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  • That's pretty nice. I have followed many of these points in my site Please do check it out and let me know your feedback. Thanks
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Digital Marketing Services

  1. 1. Strategies to improve exposureto your company’s website…
  2. 2. Search engines employ intelligent program robots calledcrawlers or spider, which visit thousands of websites everyhour and index pages according to their content.These indexes are huge databases containing reference andlinks to the actual websites. The search engines look throughthis database and displays the results.
  3. 3. Ways to Ensure Rankings in Google : Include a primary keyword in your brand name Start Thinking Like a Searcher Include Google Suggest as a Keyword Research Tool Get locally Optimized for Generic Keywords Make sure Your Online Reputation is Clean Dominate Search Results with Multimedia
  4. 4.  SEO is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic toa web site from search engines via search results. SEO aims to improve rankings for relevant keywords in searchresults.Why are Search Engines so important? Search Engines are still the biggest resources of website traffic. Higher traffic means more visitors. More visitors means more customers and higher profits.
  5. 5.  SEO is important because it improves the odds of someone findingyour company online. Online visibility can help your credibility and brand awareness. Think like your customers/clients, then verify how people search.SEO can put you in front of the people looking for your products &services. Your online marketing efforts should be focused on an end results. Make sure your website/landing pages make it easy for visitors tosign up, join, request information, buy, or whatever else you seek.
  6. 6. RESEARCH ON KEY PHRASES Find the best phrases that describes your business and productsoffered. The most searchable key phrase terms by site visitors.IMPROVE KEY PHRASE PROMINENCE, DENSITY & PROXIMITY Key phrases at the top/beginning of your page. Total phrasescontained within the total text and the closeness between two ormore phrases.
  7. 7. META TITLE TAG Make attractive and easy to understand (65 – 75 charactersmax.). Use most important key phrases first. Unique to content ofpage.META DESCRIPTION TAGS Describe the pages in one to two sentences. Include key phrasesincluded in copy of page.META KEYWORD TAGS No longer used by any of the major search engines.
  8. 8.  On-Page Optimization Off-Page Optimization
  9. 9.  On-page optimization (on-page SEO) is what can be performed onpages of a website to maximize its performance in the searchengines for targeted keywords related to on-page content. On-page optimization stands for all of the techniques and methodsused on your website that is hosted on a server. On-page optimization has an effect on your website listing innatural results. On-page factors are controlled by coding on website pages
  10. 10.  Title tags Meta tags ALT tags Header (H1, H2) tags URL structure Internal Linking Anchor text Relevant keywords near your inbound link Content Keyword density Site maps (XML & HTML) Usability
  11. 11. H1 & H2 HEADING FORMAT Applying H1 & H2 Tags in your source code will be helpful inachieving high rankingALT TAGS Most sites contain images. Where it makes sense, add text in yourAlt Tags to describe the content of the graphics.KEY PHRASE RICH ANCHOR TEXT Anchor text for both external links and internal links is the powerful element for search engine positioning.
  12. 12.  Off-page optimization (off-page SEO) is what can be done off thepages of a website to maximize its performance in search enginesfor target keywords related to the on-page content and keywords inoff-page direct-links. Off-page optimization is a very important part in search engineoptimization because it gives back links to you site and it requires alot of work. It helps to maximize website performance in search engines fortargeted key phrases.
  13. 13.  Search Engine/Directory Submission (DMOZ, Best of the Web) Social Book Marking Submission (twitter,, Classified Postings (, Yahoo, Article Submission (, GoArticles) Press Release Submission (PRWeb, 24-7 Blog Creation & Posting (Wordpress, Blogspot) Forums & Comment posting (signature links)
  14. 14. WHAT IS LINK POPULARITY? Link Popularity refers to the number of links pointing TO your siteFROM other sites on the Web. Building links is one of the most important factors in getting topplacement on the major search engines.WHY ARE LINKS SO IMPORTANT? Inbound links are one of the most important factors for getting ahigh keyword ranking, Outbound links to quality and pertinent site are important as longas they add value to the site visitor experience. It’s not the quantity of links, but the quality of those links which isvery important.
  15. 15.  Keyword Use in Title Tag Overall Popularity of Site – “Trust” & “Authority” Anchor Text of Inbound Link Age of Site Internal Link Structure Keyword use in Page Content Outbound Links to Quality/Relevant Sites Age of Page Key Phrase Use in Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3)
  16. 16.  Profile Creation Page Creation Group Creation Application Integration Profile Creation Product & Services Analytics Report
  17. 17.  Profile Creation Integration of twitter in facebook, LinkedIn etc. Regular Tweets Company Profile Creation Creation of Micro Websites
  18. 18.  Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) Facebook Ads Linkedin Ads Microsoft Adcenter Advertising
  19. 19. Archana ThakurDigital Marketing ProfessionalMobile : +91 - 9966993911Email Us :