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Transformation Work and Work-ability


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Presentation by Antti Koivula in Nordic Approach to Sustainable Work Symbosium in October 2018

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Transformation Work and Work-ability

  1. 1. Nordic Work Environment Institutes in Transition – and Ways Forward Transformation of Work and Work-ability Antti Koivula
  2. 2. “TOIMI” Project
  3. 3. Renewal of Welfare State & Social Security System
  4. 4. Thank you! tyoterveyslaitos@tyoterveys @fioh
  5. 5. Security, trust, activity. PROJECT ON BASIC SOCIAL SECURITY AND ACTIVENESS - TOIMI Project Manager Liisa Heinämäki 13.11.2017
  6. 6. 7 Reforming social security and activeness: project TOIMI
  7. 7. VN.FI 8 Map of alternatives
  8. 8. VN.FI The Government appointed the project TOIMI,in aim to: • raise activity and prevent inequality. • prepare the reform, addressing the challenges posed by the transformation of work and technology • support and inform political actors and parties on issues related to social security • the results of this project are to be utilised in negotiations after the next parliamentary elections, while forming a new government • Project period is 28.9.2017 – 28.2.2019 9 Project aims
  9. 9. VN.FI • The project will provide system level alternative solutions and models for the reform • The results of this work should include suggestions that • increase the level of employment • encourage employment and entrepreneurship • decrease inequality • give solutions to the changes ongoing in working life • give solutions to the changes ongoing in families and family structure • result in a simpler and more see-through system of benefits and services and • takes digitalisation into account 10 Project TOIMI, intended results
  10. 10. VN.FI • The limitations and conditions of public economy must be taken into account • The results of basic income experience and other ongoing projects concerned with inclusion and benefits must be taken into account in project TOIMI, as well as the new possibilities of national income register 11 Reform: To be taken into account
  11. 11. VN.FI • The project TOIMI is a new experimental way to act • Representatives of parliamentary groups, labor market organizations, entrepreneurs, and key social and health organizations involved • Cross-administrative, phenomenal case handling • The aim of shared knowledge base and utilizing it in the work of the next government 12 The administration is experimenting and renewed
  12. 12. Project Toimi - network GROUP OF EXPERTS PARLIAMENTARY GROUP PERMANENT EXPERTS Social Insurance Institution KELA International Cooperation (OECD, BU..) Foresight activities • Political parties • Labor market organizations • Entrepreneur associations • NGOs Government Ministries INTER- ADMINISTRATIVE STEERING GROUP Universities, researchers, Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities Experimental Finland (PMO) Research institutes VATT, THL, TTL, Social Insurance Institution KELA Open web pages – Civil dialogues – regional Centres of Excellence on Social Welfare
  13. 13. VN.FI 14 Working process 10.10.201 8 Experiment Evaluation: Each of the alternative models is prepared with a trial run with a schedule and resource estimate Spring17 What do we want? Map of alternatives Earlyatumn18 What is possible? Economic and financial boundaries Fall18 How do we get it? Steps and plans forward Bureaucratic redemption package: short and long term needs and opportunities to reduce bureaucracy Digital Solutions: Co-operation with the Aurora Project (Artifical Intelligence)
  14. 14. Security, trust, activity. #Toimi2030 @Sosturva2030