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Antoinette ocampo howtouseevernote


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Organize your

Published in: Business
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Antoinette ocampo howtouseevernote

  1. 1. How to use By: Marie Antoinette E. Ocampo
  2. 2. Make To-Do Lists to helpstay organized
  3. 3. Save your ideas…
  4. 4. …and things that you like!
  5. 5. Go to
  6. 6. Fill up all fields to register
  7. 7. Create a new note
  8. 8. Type some text for a to-do list
  9. 9. Drag and drop whatever youlike
  10. 10. Everything is saved andsynchronized automatically
  11. 11. Check your notes in anycomputer or phone withEvernote!