Evaluation 2


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Evaluation 2

  1. 1. Evaluation question 2 How effective is the combination of your main product and your ancillary tasks?
  2. 2. A brief overview  For this coursework unit, the main objective was to produce a 5 minute short film on a genre of our choice and a poster and film review as part of our ancillary tasks.  The importance of combining all three of the objects is significant as it helps us promote our film to our target audience and later to the wider population in visual and text platforms.  It was crucial that my poster and film review were up to a high standard as it helps promote our film to our target audience based on what I written and how I have represented our film. Both of the tasks were done of Photoshop CS5 and required a great deal of creativity. Without this, our film would not have attained any positive and even negative recognition.
  3. 3. How did I incorporate codes and conventions of a family comedy into my ancillary tasks?
  4. 4. Fonts- Review The title for our film Mix Up is bold and large. I have selected a simple font in white to contrast against the background of my review. The size and boldness represents the courage and significance contained within the film. In addition it also captures the target audience/readers attention-thus making them wanting to read and watch the The films tagline is positioned film below the title as it helps give an idea of what the film might be about. The style of the font is same as the title except the size is much smaller. This is because I didn‟t want to give away too much information about our film as the title and tagline give In enough of ityou will often find a quote the review, already. from the text which highlights the main points(good or bad)about the film. In my film review my main quote is positive. To show that it is positive, I have chosen a bright yellow colour. Yellow is often associated with happiness, which is also achieved at the end of the movie. The italic font makes the quote stand out more-thus reminding the audience again why they should watch our film after they‟ve finished reading the review. The font I used to inform readers about the magazine is in Franklin Gothic. I decided to use this font as an inspiration from totalfilms magazine. The main bulk of my text is in Times New Roman. I used this font as an inspiration from the „Times Newspaper‟. The font enabled me to make my review presentable, neat and professional . Furthermore this font is clear and simple than other fonts which were condensed and hard to read. The color white contrasts with my background enabling readers to read the main points without difficulty. For the verdict box I used Calibri font. This font is simple and yet important as it gives a overall opinion about the film from a critic. The colors of the font are a standard red and white which contrast each other thus making the verdict stand out and more noticeable. The font is kept to a standard size enabling the readers to find it east to read and also remind them why they should watch our film. The name of the person who has reviewed the film is Times New Roman. I decided to use this font as using a different font may make the magazine untidy and
  5. 5. Fonts- Film Poster The font I used to show the cast names is Franklin Gothic Demi in bold. I used this font as it is simple and easy to read. I originally planned to use Bernard MT Condensed as I found it to be more appealing however I change my mind after receiving negative feedback from my target audience quoting that it was “too condensed and hard to read”. After giving various fonts a trial I decided to go with Franklin Gothic Demi. At first it wasn‟t as visible to the eye from a distance, therefore I applied different formats to it e.g. Inner shadow and bold. I also decided to use alternating colours red and black as I presented each names, this made it look more appealing to the eye. I also used the same font and format for our tagline but in a different size. For the main title I used a combination of colours, upper cases and lower cases. Although it may seen informal, it depicts the significance contained within the film as well as denoting the title and the meaning of the film. The font I used for the title is Tropicana by Marty Bee. I decided to download this from Dafont.com as it wasn‟t available on Photoshop CS5 and use it as it explores the theme of Rastafaria which is the main theme enclosed within our film. The combination of uppercases and lower cases reflects the ups and down in the plot. To inform our target audience the release of our film, I used the font Rockwell as it is bold and attention-grabbing. I decided to change the colour of the font to blue as it corresponds to the colour of the hat/wig that the main character is holding,
  6. 6. Colours and Background I used in Film Review For the side bar, I decided to use three colour schemes; black, green and yellow. This is because one of the major themes in our production is Jamaican culture. Our main character Richard depicts the culture and beliefs of a Rastafarian this is completely alien to the strict eastern traditions of the mother. Furthermore the colours may also draw attention of Jamaican audience who may want to watch our film. Lastly, the colours are vibrant and pleasing to the eye and often the colour yellow is associated with happiness thus giving the reflecting comedy genre. I have used the colour red in my review as it was an inspiration from Totalfilm magazine. It is the main colour scheme of the magazine and adds to the aesthetic value of the page. In the main review, I have opted for the colour yellow to draw out the main point of the film. The bright colour For the title of the film and the main bulk of the text, I used the colour white as it is a simple and easy to read against the contrasting background. Adding up to that, the colour white is associated with innocence, which is portrayed by the mother who is a victim in the film, by embodying this in my review, the innocence of the mother is reflected and readers can build their interest thus making them want to watch our film. The background of my magazine is black. I have opted for this colour as it is unique and goes against the conventional white background of typical magazines. This difference may draw readers attention as well as make it more pleasing to the eye. Although the colour black isn‟t associated with the family comedy genre, the
  7. 7. Colours and Background I used in my Film Poster In my film poster I have used the colour red to indicate that there are elements of romance and love in the film. Although it isn‟t a conventional colour for a comedy genre, our film does have elements of family love as well as anger and temper in the film. In the title I have used the colour black and red. These two colours are also reoccurring in my film review. Although the mixture of the two colours may be seen informal, it depicts the significance contained within the film as well as denoting the title and the meaning of the film. I have also used the same colours in our tagline except I highlighted two words that are paradox to each other to create a dramatic effect. The colour blue corresponds with the wig/hat that the man is holding. This makes the poster more presentable and orderly. Furthermore it is only used once, this is effective as it reminds people
  8. 8. Images I used within my Film Review For my review, I decided to pick a picture which portrayed different emotions as well as show the main characters expressions. My final picture shows the transition of the characters personality. The anal retentive mother who was introduced to the screen as a temper woman transitions to a happier woman in the end where as its the opposite for Trevor. I also picked a picture which allowed the readers to see the
  9. 9. Images I used within my Film Poster In my poster I used the image of our main character Trevor (Richard Campbell). I have only decided to use half of the original picture and in-cooperate it into the background as it creates mystery. I have decided to zoom into the image particularly near the wig/hat, as it is significant to the character of Trevor and through out the play using Photoshop CS5. Furthermore it also defines Trevor‟s personality. When gathering pictures, I wanted Trevor to turn around and hold the wig besides him as I wanted to hide his identity. This way I can create mystery and make our target audience interested in our film. I also experimented with different images however when putting texts over them, they weren‟t visible enough, even with a gradient. This is mainly due to the mothers costume being multicolour. In addition to that, I have also used the an image of the age certification for our film to inform people who is suitable to watch our videos. I have also used small icons of our company logo, Facebook and twitter to inform target audience how they can find
  10. 10. How did my film poster and review meet the codes and conventions of a comedy genre? I decided to use bright colours is my magazine review to reflect elements of a comedy. I used bright colours such as yellow, green and red that are associated with happiness and laughter so that readers could identify the genre straightaway when flicking through the pages. My image shows the two main protagonists in our film both with different expressions and both very opposite to each other. This may draw attention of audience who are the same ethnicity as the characters. The image is also bright and colourful therefore doesn‟t challenge the conventions of a family comedy genre. The image also shows the main conventions of a family-comedy drama. For my poster, the title font is different from the resthugging herI used. protagonist of the font daughter, but with cheeky Tropicana (Font) is a stylish unique font which looks messy. This indicates to the audience that theafilm is a smirk has two paradox‟s comedy as it not a traditional standard font used for most films. The tagline of the film on her face, this indicates that it is this) enabling which creates humour and adds to dramatic effect (both my film review and poster have suitable for families thus readers to get an idea of what our film is about but without giving too much away. meeting the codes and
  11. 11. How did my poster and review help our film to reach our target audience? At the bottom of the film poster, I decided to add website links where our target audience can visit to find out more information about our film. I noticed that on most poster one of the main conventions is adding website links at the bottom of a poster. I added a link to the main website of the film and two major social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. The ongoing advance in technology especially Web 2.0 enables people from all over the world to watch our video thus allowing our video to be reached to a wider target population. Through viral marketing people can share our video and give feedbacks about the film, this way we‟ll know how to improve our work next time. I also put a logo for the appropriate age certification at the bottom of the poster to
  12. 12. Conclusion  I believe that both my film poster and review work well beside each other and help our final product to reach its target audience. I think that the use of fonts, colour schemes, images and layout mirrors the concept of our film. For example, the use of bright colours in my film review connotes that there is some sense of warmth in the family hope and happiness however the dark background reflects on the mothers bad temper and disapproval of everything about Trevor.