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Company Presentation - StroiDetal LLP


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Company Presentation - StroiDetal LLP

  1. 1. Company Overview «StroiDetal» LLP was established in 2004, and proved itself a leading manufacturer of high quality concrete and precast concrete elements for civil, industrial, and road construction.
  2. 2. Company Goal «StroiDetal» LLP utilizes newest equipment and technologies in order to complete clients’ projects in time and to the highest standard. Production quality control is the main priority of our company.
  3. 3. Activities Manufacturing of precast concrete elements; Extraction and development of aggregate and sand; Civil construction and erection works; Prospecting works; Constructional design for industrial and civil construction.
  4. 4. Company Status From 2006, “StroiDetal” has the II category governmental license for construction and installation works.Currently, company staff is working on acquiring a I category governmental license.
  5. 5. Prequalification «StroiDetal» LLP is prequalified forTCO categories as follows: • Construction Materials; • Engineering – Civil; • Service StationConstruction; • Roofing Services; • Concrete Work / FoundationServices; • Earthwork or Site Preparation Services; • Transportation Construction and Maintenance Services • Pipeline / Cable Construction and MaintenanceServices; • Navigation Aid Maintenance Services;
  6. 6. Health and Safety • The fundamental principle of our company is adherence to the HSE regulations. Particular attention is paid to HSE training courses, and activities devoted to improve knowledge of occupational health and safety basics. • The company has a rigorous approach to risk assessment, as well as prevention of accidents and incidents.
  7. 7. Quality Control • The quality of products is guaranteed at all stages of production; • The quality control is carried out by highly qualified specialists and in close cooperation with the testing center «AccuTest» LLP which conducts laboratory tests of materials and manufactured concrete.
  8. 8. Equipment «StroiDetal» LLP has an industrial base, located on a territory of 8 hectares and equipped with modern equipment.
  9. 9. Equipment “StroiDetal “LLP has all required machinery and equipment for the job, such as: Steam generator- 440 м3/ hour Welding workshop – 450 м2 Sand sieving machine – 30 м3/hour Tower crane– l/c=7,5 т Truck crane – l/c = 25 т Road roller Grader Bus Cement truck Dump trucks Excavator-loader Semitrailer Light vehicles Shaping devices/machine Machines for reinforcement work
  10. 10. Facilities The company has 3 concrete-‐ batching stations (CBS). Stationary CBS, with capacity of120 m3/hr, SEZ «AktauSeaPort» Stationary CBS, with capacity of 25 m3/hr, Industrial base inAtameken Mobile CBS, with capacity of 60 m3/ hr, f.Shevchenko
  11. 11. «StroiDetal» LLP has two construction areas in Tengiz field: 1. Jobsite for the production of oversized reinforced concrete elements; The steam generator with capacity 440m3/h will be installed in the jobsite especially for heating of concrete in winter period. 2. Area for accommodation and catering of 200 persons.
  12. 12. Partners • «StroiDetal» LLP partners with many companies, including: «KomMunai» LLP,Maersk Oil Kazakhstan, «Imstalcon»,Emiroil, «Tasbulat Oil Corporation»LLP. • As a result of successful partnership with the above companies and many more, the annual turnover of «StroiDetal» in 2013 equaled 1 111 252 603 KZT.
  13. 13. Projects Profile Client Project Project Value Project Length Maersk Oil Kazakhstan Construction and installation works for construction of well sites, installation and development of overhead roads and utility lines, road reconditioning, earthworks 9 885 907 USD 2007-‐2008 «Tasbulat Oil Corporation» LLP Construction and installation works for well infrastructure development at Tasbulat andTurkmenoi fields 19 820389 USD 2012-‐2013 «Mangistau‐ Imstalcon» LLP Construction of reinforcement cages, form setting and foundation development for the reservoir park 10 056 657 USD 2014
  14. 14. Maersk Oil Kazakhstan
  15. 15. Maersk Oil Kazakhstan
  16. 16. «Tasbulat Oil Corporation» LLP
  17. 17. «Mangistau ‐ Imstalcon» LLP
  18. 18. «Mangistau ‐ Imstalcon» LLP
  19. 19. Recommendations Companies that have worked with «StroiDetal» LLP,recommend our company as a reliable partner, able to perform project works in a qualitative and timely manner.
  20. 20. Our Staff • «StroiDetal» employees are highly skilled professionals, able to provide expertise on production technologies and questions. • Company employees attend qualification courses on a timely basis, both in Kazakhstan and abroad. As of 2014, there are 182 employees inStroiDetal.
  21. 21. Certifications The main priority of the company is production quality control, which is carried out by the quality control department and the lab technicians. «StroiDetal» holds the international quality certificate EN ISO 9001:2000.
  22. 22. Contacts • Director: SeidaliyevAnuar • Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 130000 Aktau, Industrial Zone 1, building45 Phone/Fax: +7 7292 203011, 203201 (ext.101) Email:
  23. 23. Thank you!