO sector is estimated to become improved considerably in recent years. Of late ITa US$ 10-billion industry by 2012, from the service providers, MNC’s and domestic firms havecurrent size of US$ 4 billion according to a developed strategies exclusively for the domesticreport on the “Future Course of KPO Industry” market according to research by Gartner.• India is fast becoming a hot destination for Further, India’s homegrown IT mammoths areoutsourced e-publishing work. As per a looking at buying companies abroad. In one of theConfederation of Indian Industry (CII) report, biggest acquisitions ever, HCL Technologies hasthe industry is growing at an annual rate of 35 proposed to acquire UK-based Axon with a US$per cent and India’ outsourcing opportunities 811-million bid at 650 p per the value-added and core services such ascopy editing, project management, indexing, Exportsmedia services and content deployment willITeS/BPO exports grew by over 30 per cent to clockhelp make the publishing BPO industry worthrevenues of US$ 10.9 billion in FY 2008, againstUS$ 1.46 billion by 2010.US$ 8.4 billion in FY 2007. The ITeS/BPO services• A recent CRISIL research study on the exports accounted for over 1/14th of the exportoutsourcing industry has concluded that services outsourcing (ESO) isAccording to NASSCOM, if India maintains itspoised to be the next big opportunity in thecurrent share of the global offshore IT-ITeS market,Indian outsourcing service industry. The ESOthe IT-ITeS exports from India will exceed US$ 60sector is likely to grow at a compounded rate ofmillion by FY 2010 and US$ 86 billion FY 2012 and26 per cent and post revenue aggregatingUS$ 330 billion by FY 2020 (nearly 14 percent ofaround US$ 7.5 billion by 2012.the projected worldwide spend).Although for exports, the US (61 percent) and UK(18 percent) continue to be the largest markets, theIndia’s domestic market has also become a force share of Europe has been increasing cherish with, as the existing IT infrastructure Exports to Continental Europe have grown at aevolves both in terms of technology and depth of compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of morepenetration. Global as well as domestic IT than 55 percent over FY 2004-07. The ITeS sector iscompanies like IBM, Accenture, HP, TCS, HCL and also working towards reducing its dependence onWipro have witnessed a remarkable growth in their the US market and is exploring new and emergingbusiness. market such as those in Australia and the MiddleEast.The domestic information technology businesshas become far too attractive to ignore India Inc’s During the year 2007-08, electronics and IT exportsdemand for IT services and products has bolstered are estimated to be Rs. 175,700 crore, asgrowth in the domestic sector with deal sizes going compared to Rs. 153,500 crore in 2006-07 showingup remarkably and contracts worth US$ 50 million- a growth of 14.5 percent. The software and service100 million up for grabs. industry continues to show a robust growth and thetotal value of software and services export areSuch growth in the software and service sector hasestimated at Rs. 163,000 crore (US$ 40.3 billion) inbeen achieved because of spectacular growths in2007-08, as compared to Rs. 141,000 crore (US$some segments. For instance 6,80,000 notebooks31.4 billion) in the year 2006-07, an increase of 15.6were sold in the first half of 2007-08, registering anpercent in rupee terms and 28.3 per cent in dollarincrease of 59 percent.term.In the next couple of years, global market-Sudatta Pandaintelligence and consulting firm, IDC, see a higherlocal demand driven by growth of broadband,expansion of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS),Domestic Markets13• The industry’s vertical market exposure was Infosys is equally unconventional Infosys haswell diversified across several mature and absorbed 1,400 professionals and threeemerging sectors. Banking, financial services shared service centre of Philips-one each inand insurance (BFSI) remained the largest Chennai, Poland and Bangkok. This too is avertical market for Indian IT-BPO exports, long term contract, spreading over sevenfollowed by high-technology and telecom. years.These sectors together accounted for nearly• Another deal signed using an innovative60 per cent of the Indian IT-BPO exports inbusiness model is the Rabo Bank deal byFY2007.Cognizant for US$ 21 million. Wi pro’sarrangement with Credit Suisse is to set up a• Manufacturing retail, media, healthcare,captive unit for Credit Suisse.airlines and transportation, and utilities werethe other key segments. • And, the one billion-dollar deal struck by TechMahindra with British Telecom by paying upMoreover, according to an independent study byover US$ 100 billion upfront signals a newSpringboard Research, the Indian IT servicestrend of large Indian IT Services and BPOmarket is estimated to remain the fastest growingcompanies innovating on business the Asia Pacific region with a CAGR of 18.6 percent. • In recent times, ‘software development and ITenabled services’ have emerged as a nicheopportunity for India in the global context. TheGovernment is taking all necessary steps toMost Indian IT companies are spreading their make India, a Global Information Technologyservices delivery infrastructure within India by Superpower and a front-runner in the age ofmoving into tier-II and tier-III cities to maintain their Information Revolution. The Government hascost-effectiveness and to deal with competition announced promotion of Informationfrom countries such as Taiwan and Vietnam. They Technology as one of the five top priorities ofare making inroads into China and setting up near the country and constituted a National Taskshore centres in Easter Europe, Latin America and Force on Information Technology andCanada. They have adopted unconventional Software models to gain market share andestablish a global footprint and a global brandpresence.The number of patent filings from Indian R&D• The US$ 1.2 billion deal that Tata Consultancy centres has been growing over the years. MoreServices (TCS) has struck with AC Nielsen for and more cutting-edge products are beingIT and operations support has an unusual ten- developed in India. While outsourcing lower levelyear contract. The finance and HR business technical jobs to India has been a practice ofprocess are also included as a part of the multinational technology firms, the increasingcontract. And, the deal is to be executed on a reliance on Indian R&D operations is a growingnew business platform built by TCS. The also has taken over the responsibility• Aviation majors like Boeing and Lockheedfor the Baroda development centre as part ofMartin are looking at setting up captive ITthe deal.related technological R&D centres in India.• TCS has also taken over the entire BPO unit of• India has emerged as the largest developerCitibank. With the US$ 505 million acquisitionlocation for companies such as Sunof Citigroup Global Services, India’s largest ITMicrosystems and Nokia. Sun Microsystemsservices provider. TCS will become the secondhas 760,000 developers in India-the largestlargest BPO player globally and will receive,such community in the world for the firm. Theprocess outsourcing services from Citi worthworld’s largest handset maker Nokia worksUS$ 2.5 billion over the next nine-and-a halfwith over 140,000 independent developers inyears.India, again the largest.• Similarly, the Royal Philips Electronics deal of• The Indian animation industry is rapidlyGlobal ModelMoving up the Value chain12
  13. 13. When I hear people talking about soft skills I There are many ‘new technologies’ that havewonder exactly what they mean? Are soft skills actually been in existence for quite a few decadesthose abilities - tacit or otherwise that allow an and it is important to discover trainers and coachesindividual to communicate well with others? Do who have a propensity for people skills, who havesoft skills go further, encompassing empathy, truly studied and practiced their craft and who areinspiration, adaptability, conflict management and willing to spend time understanding requirements.creativity? If this is the case they must, by default, As with many areas our investment will be directlyalso include multiple intelligence, values, culture proportional to our results. Soft skills are not softand models of the world. because they are easy-they take time, patience,endurance and skill.There is growing recognition amongst companiesto the importance of people skills, understandingthat they are essential for a highly focusedsuccessful business. Yet in terms of recruitment,According to Psychologist Daniel Coleman, athe training, measurement and definition of skillscombination of competencies that contribute to arequired seems still to work on ‘older models’ thatperson’s ability to manage his or herself and relaterely on more generic ‘soft skill’ descriptors such as:to other people-matters twice as much as IQ orability to work in a team; good with people;technical skills in job success.excellent customer service skills and peoplemanagement skills.Results of recent studies on the importance of softskills indicated that the single most important softIt is this myriad of soft skills that underlie and overskill for a job candidate to posses waspin the more measurable ‘hard skills’. As we layerinterpersonal skills, followed by written or verbal‘softer’ abilities through the ‘hard’ skills we gaincommunication skills and the ability to work underflexibility and adaptability, which in turn leads us topressure.better communicate, test our understanding, lead,facilitate and manage. The holistic nature of bothA constantly changing work environment -due toskills settechnology, customer-driven markets, aninformation-based economy and globalization thatthe tone for success and ultimately shapesare currently impacting on the structure of thecareers. Successful people encompass a mix ofworkplace and leading to an increased reliance on,hard and soft skills.and demand for, soft skills.Perhaps now is time to understand and useHard skills are the technical abilities required to dodisciplines such as NLP, Neuro Semantics,a job or perform a task: essentially, they areEmotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry andacquired through training and educationSpiral Dynamics. These ‘new’ technologies willprograms. Soft skills are not a replacement forprovide us with increased productivity and yet tohard-or technical-skills. They are, in manyget the best out of these techniques, particularly ininstances, complementary, and serve to unlock thethis ‘instant’ age, they require study, practice andpotential for highly effective performance in peopleunderstanding.qualified with the requisite hard skills.Versus Technical SkillsImportance of Soft Skills15We almost use Google and other search engines crawler-based results (as provided by Inktomi),as our second brain. Find out how this sites search especially for more obscure queries.millions of pages in seconds for us.The term “Search engine” is often used genericallyto describe both crawler-based search enginesand human-powered directories. These two typesCrawler-based search engines have three majorof search engines gather their listings in radicallyelements. First is the spider, also called the crawler.different ways.The spider visits a web page, reads it, and thenfollows link to other pages within the site. This iswhat it means when someone refers to site being“spidered” or “crawled”. The spider returns to theCrawler-based search engines, such as Google,site on a regular basis, such as every month or two,create their listings automatically. They “crawl” orto look for changes.“spider” the web, then people search through whatthey have found. If you change your web pages,Everything the spider finds goes into the secondcrawler-based search engines eventually findpart of the search engine, the index. The index,these changes, and that can affect how you aresometimes called the catalog, is like a giant booklisted. Page titles, body copy and other elementscontaining a copy of every web page that theall play a role.spider finds. If a web page changes, then this bookis updated with new information.Sometimes it can take a while for new pages orA human-powered directory, such as the Open changes that the spider finds to be added to theDirectory, depends on humans for its listings. You index. Thus, a web page may have beensubmit a short description to the directory for your “spidered” but not yet “indexed”. Until it is indexed-entire site, or editors write one for sites they review. added to the index-it is not available to thoseA search looks for matches only in the descriptions searching with the search engine.submitted. Changing your web pages has no effectSearch engine software is the third part of a searchon your listing. Things that are useful for improvingengine. This is the program that sifts through thea listing with a search engine have nothing to domillions of pages recorded in the index to findwith improving a listing in a directory. The onlymatches to a search and rank them in order of whatexception is that a good site, with good content,is believes is most relevant. You can learn moremight be more likely to get reviewed for free than aabout how search engine software ranks webpoor site.pages on the aptly-named How Search EnginesRank Web Pages page.All crawler-based search engines have the basicparts described above, but there are differences inIn the web’s early days, it used to be that a search how these parts are tuned. That is why the sameengine either presented crawler-based results or search on different search engines often produceshuman-powered listings. Today, it extremely different results.common for both types of results to be presented.-Nitin KumarUsually, a hybrid search engine will favor one typeof listings over another. For example, MSN Searchis more likely to present human-powered listingsfrom Look Smart. However, it does also presentThe Parts of A Crawler-Based Search EngineCrawler-Based Search EnginesHuman-Powered Directories“Hybrid Search Engines”Or Mixed ResultsSEARCH ENGINES14
  14. 14. Computers - An amazing machine - We are livingin the computer age today and most of our day today activities can not be accomplished withoutusing computers. We are breathing in thecomputer age and gradually computer hasbecome such a necessity of life that it is difficultto imagine life without it. Computers haveshaken up the world. They have made usdependent upon them. Computer is affectingevery sphere of our life-be it government,business, education, legal practice,entertainment, defence or home. Computerliteracy is the need of and the voice of tomorrowsto survive in the fast changing world ofcomputers.The fundamental concepts about whatcomputers constitute of and how do they work.Computer is a machine used for calculations orcomputation, but actually it is much more thanthat.Computer is an electronic device for performingarithmetic and logical operations. Computersare not that used for the purpose of calculations.An accountant or a grocery shop owner or a bankor ATM uses it like a computational device, anauthor uses it a as a writing tool, a musician as adevice for arranging the music, kids as amachine for playing games and so on.Now, you must be thinking that what is so specialabout this machine that people from diversifiedfields can use it so flexibly for entirely differentfunctions. The answer is that computer isprogrammable meaning that it all depends uponwhat program computer is using for performing aparticular function. So we can say thatcomputers play an important role in the field of IT,business, banking and what not.- Ankita PratapManagers are charged with the responsibility of takingactions that will enable individuals to make their bestcontributions to group objectives. Management thusapplies to small and large organizations, to profit andnot-for-profit enterprises, to manufacturing as well asservice industries. The term enterprises refer to abusiness, government agency, hospital, university andother types of organization.The person in a managerial role may be directingpeople in the sales, engineering, or finance department.But managers are establishing an environment foreffective group endeavour. Top-level managers spendmore time on planning and organizing the lower-levelmanagers. The difference in time spent on controllingvaries slightly for managers to various levels. Managersmust establish an environment in which people canaccomplish group goals with least amount of time,money, materials, and personal dissatisfaction or inwhich they can achieve as much as possible of adesired goal with available resources. In a non businessenterprise such as a police department, as well as inunits of a business that are not responsible for totalbusiness profits (such as an accounting department),Managers still have goals and should strive toaccomplish them with the minimum of resources or toaccomplish as much as possible with availableresources.The purpose of an organization structure is to helpcreate an environment for human performance. It is thena management tool and not an end in and of itself.Although the structure must define the tasks to be done,the roles so established must also be designed in light ofthe abilities and motivation of the people available.Management is the process of designing andmaintaining an environment for efficientlyaccomplishing selected aims. Managers carry out thefunctions of planning Organizing, Staffing, Leading, andControlling Organizational levels; however, themanagerial skills required vary with the organizationallevel. The goal of all managers is to create a surplus.- Tapaswini NayakOrganisational Management Revolutionising I.T.17The MBA angle Tips to Improve soft skillsLearn the basics of effective verbalStudies by Stanford Research Institute and Thecommunications and presentations. Take aCarnegie Mellon Foundation among Fortune 500speech communications course or join a localCEOs found that 75% of long term job success‘Toastmasters’ group to become comfortable withdepended on people skills and only 25% onyour verbal skills. Practice your telephone sills.technical skills.Most interviews being with a telephone interviews.You may be offered an interview because of yourThis is true at other levels as well. For effectiveresume but he best communicator in the interviewperformance in the workplace, companies needwill get the job.their employees to have not only domainknowledge, technical and analytical skills, but alsoYou only have one shot at a good ‘first impression’.the skills to deal with the external world of clients,Make sure that your manner of dress andcustomers, vendors, the government and public;grooming are appropriate for the job setting. Iand to work in a collaborative manner with theirrecommend dressing one notch above thecolleagues.everyday norm when interviewing for a job. Theinterview attire is ought to be dress pants and shirtThe annual rankings of MBA colleges often placewith tie. For females, the ‘one notch above’ maycommunication and interpersonal skills as theinclude a dress or business suit.most critical skills needed for success in thecorporate world. Noted academic Prof. Henry Practice your approach in greeting people andMintzberg while speaking on the importance of soft shaking hands. Look the person directly in the eyeskills for MBAs, refers to the crucial “soft” skills- with a smile an fin handshake. If the other person isleadership, teamwork, communication, and the elderly or appears somewhat frail adjust yourability to think “outside the box” of a discipline - that handshake accordingly. Firm but not painful!separate the best from the rest in the managementThe ‘art of conversation’ is an art. The ability toworld.carry on interesting conversations with peopleabout the wide variety of topics and current eventsCompanies in India are finding that they have tois an important tool in establishing an effectivepromote people faster than ever before to meetbusiness relationship. Book clubs and discussiontheir growth needs. At the same time, they aregroups are goods ways to develop these skills iffinding that the candidates do not have theyou rare not already associated with a group ofnecessary skills to make the transition from ainteresting friends who enjoy lively conversation.technical or functional specialist to a team leader,supervisor or manager, Companies in the IT, BPO,Remember! The ability to develop and use ‘softKPO, Biotech and Pharmaceuticals Industriesskills’ can make the difference between a job offerhave found that their people need soft skills to workand the enjoyment of a new employment andeffectively in cross-functional or project terms,community environment.local teams or global teams.- Anup Chakraborty16
  15. 15. FRESHERS PARTY19Management is all in one a deep need of our society.Hence, it has become a need to be imparted at ayounger level at graduation level. Technically, if youkeep science and technology away for a bit its all amanagement perspective. There is no science andtechnology if there is no management keeping themintact. This means management and Technology workshand to hand. They are interrelated and mean allot toour lives and live in nod.Management includes good aspects today that havebeen encouraged and like communication skills andcommunication and soft skills which are as intensity andmotivating part of society. Communication mean howwe project an idea to pass from one and to another,through what medium pertaining how much informationskill and knowledge, making sure we use the besttransmission available and knowledge of receiver’s feedback. This is the most basic process and keeps movingwith a need to adopt more and more qualitiestechnology wise and knowledge wise. But, when wemean soft skills we are certainly talking aboutimprovised grammar of English, report writing, letterwriting, CV and resume writing, presentation skills andplanning, Office management including MIS (ManagingInformation System) Employers expectation at anorganizations employment. Alongwith developing skillslike speech (various type) formal presentations we haveto concentrate on quality, tone and how to lookpresentation including your postures, gestures andentire body language. Now that the education businessis to be smarter and advanced, we have indulged inproviding extra courses or short terms courses andforeign affiliated diplomas which are ADIMT andPGDIMT which include good aspects for learning atgood level and at the same time evolving new prospectsin national or international way.Few years from now, our graduates will be in the marketand looking to be great managers in national orMultinational companies, by keeping an evaluation anddevelopment of courses and strict action onCommunication Skills, Soft Skills, PersonalityDevelopment and Business English would be real thingto deal in developing future managers from NDIIT.-Naveen BawejaModern ManagementQ. : What is the common factor that binds the HR manager of anorganization struggling to retain challenge and Gandhi whowas aiming for Poorna Swaraj by unleashing the strength ofordinarypeople?A. : They both (the HR managers and Gandhiji) knew that goalsthey had set achieve were not easily attainable, but theyboth had a clear vision, tested and reinvented, tried andtestedstrategiestotacklethesituation.WhileGandhijiknewthat he couldnt fight against the British government withviolence similarly the HR manager realized offering a biggersalarywasntenoughtoretainatalentedemployee.A. Gandhiji is still considered tobe the common man’s leader. Any successful HR leader hasto tactfully handle and provide right solution to different peoplein different ways at various levels. A few ways through whichtheHRleaderscanemulatetheGandhianprinciples:-(i) Adopt Gandhi’s style of making even the lowest person intheorganizationfeelandbelieveintheimportanceofhisIhercontributiontowardtheultimategoal.(ii) Use the right leadership style, For example, Gandhijiadvocated having leadership styles that were dependentonthecircumstances.(iii) Understandthehumanpsychology.B. Persuasion and perseverance aretwo Gandhian principles, that can be used effectively tomanagepeopleinthischangingenvironment.When the Dandi Yatra were going on he covered hundredmiles.ThisyatramovementreflectsGandhi’sleadershipstyle.Someofenterprisescanemulatingthese:(i) His ability to derive home thecause of the nation and develop a sense of belonging inone and for the nation it acted a massage that a teamleader in any enterprise intends to achieve goals with adisciplinedmethodology.(ii) Theleaderneverlossesthehumilityand he always listens attentively what people had to say.The manager should always connect with everyonebelow his I her hierarchical levels and listen to and mighthavetodulyaddressthemaswell.C. Mahatma was the risk taker as he hadtaken risk for dandi yatra and the other movements on theother hand, the HR manager takes risk of hiring the people,dividingthemarketc.-Archana KrishnanGandhi the change manager -Gandhi the HR manager -Be a good team leader -Beagoodlistener-Gandhi the risk taker -From Gandhigiri to H.R. Giri18
  16. 16. 20CRICKET MATCH21Sub Prime Crisis: Can India Prevent It?Q. : What is sub prime crisis? Q. : What should India do to avoid the crisis?Ans. : Sub prime crisis arises due to loans given to Ans. : 1) India has gained much of its present growthpeople who have patchy credit histories or due to its strong domestic demand.cannot prove their incomes. This practice of Maintaining such dependence will seegiving loans to such people at a higher interest India away from such crisis. India has ato cover the risk is called sub prime lending. In strong agricultural background and a largeits simplest form, it involves door steep lending domestic market to fuel its economicsmall amount to cash loaned to people usually growth.on low incomes. Until recently, the future of the 2) Measures such as cut in cash reserve ratiosub prime sector had looked rosy. Merill Lynch for the banks in India taken by RBI & thehad estimated that the sub prime mortgage SEBl’s plan to make it more lucrative formarket in UK alone was worth between $ 25 foreign Direct Investment will inject morebillion and £ 30 billion in 2005. cash into market.But the troubles started when recession 3) Controlling all recessionary measures likeincreased the interest rates & a further plunge in too much liquidity & rupee appreciation.housing values started in the US, UK and across4) An improved database on individualsEurope. This raised concerns in some cornerseconomic history; a financial watch dogabout the long terms viability of the industrythat will ensure consumer safety in financialbecause the ability of the people to with standproducts.on adverse economic change and still pay5) Creation of new retail risk managementprincipal and interest on schedule erodedinstitutions.resulting in the blow up of market. These banksaccumulated bad debts and to cover these - Rohit Kumarlosses they tried to raise funds but investors MBA,1st Semesterfeared that they might not be able to raiseenough funds to cover their liabilities.My Experience at NDIITFootprints in the sands of time,Are all that are left behind.Winds blow the shifting sands,Concealing works done by our hands,And I too will leave behind,More foot prints in the sand of time."Guru Gobind Dou Khade, Kake Lagu Paya,Balihari Guru Aapna, Jinha Gobind Doya Milaya".Through these months, as Ic l i m b e d t h e l a d d e r o fknowledge how can I forget thepeople who supported me atevery step and enlightened thepath I had to take. Who instilledin me the much necessary moralI was often told that life is a constant movement but it is values apart from the subjectonly today that I have realized that life indeed is a knowledge. "Yes", my teachers,constant movement. It was my time to leave school, the the most appropriate words I15 glorious years of my life, leave behind my footprints can think of to describe their priceless efforts in shapingin the sands of time and move on, surge towards the me are :future that I have always dreamt of.To describe my journey at NDIIT till now would be liketelling me to rate Pt. Jawaharlal Nehrus, "Discovery ofMy parents till now think that NDIIT has shaped me a lotIndia". But, some things cannot be expressed in wordsin my personality. I promise to do something in life thatthey can just be day will make everyone sitting here proud of myNDIIT to me has been a sculptor who has shaped me, being a NDIITian. The time has come my friends, tomy personality and on occasions severely beaten me. It become a shining star, to reach the pinnacle where ourhas inspired me to become something out of the parents, teachers and well wishers want us to be.ordinary. It has given me that extra zeal to excel and theThank You,opportunities to discover myself better...............-Geeta Bhatiaaltogether but memorable journey till now which I willBBA, 1st Semestertreasure throughout my life.ARTICLES BY STUDENTS
  17. 17. The Sixth Generation ComputerSome changes, such as switch from vacuum tubes information system that many complement orto transistors, are immediately apparent as substitute for human intelligence.fundamental change but other are only retrospect.The four objectives are specified for promotingOf the most dramatic change in the sixth knowledge sciences : Innovation in frontier highgeneration will be the explosive growth of the are technologies; socio-economic and culturalnetworking advancement, contribution to the expansion ofhuman potential and establishing a foundation forNetwork bandwidth has expanded tremendously creative the last few years and will continue to improve forthe next several years. The most interesting feature of the proposedresearch program is that it moves outside theThis gives a precise of the Sixth-Generation boundaries of computing technology and is basedcomputing system research proposal promotion of on interdisciplinary interacting with Physiology,research and development on electronics and Psychology, and Logic.SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY APPLICATIONPhysiologyBrain ModelCognitionand lamentationExpertSystemPsychologyunderstandingIntelligenceMan-m/c interfaceMachineTranslationSystemLinguisticsSpeechSyntax SemanticsPsycholinguisticsLogicNew SystemComplex FactInductionIntelligentCAD/CAMSystemIntelligentRobotSystemPatternRecognitionCognitionLearningProblem SolvingNaturalLanguageSpeechRecognitionImagesProcessingMan-MachineInterface23FOR AGAINST(1) It puts Investors well being into (1) It will put pressure on theits focus to raise their confidence. taxpayers.(2) It will halt global recession. The (2) The plan would swell the budgetdownfall of the US market will deficit, which could in turn fuelhave a knock on effect on the inflation.countries that rely on America for trade.(3) It will help keep the funds flowing (3) Controlling the big bosses ofthrough the money markets so the these company who earn bigfinancial institutions are happy to money will be a problem. Theylend to each other, to business were the cause of the crises andand to consumers. This is vital for eventually they will be savedany smooth functioning Economy. with this bail out plan.(4) It will safeguard jobs across the (4) The basic edifice of capitalistcountry and prevent bankruptcies. system will shatter with this buy ups.- Gyan Prakash SinghMBA, 1st SemesterLast two weeks have witnessed the unprecedented bankrupt banks. The move of the government tofall of financial giants. Companies such as Lehman come forward in favour of the private banks has beenBrothers, WAMU, AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the point of debate in the political and financialBarclays, Royal Bank of Scotland came crumbling circles. The US Senate in its first debate harshlydown due to the impact of sub prime crisis in the US. rejected the bail out plan as one senator mentioned itTreasury approved plans for a $ 700 bn (£ 376.37bn) as a cow patty with Marshmallow stuck in it and hebail out plan to inject capital in return to ownership didn’t want to have marshmallows. However, thestakes. However, initially the US government had government claims that the bail out is meant to saveplans to buy assets of the failing banks. Similarly volatile financial situations in the global financialgovernments in UK, Germany, France have all markets which rose due to bad mortgages. Let usannounced various bail out plans to save the look at both the side of the deal.Bail Out PlansTerrorism is a global phenomena affecting almost all In recent years we have seen spate of blast takingplace in Mumbal local trains and after some timethe countries across the globe. Terrorism is a threatblasts in Delhi, Ahmedabad and Bengaluru and newto modern civilization. It is not restricted to anyoneblast in Assam which is all linked in ‘JEHADI’ .country and particular part of the world or religion.Terrorism -where innocent people in large numberIndia has been at the receiving end of all kinds of lost their lives. We have also witnessed or severeterrorism. Whether it is Kashmir or North East, home form of terrorism in Orissa by the Bajrang Dalgrown Jehadi terrorism, Bajrang Dal type of terrorism activities who attacked and killed scores of innocentpeople.or in some cases state-sponsored terrorism aswitnessed in Gujarat, India has been in thrones of -Gyan Prakash Singhpain bearing the burnt of all such terrorism. MBA, 1st Semester22
  18. 18. Do not desire to be better than you are,but desire to be very well what you are.Every job is a self portrait of the personwho did it. Autograph your work with excellence.The post is a source of knowledge, and the futureis a source of hope.Love of the past implies faith in the future.-Rohit Kumar VermaBBA, 1st SemesterQUOTESExamination TerminologyName of the disease :Carrier of this disease :Symptoms :Causes :Effects :Treatment :Prevention :ExaminationStudentsVictims of this disease are found to beworried and restless just a week or a month before theexamination. The spend sleepless nights over theirbooks. In the last few days, the victims lose theirappetite.This disease is mainly caused due toirregularity, carelessness, bunking of classes, beingover confident and is also caused when the victim isphysically present in the class. room but in some otherworld, mentally.On seeing the question paper, the victimbecomes nervous and sweats a lot. He / She will cursethe teacher, who has set the paper, if the paper is tough.There is a lot of excitement at the firs sight of paper andthe heart beats at a rate of 100 m per minute.There is no treatment for this disease, and itis yet to be discovered. This disease usually leads to thestudent being detained in the class.Being attentive in class, regularity andconcentration will help to prevent this disease.Get Well Soon!! “To all the students suffering from thisdisease.-Nitin SainiBBA, 1st SemesterCourage is victory and confidence spells success.Behold, dare and do. It is not the size of dog in thefight, but it is the size of the fight in the dog thatcounts. If you are not afraid, you can do anything.You have to have the courage to stand up to defeat,spot your opportunity and turn your defeat intovictory. One man with courage makes a majority.Our greatest glory is not in our victories but inmissing every time we fall. Defeat as well as victorymay serve to shape the soul and let the glory out.Little minds are famed and subdued by misfortunebut great minds rise above it. Meet every adversecircumstances as it master and do not let it masteryou. Many men owe the grandeur of their lives totheir tremendous difficulties. Kites rise, not with, butagainst the wind. Nothing that comes so easily isworth having. When you want success, you must beready to pay the price which includes bravingfailures and presiding with your efforts till the goal iswhen.It is more often the fear of failure rather than failureitself that cripples one’s creativity and inhibits theinitiative. To conquer fear is then the beginning ofwisdom and the first step to success. There is nodefeat in truth, save from within; unless we arebeaten their, we are bound to win,To dare is great, but to bear is greater Bravery weshare with brutes, fortitude with saints. If you havenever failed, it is an easy guess that you have neverknown high success. The hardest man in the worldto beat is the man who laughs in the face of defeat.-Geeta BhatiaBBA. 1st SemesterFailure :TheSteppingStoneofSuccessSuccess is counted sweetest bythose who never succeed.-Emily Dickinson251. Happiness It may be demarcated by a smileand a baby, as on seeing these bothmay be followed by a smile and aremark of pleasure.2. Anger It may be denoted by a frown and aface in a frown clearly shows angerand the face may curl up in angerand mouth be used to utter rudewords.3. Beauty It was said, "A thing of beauty lastsforever” and the need it does. It isnotified by nature and children asthey both being pleasure to theheart and their beauty remainsembedded in us.4. Love Love is signified by a heart and akiss as they both show all the loveand gratitude in a person’s heart.5. Terror Terror may be demarcated by abomb and a gun as they cause andterror and destruction.6. Peace Peace is mostly symbolized by twoolive branches and a dove, as theyare gentle and bring about a senseof peacefulness in us.7. Student A student is like an animal in a junglehe has many things to watch out for.The world outside the jungle isnever for him.8. Teacher A teacher is a guide through thisvery jungle but outside the junglethey cannot guide us anymore.9. Politician He is a person who entered politicsto good but when he saw that theothers too did do anything but werejust corrupt then he too becamethat.10. Terrorist A terrorist is someone who wants topush through his point in a mannerwhich is destructive.- Rohit Kumar VermaBBA, 1st SemesterSome Concrete ExpressionsFor Abstract IdeasKnowledge Technology & Applications.Application / Content :1) Basic Consideration in the promotion ofknowledge science.(i) Outline of knowledge science.(ii) The Evaluation and present state of artificialintelligence.(iii) Expectation towards new development.(iv) Contribution to the expansion of humanpotential.2) Present state of future development of sciencetechnology related to computer science.(i) Present State.(ii) Research & Development of knowledgeScience based on psychology.3) Research and Development of knowledge sciencebased on linguistics.The other important in sixth generation is the use ofNano Technology :With nano technology a large set of material andimproved product rely on a change in the physicalproperties when the feature size are shrunk.Nano particle can strongly influence the mechanicalproperties of the material, like stiffness or elasticity,e.g. traditional Polymer can be reinformed by nanoparticles reputing in novel material which can be usedas light weight replacement for metals.Such nano technology enhanced material will enablea weight reduction accompanied by an increase instability an improved functionality there care manyapplication of nano technology, few of them areshown here.1. Medicinea) Diagnosticb) Drying Delivery2. Chemistry Environmenta) Catalysisb) Filtration3. Energya) Reduction of Energy Consumptionb) Increase the efficiency of Protection4. Information & Communicationa) Memory Storageb) Novel Semi Conductor Devicec) Display5. Heavy Industry6. Consumer Goods- Chetan KishoreMCA, Lateral Entry24
  19. 19. Sometimes we carry a sense of entitlement that makes us believethat other people owe us, that they are some how responsible forour happiness. If we are sad, they need to give us their support. Ifwe are in a relationship our mate are supposed to protect us frompain.Theyshouldbesorrywhenwearematatthem&attentiveweare talking to them. They should promise that no matter whathappens, they would never hurt us. These are IMPOSSIBLEEXPECTATIONS.Although it is normal & self respecting to want others to treat youwell in the end it is your responsibilities to take care of yourself. Ifyouareinasituationinwhichyouare’ntbeingtreatedwithrespect,it is up to you to remove yourself from that situation. You have to behonest with yourself about circumstances. You have to face thingsthat you might rather ignore. For instance, you may have a friendwho turns out to be selfish and deceitful. Sadly, it becomes yourresponsibility to end the friendship if your attempts at workingthingsoutareunsuccessful.You can’t make rule in relationships to ensure that you never gethurt. You can’t leave upto someone else to make sure that you arehappy. If you do, you will end up feeling disappointed andsometimesevenbrokenhearted.Butyoucantakeresponsibilityforyourownhappiness.Youcanbesure that don’t always sent up in the position of the victim. You dothis by acknowledging whose job it is take care of you. When youfind yourself unhappy, you look at your circumstances ant figureout what you can do to change them. That is what it means to takeresponsibility for your happiness, and this is one way you canbeginshowingyourselftheloveyoudeserve.“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself’.-Ankita RawatBBA, 1st SemesterYou Are ResponsibleFor Your HappinessWhenever you face a problem, look within your heart.If you are at ease, you are on the path. If your heart isdistributed, it means you have gone astray and needto change the path. When your path is in incompleteharmony with nature, there is a beautiful dance andmusic in your heart. When you move away from naturethe music becomes noise and the dance becomesdistributed. This the language of the heart to alert youwhether you are going right or wrong. You don’t needonly guidance from anybody; your guide is withinyourself.-Deepak Kumar ThakurBCA, 1st SemesterThe Heart is your GuideIt can buy a house but not a home. It can buy a bed butnot a sleep. It can buy a clock but not time It can buybook but not knowledge. It can buy you a position butnot respect. It can buy you medicine but not health. Itcan buy you blood but not the life So you see moneyisn’t every thing.-Prabhat KumarMBA, 1st SemesterMONEYTo realize the value of one month,Ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby.To realize the value of one week,Ask a editor of a weekly newspaper.To realize the value of one hour,Ask a lover who is waiting to meet his beloved.To realize the value of one minute,Ask a person who missed the train.To realize the value of one second,Ask a person who just avoided a fatal accident.To realize the value of one millisecond,Ask a person who won a silver medal in the OlympicTo realize the value of friend,Ask a person who cannot name one.Treasure every moment that you have!Yesterday is history Tomorrow is a mystery.Today is a gift. That’s why it is called present !!Thanks for being my friend-Deepak Kumar ThakurBCA, 1st SemesterV A L U EA = Always liked by TeachersG = Greet everyone with SmileO = On road to Institute (College)O = Obedient to teachers and parentsD = Dress up neat and cleanS = Studies with keen InterestT = Treats everyone with respectU = Understand every thing what is taughtD = Does daily home workE = Eager to know about new thingsN = Never MisbehavesT = Talk less in the class-Prabhat KumarMBA, 1st SemesterWho is “A GOOD STUDENT” ?27School A place where parents pay andchildren play.Displine A word which is missing from thedictionary of students.Mathematics A grind stone on which you grindyour mind as much as you can.Zoo A place for animals to study thehabits of human beings.Office A place where you can relax fromyour work.-MonikaBCA,1st SemesterFUNNY DEFINITIONSFan Says = Be CoolRod Says = Aim HighWindows Says = Take PainClock Says = Each Minute is PreciousMirror Says = Reflect Before You Act.Calendar Says = Be UpdatedDoor Says = PushLamp Says = High up your future.-Anchal GuptaBBA,1st SemesterEvery Room says somethingWORLD SMILE DAYBeauty is power, a smile is its sword.Everywhere you go, take a smile with you.Smile is the key that unlocks everybody’s heart.SmileisaninexpensivewaytoimproveyourlooksMost smiles are stared by another smileThe Shortest distance between new friends is a smile.-MonikaBCA,1st SemesterHumility is perpetual quietness of heart. It is tohave no trouble. It is never to be fretted, or vexed,or irritated, or sore, or disappointed.It is to expect nothing, to wonder at nothing that isdone to me, to feel nothing done against me.It is to be at rest when nobody praises me, andwhen I am to be blamed and despised.It is to have a blessed home in myself, where I cango in and shut the door, and kneel to my father insecret, and be at peace as in a deep sea ofcalmness, when all around and above is trouble.-Das Poonam SharmaBCA, 1st SemesterA BLESSED HOME IN MYSELF• Keep the mind calm through the practice ofmeditation.• Think one thought at a time.• Don’t interrupt others while they are talking. Let themcomplete their sentence.• Read books that require deep concentration.• Learn to eat slowly, and preferably in silence.• Exercise regularly.• Relax. Don’t get bogged down by little things.• Set aside time for seclusion, when you can be alonewith God and have time to think.• Keep your mind fixed, at all times, on the polestar ofGod’s presence.• Always try to the best of your ability to walk in thefootsteps of the Guru.-Das Poonam SharmaBCA, 1st SemesterHOWTOFREEYOURSELFFROMTENSION26
  20. 20. In with the New -SOFT SKILLSIn this new way of environment, glossy The annual ranking of MBA colleges often placemagazine style communication, campaigns are no communication and interpersonal skills, as the mostlonger sufficient for the employees, especially to those crucial skills needed for success in the corporate world.from the present generation who are just starting to The research of stand for institute among 500 CEO’senter the workplace. As consumer’s they have become found that (75%) of long term job Success depends onaccustomed to the new way of communicating which soft skills and only (25%) on technical skills. Today, lackthe internet provides and more open relationship the of competence in soft skills is marked as one of theorganizations they deal with. reasons for poor rate of employability of technicalgraduates. Though it is true that soft skills needed to beincluded at a very young age of at itself by parents orelders, the role of schools and colleges can’t beignored. Some universities realize the need to inculcateThe rules of succeeding in business are constantlysoft skills in their students through activities such aschanging. Not too long ago, technical competence andteam presentations, group discussions, case studiesknowledge were the key drivers of career growth andetc. It is time for us to realize that the hard skills and softsuccess. Soft skills were relegated to play second fiddleskills should complement each others to achieveor ignored altogether. So to improve one’s careerexcellence in one’s profession.prospects and to enhance his I her personality as awhole one needs soft skills. -Intekhab AshrafBBA, 1st SemesterQ. : What caused the flood? Q. : What should be done to avoid the situationin the future?Ans. : Flood in Bihar was caused by breach in theAns : 1) One is to let Kosi flow its natural course.embankment of Kosi River at Kusala in Nepal,The contention is that the Natural floods12 km upstream from the Indo-Nepal border.are less devastating than the floodsOn August 18, Kosi River smashed throughcaused by the breach in the embankment.the embankment and took a different coursewhich has been abandoned more than 100 2) The immediate solution lies to rebuild theyears ago. An embankment is mud wall on the embankment by using grant concreteeither side of the river reinforces by stone. It mesh cons.was made 12 to 14 feet high along 115 km of3) The permanent solution lies in buildingthe length of river in Bihar and 32 km in Nepal.dams like China has done by buildingthree Gorges Dam on the Yangty river, riverQ. : Why did this breach take place?of sorrow.Ans. : 115 km of the river was squeezed into stream4) As the Kosi has changes its course andby embankment, However due to goodmoved eastward the experts believe thatmonsoon this season, the river swelled and itthe repairing the river embankment is onlyburst through its embankment and becamepostponing a bigger problem. The centre1.7 km wide stream. When it entered Bihar ithas set up a committee of experts to seekswept away villages. This happened due tolong term solution.sheer force of the river and poor maintenanceof the embankment. - Rohit KumarMBA, 1st SemesterBihar Flood29OLDGOLDisLet’s face the had and cold reality of today. When the management students in world of finance, especiallyworld is talking about being a global village. We as investment banking where the pay is high and influencehumans are getting light years apart from each other. can be huge or at last, it was.The great Indian families, the unbreakable family ties,When the business is in trouble, MBA enrolments spikeour age old value system - all falling a part end we standup, the main reason is that, the students know thathelpless.downturn in business means a downturn in careerWe have time for everything, we have time to fight for the prospectus - some will be laid off, others will seerights of our country, we talk about the rights of bonuses drop and promotion prospects dry up. Theunderprivileged, we demand equal rights for genders. crisis may have led to the collapse of may top financialBut when it comes to helpless, aging parents we shrug institutions which offer similar roles one has tooff all our responsibilities and remain mere spectators. understand that there is always going to be need aWe read newspaper daily in the morning and see those quality professionals in financial sector.umpteen number of cases where son beats father toMBA degree will stand you in good stead for the rest ofdeath for a small piece of land, grandson leaves ayour career life.battered grandmother on the steps on a old age home.This is sad but true.It is time to wake up to ugly realization that in this nuclearBelieve it or not, the IT industry still remains the leadingfamily age, most of elderly parents are being mentallychoice of employment amongst most Indian graduates,and physically tortured by their own children, It is indeedthe aspiration are build around huge success over thetime to do something substantial for these deserted,two decades and many role models to emulate. The ITabused parents. It is time to take them in fold, gently re-industry for upcoming graduates, means programmingintroduce them to life and let them feel wanted, caredor software development as the industry is much moreand loved.beyond that fulfilling and challenging careers.The best part of that, any person respected by his ownIn most organizations these days, HR’s arefamily member doesnt want a 5 star facilities. He justconcentrating on implementing a robust recruitmentwants to wake up in a healthy environment where theymechanism to tackle issues of skill mismatch anddon’t need to confront abuses. He wants rightful shareemployability. A better approach by HR could build aof joy and happiness other than just baby sitting hisstrong internal training team with a focus on technology.grand children. They want and need support andThe IT industry can contribute in many ways to helpunconditional love from people.students prepare for their job. The industry in tandemTo quote years again “Wine comes in at the mouth and with the college I university authorities can integratelove comes in the eve. that’s all we shall know for truth special training camps along with the main academicbefore we grow old and die. “ courses.The old business rules those that heldsway in the old economy argued that you should hireA MBA has always been perceived as a degree that givegood people, rand and evaluate them and tell them whatone something like a professional status - wherein oneto do. It is the old command of control model. Thishas competencies and a credential that allows them todoesn’t work any more. Knowledge basesstep into important roles of many different types oforganizations aren’t fixed and hierarchic - they adaptorganization. The credentials that are most important inquickly and organize their people on a project basis. Thethis regard are sophisticated financial and accountingstaff may work for several managers at the same time,skills, and industry that is often the goal of newand risk of getting the mixed commands.IT is on the moveWith the full of two Investment Communication in the 21st CenturyBanking (US Based) Affect the MBA Out with the Old -28