Coca Cola Company


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My presentation on Coca Cola in MBA 2nd Sem

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Coca Cola Company

  1. 1. A Presentation on Coca-ColaA Presentation on Coca-Cola CompanyCompany Submitted by :- Anup Chakraborty MBA IInd Sem
  2. 2. ProfileProfile  Largest Manufacturer in the world  Based in Atlanta , it recorded sales of $18.18 Bn and profits of $3.53 bn in 1998.  Has largest number of employees in the world with staff strength of 30,000 in 1998  Flag ship brand Coca-Cola.  Sponsored Olympics since 1928
  3. 3. “The best has been made even better, some may choose to call this the boldest single marketing move in the history of the packed goods. We simply call it the surest move ever made because the taste of Coke was shaped by the taste of consumer.” Roberto Goizueteu at the launch of new Coke.
  4. 4. HistoryHistory Developed by Dr. John Pemberton on Atlanta based pharmacist in 1886. It was based on combination of oils, extracts from coca leaves and various other additives. The ingredients were refined to create a refreshing carbonated soda. Pemberton’s book keeper , Frank Robinson suggested the product to be named coca-Cola. May 8,1889 it went on sale in Joe Jacobs Drug Store. First Advertisement “The Atlanta Journal” 1889- Pemberton died and ASA Candler a wholesaler druggist got a stake in the company 1980- Roberto Goizueteu became the new CEO
  5. 5. Brand ExtensionBrand Extension New coke –Pepsi was gaining market share so new coke was launched in 1985, but it failed in South Diet Coke-consumers were concerned about their weight and health so “Diet Coke” was launched. It became popular in Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, and is the flagship brand in these countries too.
  6. 6. Launches of productsLaunches of products 1886- Coca-cola 1960- Fanta 1961- Sprite 1966- Fresca 1970 Samson 1972- Mr. Pibb (Spicy cherry drink) 1979- Mello yellow 1982- Diet Coke 1985- New Coke
  7. 7. AdvertisingAdvertising Positioned as a drink which relieved mental and physical exhaustion and cured headache. Further advertised and focussed on universal need to quench thirst advertised as “delicious and refreshing” Concentrated on four specific elements “the familiar script lettering Coca-Cola, the trade mark Coke,The bright red colour, the unique contour of the bottle” 1970- use jingles as “coke adds life”, “Have a coke and have a smile”, 1980-90- Used themes as “Coke is it”, “Cant beat feeling”, “cant beat the real thing”, & campaign theme “always a coca cola”
  8. 8. Social Responsibility Coke made efforts to research and develop new technologies to minimize the environmental impact of its operations, products and packages. Organized training programmes to help associates develop system for waste minimization and recycling As it uses a large quantity of water , it also took special to conserve it. In 1994 it stopped purchase of new equipment containing “Fluro Carbon ” (a group of carbon which contribute to the depletion of ozone layer). Bottlers were instructed to utilize reusable Plastic craters instead of corrugated boxes.