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Modern Agile Management and Leadership


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What changes are needed in management and leadership to move towards the new lean culture of creative and knowledge work?

My presentation from Agile Finland's Modern Agile Breakfast.

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Modern Agile Management and Leadership

  1. 1. Modern Agile Management and Leadership
  2. 2. For many organizations, a common practice is that they are managed like machines. We call this Management 1.0. In this style of management, leaders assume that improvement of the whole requires monitoring, repairing, and replacing the parts.
  3. 3. Culture of Planning
  4. 4. Economies of Scale
  5. 5. Dividing responsibility and work
  6. 6. Executive Change Initiatives
  7. 7. Traditional management works well with predictable, repeatable work. It does not work with creativity, innovation and problem-solving.
  8. 8.
  9. 9. New companies disrupt markets
  10. 10. At the same time the nature of work, especially that of creative and knowledge work, has changed.
  11. 11. What you want to do as a company is maximize the number of experiments you can do per unit of time. - Jeff Bezos, Harvard Business Review Emerging: Experimentation
  12. 12. Emerging: Flow Efficiency
  13. 13. Emerging: Business Teams
  14. 14. Emerging: Continuous Improvement
  15. 15. Command-oriented, low-freedom management is common because it’s profitable, it requires less effort, and most managers are terrified of the alternative. - Laszlo Bock, Work Rules!
  16. 16. Some people think of an organization as a community or a city. You can do what you want, as long as you allow the community to benefit from your work. We call that Management 3.0.
  17. 17. In a community or city, everyone is (partly) responsible for contributing to its success and a few are responsible for the whole.
  18. 18. Management is about human beings. Its task is to make people capable of joint performance […]. Management is the critical, determining factor. - Peter Drucker, Management Rev. Edition
  19. 19. Management is Organizing the way work works in our company/team/organization
  20. 20. Management of the work is a crucial activity, but this could be done with or without dedicated managers. In fact, a business can do a lot of management with almost no managers!
  21. 21. Most creative workers don’t realize that they are also responsible for management stuff. Management is too important to leave to the managers.
  22. 22. Required awareness and trust Effectiveness High High Low
  23. 23. We get better, happier organizations by changing ourselves instead of others. When people don’t focus on improving themselves, is it any wonder they’re always complaining about each other?
  24. 24. Psychological safety and mutual trust are crucial prerequisites of effective collaboration.
  25. 25. Me You We Trust Identity Intention Listening Recognition Authenticity Honesty Purpose Shared understanding Continuous improvement Team learning Safety
  26. 26. Leadership is the act of creating safe spaces where people can collaborate effectively and meaningfully. It is not a position but activity!
  27. 27. More freedom and responsibility to the teams!
  28. 28. The expectation is that the frontline teams do everything, except for the things they choose to push upward. - Frédéric Laloux, Reinventing Organizations
  29. 29. The answer to the question “What is our business for?” is one of the first responsibilities of management. (A lack of direction is one of the most often-heard complaints from workers.)
  30. 30. Purpose lies at the intersection of four circles: what you love doing, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you are paid for. your-business/
  31. 31. What could you start experimenting with in practice today? What could be the first step?
  32. 32. Next Management 3.0 Coaching Curriculum starts in November! 250€ off with code “AGILEFI” Sign up here:
  33. 33. @anttiki Join the M3.0 meetup: Text: Antti Kirjavainen & Jurgen Appelo  Illustrations: Chad Geran  Design: Muuks