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Ulocs open 130408


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Ulocs open 130408

  1. 1. AppsApps A s s e t s A n a ly t iic s A s s e t s A n a ly t c s
  2. 2. Apps – Assets - Analytics Illustration: WifiSLAM derivation of raw sensor data. (2012) Ulocs offer sensor based movement tracking of smartphonesthat is superior to anything available on the phones today due to their platform limitations.
  3. 3. Apps – Assets - Analytics Illustration: Ulocs prototype of wearable comptuing device. (2013)Ulocs sensor based technology can be integrated in any device including Internet of Things (IoT), consumer electronics and mobile computing devices.
  4. 4. Apps – Assets - Analytics Illustration: Ulocs sensor mesh of movement tracking. (2013)Ulocs aggegrates data for analytics from 1 to unlimited number of devices.
  5. 5. AppsUlocs in a device works with any smartphone over Bluetooth and replaces the inaccuracy of onboard sensors!
  6. 6. AppsUlocs offer an open API for all developers to leverage superior movement tracking in their apps.o Reactive to accidents, crash, deviationso Security, man-down, assaulto Positioning when GPS is out of reacho Augmented reality supporto Tracing body movements with precisiono Coaching users of eHealth
  7. 7. Assets Ulocs in a device delivers movement tracking and alert onactiviation that is very useful for IoT, asset, space and security management . And much more.o Reactive to change from sleep modeo Works with any kind of radio communicationo Assisted radio and satellite positioningo Dead reckoning Z-levelo Great for vehicle trackingo Great computing power, Arduino compatible
  8. 8. The team behind Ulocs have more than 50 years aggregatedexperience from developing software, hardware and award winning products. For example the most accurate indoor positioning for smartphones based on radio network fingerprinting. Located in Malmö 30 minutes from Copenhagen airport. Please join us for the ride! Now it’s time for a Ulocs. @ulocs