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News Publishing Platform

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News Publishing Platform

  1. 1. TAAZA.COM IS A NEWS, CONTENT AND ADVERTISING BASED WEBSITE is a news portal offering latest and breaking news on wide variety of topics. The news is aggregated from various authoritative sources across the web on a very frequent basis. In addition, users can submit news stories that are interesting and worthwhile to share with others. Taazas aim is to be the one-stop source for personalized and relevant news Start Here Anuj RajputJaganNath Gupta Institute of VII Semester, CS-AEngineering and Technology JNIT Contact Me ©Anuj Rajput
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  3. 3. 2ABOUT PHPFEATURESSome cool features of PHP Language include1. Server Side Scripting Language 6. It loads media files at a very high speed2. Open Source 7. It takes very less resources3. It does not put strain on servers 8. Most of the applications built on PHP are FREE4. Scripts are optimized to make the servers job easier 9. Widely used by the developers around the globe5. The fastest Scripting Language amongst its competitors like .NET and JSP 10. Millions of developers are already developing on PHP
  4. 4. 3MVC ARCHITECTUREMODEL-VIEW-CONTROLLERMVC stands for Model – View – Controller Architecture MVC Architecture extends the functionality of PHP MVC Model is Fully Object Oriented model The Model manages behavior and data The View renders the Model into GUI suitable for User Interaction The Controller receives the input and calls to Models The popular MVC Model frameworks are Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, CakePHP
  6. 6. 5MVC ARCHITECTUREWORKINGThe user interacts with the user interface in some wayThe Controller handles the input event from the user interfaceThe Controller notifies the Model of the user actionA View queries the model in order to generate an appropriate userinterfaceThe user interface waits for further user interactions, which restarts thecontrol flow cycle
  7. 7. 6SOFTWARES AND TOOLSThe softwares which were used in the development of the projectIn the development of any software, lots of softwares and tools are required. Without them it’salmost impossible to develop a project under set deadlines and the processes would becomemuch more complex APPLICATIONS TOOLS TECHNOLOGY PHP Framework Dreamweaver CS5 Front End HTML Apache HTTP Server Net Beans CSS Web Browser Back End MySQL
  8. 8. 7NEWS PUBLISHINGPLATFORMProject Description: News Reading and Publishing at ease We must have been through various messed up news websites It’s very hard to follow them individually Taaza delivers all those news at ONE PLACE Ofcourse it Saves TIME and PAPER Taaza is driven by ‘The Community’ It is developed under Agile Software Development Model
  9. 9. 8FEATURES AND USESMORE IS BETTERSome Features of Taaza News1. Designed to cater users from All over the 6. Community driven Platform World 7. Gathers news posts from all over the Web and2. The Best thing is that Taaza refines the ‘not- the USER too so-important’ news 8. Chance to Get Featured on the most popular3. User Friendly Interface website4. Easy to Administrate 9. FACT: Taaza gets more than 2 million pageviews per month5. All online newspapers are added everyday so that you don’t miss a single news post
  10. 10. 9THE PLAYERSThe Players in the Market are really helping us out Taaza simply aggregates RSS Feeds and stores it in the database The problem with the BIG Players in the content publishing market is that they are just single publishing their own content Taaza collects all the original content from most of ‘The Players’ and reposts it to The Web creating a single space for all the news You just get content from a single set of authors Takes more time to read different blogs and newspapers
  11. 11. 10THE SYSTEMMODULES AND FUNCTIONALITY News Featured News Categories RSS Aggregator Vote Cron Views Login Comments User Profile Top Stories
  12. 12. 11PROJECTSCREENSHOTSThe new definition of news deliveryHOMEPAGE
  13. 13. 12PROJECTSCREENSHOTSThe new definition of news deliveryNEWSLISTING
  14. 14. 13PROJECTSCREENSHOTSThe new definition of news deliveryUSERREGISTRATION
  15. 15. 14PROJECTSCREENSHOTSThe new definition of news deliveryLOGINBOX
  16. 16. 15PROJECTSCREENSHOTSThe new definition of news deliveryNEWSPAGE
  17. 17. 16PROJECTSCREENSHOTSThe new definition of news deliveryFEATUREDSTORIES
  18. 18. 16PROJECTSCREENSHOTSThe new definition of news deliveryUSERPROFILE
  19. 19. 10FUTURE PROSPECTSFUTHER DEVELOPMENTSAs this project is based on AgileSoftware Development Model. Its CONTACTdevelopment continues which is f and approved by thecommunity and for the community t
  20. 20. THAT’S ALL FOLKS! THANKS FOR WATCHING Anuj RajputJaganNath Gupta Institute of VII Semester, CS-AEngineering and Technology JNIT Contact Me ©Anuj Rajput