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Ideation4positive impact at Pack_Age Project 21/03/2013


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Ideation4positiveImpact Workshop held at Aalto Media Factory for the Pack-Age project on Thursday 21/03/2013

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Ideation4positive impact at Pack_Age Project 21/03/2013

  1. 1. IDEATION CARDSIdeation for Positive ImpactPack-Age project@ Aalto Media Factory21/03/2013Antti Pitkänen / Seos Design
  2. 2. Flickr Credit: SMITHAntti Pitkänen______________________________________________+358505734645anttipitkanen@seos.fi______________________________________________#seosdesign#anttipitkanen______________________________________________Seos Design / Managing Director / www.seos.fiDesign ROI / Project Manager / www.designroi.fiFDBA / Co-Founder & Member of the Board / www.fdba.netIdeation for Positive Impact / Co-Founder /
  3. 3. PARTCIPANTS Team Team Team Team Fazer Geisha 1 Fazer Geisha 2 Tillander PyrolNermes Emma Annika Ronkainen Kenny Tapio Zeitler Philip Peltonen Meri Tuulia Shih Hsiao-Chun Pavone Eugenia Maria Aitta-Oja Heidi Maria Lin Angela KarlinaJunni Piamaria Fanna Joutjärvi Jutta Elisa Gerrits Kaisa-Leena Ogawa Koji Jiang Xinling Montevecchi Paola Lehtola Teija Orvokki Heiskanen Riku Mikko Oripää Tuomas Walcher Madeleine Hsu Chien-Ting Kosonen Else Riiho Tiina Purovuo Anni Sirkka Anni Okkonen Maria
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  13. 13. Can you think of any other examples?
  14. 14. IDEATION CARDS – Ideation for Positive ImpactIdeation cards is an ideation tool that hasbeen developed to inspire and supportdesigners, business developers and engineersto develop better and more sustainableproducts.Ideation Cards helps you to take intoconsideration the needs of the people, therequirements of the planet and possibilitiesfor profit throughout new productdevelopment.
  15. 15. NEEDSPRACTICAL TOOLSThere is a need for practical ideation tools &processes focusing on sustainable designMULTlPLE POINST OF VIEWDesign needs to cross boundaries of cultures,experience and disciplines to create sustainablesolutionsACTIONA great deal of research has been carried out, nowwe need actions to validate and falsify assumptions
  16. 16. METHOD METHODBASEDBASEDon proven scientific methods and best practiceson proven scientific methods and best practicesfrom leading research institutionsfrom leading research institutionsDEVELOPEDDEVELOPEDby designers, engineers and business developersby designers, engineers and business developerswith over 20 years of practical experiencewith over 20 years of practical experienceAPPLIEDAPPLIEDin real product development cases in Finland,in real product development cases in Finland,Germany, Netherlands and SpainGermany, Netherlands and Spain
  17. 17. STRUCTURESub-theme Focus areaKey Word Key QuestionInspiring Photo creditImage
  18. 18. PROCESS 4. Production Improvement 5. Distribution 3. Material Improvement Improvement 6. Reduce Use 2. Initial Lifetime Stage Impact Improvement 7. End-of-Life PLANET 1 .New Concept Improvement Development 1. Activities 5. Customer Care2. Environments 4. Use PEOPLE PROFIT3. Interactions 3. Distribution 4. Objects 5. Users 1. Marketing 2. Sales
  19. 19. PEOPLEPEOPLE – Understand the UserHelps to you to organize your observations tobetter understand the user and the contextthey operate in. Consider the key activities,environments, interactions, objects and usersthat affect your designBased on a AEIOU- method by Rick Robinsonet al. DOBLIN 1991
  20. 20. 1. Activities 2. Environments PEOPLE3. Interactions 4. Objects 5. Users
  21. 21. PLANETPLANET – Minimize Environmental ImpactAids you to visualize the different approachesand strategies that can be taken during thewhole life cycle of a product to reduce itsenvironmental impact.Based on the Eco-design Strategy wheel byHan Brezet et al. Delft U. 1997
  22. 22. 4. Production Improvement 5. Distribution 3. Material Improvement Improvement 6. Reduce Use 2. Initial Lifetime Stage Impact Improvement7. End-of-Life PLANET 1 .New ConceptImprovement Development 1. Activities 5. Customer C
  23. 23. PROFITPROFIT – Maximize Commercial ImpactHelps you to identify and map the experientialactivities through which customers areengaging with and ultimately purchasing yourproduct. Consider customer journey fromraising awareness up to providing the after-care service.Based on the Consumption Chain Analysis byRita Gunther McGrath Columbia U. 1996
  24. 24. 5. Customer Care 4. Use PROFIT 3. Distribution1. Marketing 2. Sales
  25. 25. USEACCELERATESpeed up and maximize the development of newbusiness ideasFOCUSConcentrate the ideation process by selecting keythemesVALIDATEEnsure that all the important areas have beencovered
  26. 26. PACK-AGE EXERCISEWrite in a piece of A4 paperthe objective of the your projectin large letters.
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  28. 28. PACK-AGE - Exercise 1.- Accelerate• Pick 3 Cards at random from eacharea.• Stick them to a Sheet.• Ideate with these three as your brief.• Produce 20 ideas in 5 min• Repeat x 3 With different cards.
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  30. 30. PACK-AGE - Exercise 2.- Focus• Select the Sheet with the mostIdeas.• Develop ideas around it.• Sketch Idea in 3 min and pass ityour right hand side.• Stick them up to the wall
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  32. 32. PACK-AGE - Exercise 3.- Validate• Go through the Cards• Divide the Cards into 2:1.Relevant2.Not RelevantUse the Sheet to plan you next steps15 MIN
  33. 33. Last - Exercise - Evaluate the Tool• On Post-it:• Give a Grade 1-5• Write a personal Comment• Stick it on a Wall
  34. 34. CONTACTANTTI PITKÄNENManaging Director+358 50 573 46 45antti.pitkanen@seos.fiseos.fiORIOL PASCUALProject Manager+34 609 43 71
  35. 35. DEVELOPERSSeos is a design and research Enviu develops innovativeagency founded in 2007 by solutions to environmental andexperts in the field of Design, social issues and introducesBusiness and Engineering. these to the market. We collaborate with a large group ofWe generate design insights and young entrepreneurial people,transform them into design senior executives, corporatesolutions to create maximum partners and universities to co-positive impact. create these innovative
  36. 36. IDEATION CARDSIdeation for Positive Impact