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Proposal for investment in women only hotel


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Investor Pitch

Published in: Travel
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Proposal for investment in women only hotel

  1. 1. Proposal for Investment inWomen only Hotel/Bed andBreakfast Shelotel Anubha Sinha
  2. 2. Shelotel- Women only BedandBreakfast  Travelis the fastest growing industry in the world  Within Travel Industry , Solo travel is the fastest growing industry  Within solo travel , women travel is the fastest growing industry • YoYGrowth rate of Solo Women travellers (in mill)
  3. 3. Shelotel- Women only BedandBreakfast • Somekey highlights of SoloWomen travel Industry
  4. 4. Shelotel- Women only BedandBreakfast • Somekey highlights of SoloWomen travel Industry
  5. 5. Shelotel- Women only BedandBreakfast • India TravelIndustry Insights
  6. 6. Shelotel- Women only BedandBreakfast • Issues plaguing Womentravelers Cost • Lackof safesecure budget hostel /residential units only for women. • Safe5 Star hotels are expensive while budget Hotels do not offer safety and quality . Safety • Most budget hotels are in not sosafelocalities where latenight commute is not advised. • Budget hotels have male guests who , many times are of questionable character and cancauseasingle women to feel uncomfortable Loneliness • Loneliness . Travelling alone canmake you feel alone and depressed . • Lackof social interaction and verified , trusty people in anewcity causesdepression .
  7. 7. Shelotel- Women only BedandBreakfast • Worldwide Issue
  8. 8. Shelotel- Women only BedandBreakfast • Solution • Create“Women only ” Hotels/Bed and Breakfast / residential Units which will only housewomenguests . • Haveachain of posh/ sophisticated “Budget”residential units to be providing accommodation towomen. Provide Womanonly residential suites • Havethe Bedand Breakfast located in Posh, safe,wellconnected locations making late night and general travel convenient , safe and accessiblefor women. • HaveALLwoman staff to makethe stay even more safe. Safe/Secure locations • Make the Bedand Breakfast afun unit where women getto socialize, both travelers and local women. • Haveregular meetups/Fun nights to makethe place aHubfor all women centric activities . Havewomen only co working spaces. Make it a Meetingand cultural Hub
  9. 9. Shelotel- Women only BedandBreakfast • Solution • Provide all types of accommodationsolutions • Single rooms – for well off poshtraveler • Sharing room – for budgettravelers • Dorm solutions – forbackpackers Provide multiple options • Make itafun place by having regular meetups like • Travelers Meetup, Friday night mixer (Where all the women in the city canjust turnup and haveameetup ) • Monthly potluck picnic, Musical meetups , Clubnights ,poetry meetups,talent night. Karaoke night , Movie nightsetc. Fun Activities/ Meetups • Talkshows • Talksession by LegalSME,Careercounseling , Jobboard. • Mental health meetups. Startup talks. • Healing Workshops /mother’s meetups /Masqueradeparties Cultural Hub
  10. 10. Shelotel- Women only BedandBreakfast • Women Networking • Create awoman only network called “Shebook” on thelines on Facebook. • Havemothers forums where they candiscuss Kidsissues/ have play dates planned. SheBook • Havewomen only travel forums where women candiscusstravel plans. • Havewomen only trips planned for both local and national holidays andtrips. SheTravels • Haveonline forums where women candiscussanything in privacy . • Sexualhealth / Emotions/ Failures etc. • SheVids : where women can post all their videos • Shegram : Instagram forwomen • ExpatHelp : where anyonenew in city getshelp . General Forums
  11. 11. Shelotel- Women only BedandBreakfast • Women HelpSolutions • Have certified Nannies signed up who can be called to look after women travelling with babies. • Tieup with Day cares where women travelling withchildren can drop them offon daily basis. Nannies on Demandand DayCare Access • Havetie ups with local Gyms where women candrop inwhile travelling . • Havetie up with fitness instructors who can cometo the Hotel anytime 24 7. GYMtie up and on demand fitness instructors • Tieup with local Beauty Parlors. • Havetie up with local beauticianswho can come247 to the Hotel . Tieup with Beauty Parlorsand ondemand Beauticians
  12. 12. Shelotel- Women only Bedand Breakfast Standalone Building ,3-4 story in Metro cities 1 floor for eachtype of Accommodation.Luxury single room . Basement as culturalhub with DVD/TV/Karaoke/ Bean bags /Co working spaces Delhi/Gurgaon/Goa Bangalore/Pune/Agra Have2/3/4 Bedapartments in smaller cities Haveapartment with Dorm and roomoptions Make that asameetup point for allmeetups Noida/Mumbai/Simla Ahmedabad/Kolkata/ Manali/Jaipur/Manali/ etc. Infrastructure
  13. 13. Shelotel- Women only BedandBreakfast • Funding Needed – Wish to raise $4million USD toset up Shelotel PANIndia Reasonfor such ahigh funding First Mover Advantage – With OYO, LemonTree,Treebohotels already in place , if they get to know about the plan , then they will easily convert one of their hotels to Womenonly and we lose out . Wish to launch PAN India at one go with an excellent Website /iOS andAndroid App. Launchwith great fanfare ,noise andATL,BTLmarketing , making abuzz.
  14. 14. Shelotel- Women only Bedand Breakfast Shelotel OYO LemonTree Treebo AirBnB FirstMover Advantage PANIndia Presence Cultural /Meetup Activitie s Safety Assurance Women Centric Eco System Classyand sophisticate d crowd
  15. 15. Shelotel- Women only Bedand Breakfast • About the founder AnubhaSinha – 15 years work exacross India/USA/Europe/Singapore/Dubai – IIM AhmedabadMBA – Co Founded a travel startup which was successfullysold back to the Investor . – Wide experience in IT/Finance/Travel/Education/Real Estate. – Trainedand LedPAN India Teamswith 50 head count. – As Sales Head have done Sales of over 50 crin an year.
  16. 16. Shelotel- Women only Bedand Breakfast • 100%successrate of the startup (potentialUnicorn)  Asset lite(rental model) requiring little investment in properties .  Bed and Breakfast model , only having rooms and no other facilities like restaurant /Banquet hall etc. to cut down cost  Singlesetup in every citylowering cost and insuring high bookings .  Running the property will only require 1 full time staff and 1 housekeeping keeping the cost low. Central Team will sit in Gurgaon monitoring all cities.  After setting up and running it for 1 year , we caneasily expand to all Internationalmarkets.  International presencewill ensure 500properties all acrossthe word accessed via 1App.  This1 app will haveanetwork of half the gender of the world / atleast 30%of world’s population i.e. 2.3Billion people accessible this app.
  17. 17. Shelotel- Women only Bedand Breakfast • 100%successrate of the startup (potentialUnicorn)  Creation of women only onlineforums suchas“Shebook” / “Travel Forums“ / “Mothers forums” etc. will ensure that this app will not just be for travel booking but an entireWomen only eco system.  Havewomen stand up comic/poets/dancers/makeup videos made accessible only to the usersof the app under section called shevids.  Havelocal representatives and Community Leaders bechosen from regular local enthusiastic community to keep client engagement high .  Everymonth haveanew type of meetup to keep interesthigh .  Introduce cultural exchange across countries to makeitaglobally active site.  With the eco pool of 30% of the world population, the limit is endless.
  18. 18. Shelotel- Women only Bedand Breakfast • SomeData in Hospitality World  LemonTreewith just 40 hotels hasan IPO.Treebo is worth $21.67 Mn .  With the successof OYOmodel , and travel being asafe bet, getting additional SeriesBand Cfunding will not be anissue.  Theaverage cost of running a3 bed apartment is Rs60,000 while assured revenue even with 60%booking is Rs1,65,000 . 100%profit rate .  Low operation cost with minimal staff needs. Sincethere is no banquet hall , restaurant , gym , pool , no additional cost required. Localstaff and acentral command room in Gurgaon.
  19. 19. Shelotel- Women only Bedand Breakfast • CapexOpexInsights (Expected) At an investment of RS63,60,000 (including Capexand Opex) , we are assured of areturn of Rs. 5,19,60,000 (assuming a 66% occupancy) which is on the lower side. Theventure will be cashpositive from day 1. Cities No of Singl e Bed No.of bunk beds Costfo Rent(Mo n thly) Opex(Maid/ Receptionist / Electricity/ Net) Onetime furnishin g cost /Capex Assured rental (20 days) Delhi 1 6 25000 20000 150000 80000 Gurgaon 1 6 25000 20000 150000 80000 Noida 1 6 15000 20000 150000 80000 Jaipur 1 6 15000 20000 150000 80000 Simla 1 6 15000 20000 150000 80000 Agra 1 6 15000 20000 150000 80000 Bangalor e 1 6 20000 20000 150000 80000 Pune 1 6 20000 20000 150000 80000 Mumbai 1 6 35000 20000 150000 80000 Goa 1 6 20000 20000 150000 80000 Monthly 205000 200000 1500000 800000 Yearly 2460000 2400000 1500000 9600000 Total Yearly Opex 4860000 1st year Opex+Capex 6360000 Total Yearly Revenue 58320000 Net Profit 53460000 Profit after Capex 51960000
  20. 20. Shelotel- Women only Bedand Breakfast • Hospitality Industry Insights
  21. 21. Shelotel- Women only Bedand Breakfast • Indian Hospitality Industry Insights
  22. 22. Shelotel- Women only Bedand Breakfast • GoToStrategy – Tie up with MakeMyTrip/Yatra/ClearTrip forpromotion and listing . – Tie up with every OTAlike ThomasCook,Sita etc for promotion. – Tie up with every Company and College to extend10% discount to any woman booking (viaapp). – HaveAll women stand up comedy show in allTier 1 and Tier 2 cities . – Digital Ads,Youtube adsetc.
  23. 23. Shelotel- Women only Bedand Breakfast • 1 year Strategy – Either will manage to raise additional200 Crore to expand globally . – Or OYO/ LemonTreeill buy usout . Innova8, with only 12 co working spaceswasbought over for 200 crore.
  24. 24. Shelotel- Women only Bedand Breakfast Anubha Sinha Founder and CEO“Shelotel” AnesceSolution . N-3,34,FF, DLFPhase2, Gurugram 122008 |+91-9625689148