Postcards from Agile Coach Camp 2012


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My presentation in ALE Bathtub V ( on March 12th 2012.

A recap of Agile Coach Camp Norway 2012 (

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  • I committed to telling you guys something about what happened at Agile Coach Camp 2012\nthis January.\n\n
  • It would be natural for you guys to expect me to give complete information \nabout what went on out there so you can feel better about not participating.\nBut, that is not possible in this timebox and besides, naturally I have other reasons\nfor giving this talk.\n
  • Namely I want to show you why I attended ACCN12\nand give you insights why you might want to do the same next year\nOr attend another Agile Coach Camp or similar event\n
  • But don’t worry, to do that I’m going to talk about what happened there too.\n
  • So, a little background about me. I haven’t been in this Agile unconference scene that long,\nACCN was the first coach camp I attended. So that’s where I’m coming from.\n
  • But on to the reason why: As you can see, there are a lot that an agile coach needs \nto be good at. (btw, this colleciton of images is the result of a session at ACCN)\n And of course, no one is quite there yet in all these areas. \nSo we need to constantly learn\n
  • But learning things by yourself is hard work.\nLearning things like ‘expressing complex ideas’ is a difficult by yourself, without feedback.\nAnd there are not that many people around that want to be good agile coaches in Finland, at least.\n
  • But look at all these people!\nOne or two is missing, but here are most of the attendees of ACCN (about 30 in all).\nWhat a great bunch of people. Just being around them for a weekend you can learn a lot.\nBut they are very busy. There has to be something special happening in order for them to \ninvest a weekend for something.\nAnd they can be easily distracted. Unless you provide a remote location \nwith nothing that can distract them. \n
  • And something unexpected always happens\nThis time it was Jan Georg Kristiansen\nHe’s an ICC certified professional coach, that Sergey invited to the event ex-tempore on the first day (they had had dinner the night before) \nOlaf Lewitz was involved...\nHis talk was a catalyst for the whole event, shaping up things to follow \n
  • My interpretation of things was something like this:\nwe started talking about what is professional coaching\nand then we compared it to what we do i.e. Agile Coaching\nAnd we reflected about what kind of skills do we need\nAnd how could we sum up the requirements of an agile coach\nand so on\nLate at night, we drew comparisons to Columbo, Miss Piggy and The Incredible Hulk\n
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  • Postcards from Agile Coach Camp 2012

    1. 1. Postcards fromAgile Coach Camp Norway 2012 1
    2. 2. About me• Name: Antti Kirjavainen (@anttiki)• 1st Agile Unconference: Play4Agile 2011• Since: ALE2011, ACCN2012• Favourite Unconference: Play4Agile 5
    3. 3. Surprise visit• Jan Georg Kristiansen• Professional coach 9
    4. 4. What is coaching?• 100% client-focused conversation (link to Olaf Lewitz’s blog about the talk)• Coaching is a 100% client-focused conversation with a lasting effect because the focus-person has full control of their goal, their steps towards that goal and their purpose. 11
    5. 5. Agile Coaching• A working definition was drafted – see Olaf’s blog for more about that• => the requirements of an agile coach – main expertise areas 13
    6. 6. Agile Coach Req’s• deep knowledge of agile and lean• coaching skills• leadership• facilitation 14
    7. 7. That was not all... 15
    8. 8. The Rest Of It• Coaching Dojo (link to a slideshare on the subject) @blackie6, @benjaminsommer• How to organize a SIG for agile coaches in an organisation? @joh• Scope Definition techniques @OlafLewitz• How to help managers as an agile coach? me• Those f**king devs (in fact, how to help devs to take on more responsibility) @jhannes• Ice cream (and so much more...) @blackie6 16
    9. 9. Reflection about Communityour profession(s) Text Text Tools Peer Coaching
    10. 10. What Do You Need to Join?• Yourself – Curious – Accommodating – Contributing• Information about coming Agile Coach Camps: 18
    11. 11. Thank you!• For listening• For the coach camps I’ve been in – organizers – participants• For the pictures: @OlafLewitz, @jhannes• For joining our community and camps in the near future! 19