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P pt ppp อาร์ม ดาว มิน ......


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P pt ppp อาร์ม ดาว มิน ......

  1. 1. Unit: MyselfTopic: Personal Information Sub-topic: Routine Matthayomsuksa 1
  2. 2. - What does he do at seven thirty every day? get up- What time does he go to school? 8.30 o’ clock- What does he do at nine thirty? come back home
  3. 3. Vocabulary
  4. 4. get up
  5. 5. walk a dog
  6. 6. have coffee
  7. 7. read a newspaper
  8. 8. painting
  9. 9. watch the news on TV
  10. 10. have dinner
  11. 11. go to bed
  12. 12. Structure
  13. 13. Adverbs of frequency always sometimesusually occasionallynormally seldomgenerally rarely often hardly ever never
  14. 14. The position of adv in a sentence.1. Goes before a main verb. Subject + adverb + main verb I usually get up at about 10 o’clock. I often have dinner with my friends.
  15. 15. 2. Goes after the verb to be. Subject + verb to be + adverb (is, am, are, was, were) They are never paint a picture. She isnt usually clean her room.
  16. 16. Text 3Interviewer: Welcome to this week’s “life of a star”, the program where we ask a famous person about his or her daily life. our guest today is artist Tony Walters. welcome to the show, tony.Tony: Thanks. it’s great to be here.Interviewer: So, tell us a little about your daily life. What time do you get up in the morning?Tony: Well, I sleep quite late. I usually get up at about 10 o’clock. first, I walk my dog.Interviewer: Oh, you have got a dog, have you?Tony: Yes…Anyway, I walk the dog, and then I have coffee and read my morning newspaper.
  17. 17. Interviewer: So what time do you start work, Tony?Tony: I start painting at 11 o’clock, and I stop for lunch at 2 o’clock. After lunch, I watch the news on TV.Interviewer: Do you only work for three hours a day, then?Tony: Of course not! I start work again at 4 o’clock, and I paint until about 6 o’clock.Interviewer: What happens at 6 o’clock? Tony: Well, I stop painting, and I wash my paint brushes carefully and put everything away.Interviewer: And then? Do you have dinner?
  18. 18. Tony: Yes, at about half past seven. I often have dinner with my friends, we sit and talk afterwards. I usually go to bed at about half past eleven.Interviewer: Let me ask you something, Tony---do you enjoy your life?Tony: Oh, yes! I like the way I live. It makes me feel good.Interviewer: Tony, thank you very much for joining us.Tony: Thank you.Interviewer: That was Tony Walters, one of our most famous young artists. Next week, “Life of a star” talks to new TV sensation Alona Gibson.
  19. 19. - Does Tony usually get up at 10 o’clock? Yes, he does.- What does he often do at half past seven? He often have dinner with his friends.- What does Tony do after his lunch? He watches the news on TV.
  20. 20. Filling game
  21. 21. Make a group of four people. Eachgroup thinks about the word fromthe definition and fills in the sentencecorrectly. Then put the word into thecrossword box, the group thatfinishes first is the winner.
  22. 22. 1 23 4 5
  23. 23. 1.) To arise from the bed or stand up after sitting
  24. 24. 2.) To let your dog move or go to somewhere for relax such as park and garden
  25. 25. 3.) To eat the food in the evening
  26. 26. 4.) To draw or put the color into the surface of something such as papers and walls
  27. 27. 5.) To go to sleep and rest yourself
  28. 28. Time to interview
  29. 29. A: Hello, what is your nameB: My name is …………………..A: What do you do in the morning?B: I always get up at six o’clock, and you?A ………………………………………..........B: ……………………………………………….