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Top 10 reasons to switch to the Nokia Lumia 1520

Need flexibility and a mobile business product that can deliver? look no further than the Nokia Lumia 1520

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Top 10 reasons to switch to the Nokia Lumia 1520

  1. 1. SkyDrive gives you 7 GB of free cloud storage space. Tomorrow 4:00 PM - 5:00PM Wed05 8 BusinessEmail Meet with Project Contractor OVER 1 BILLION PEOPLE USE MICROSOFT OFFICE. THAT’S 1 IN 7 PEOPLE ON THE PLANET. A TOUCH SCREEN THAT WORKS “I FORGOT THAT AT THE OFFICE” IS LIKE BLAMING YOUR DOG FOR EATING YOUR HOMEWORK YOUR IT GUY MAY WANT TO BUY YOU DINNER AND A BOX OF CHOCOLATES (OR HE MIGHT JUST LIKE YOUR PHONE) IF YOU LIKE IT PUT A PIN ON IT NOKIA LUMIA 1520 REASONS TO SWITCH 10TOP Nokia Lumia 1520 has a 6” 1080p full HD display that’s viewable even in the brightest sunlight (Hint: It’s the only mobile OS that has built-in Microsoft Office.) Here’s a puzzle for you. If a person uses Microsoft® Office at work and on-the-go, what kind of phone should he get? Even when you’re working outside, you can wear gloves and keep your hands warm while responding to emails, filing reports with Excel, and taking notes. It’s built into your Nokia Lumia 1520. And you can access SkyDrive on your computer. You figure out the rest. Microsoft makes it entirely too easy to update and share work files from your mobile with access to your most-used services—Outlook, SharePoint, SkyDrive, and Office 365. Scan this code for cool ways companies use Skype. Think of your Start screen as your quick-access page. Pin what you use most to it like your inbox, favorite contacts, a group of team members, and documents. People Hub lets you integrate Microsoft® Outlook® , Lync, and Skype, so you can easily reach key contacts and assign them to groups Nokia Lumia 1520 has built in security that is fit for business. Hardware-accelerated encryption, remote lock and wipe, and Microsoft ActiveSync® security policies. IT departments can manage devices through Microsoft® Intune, AirWatch™, MobileIron™ and other leading mobile device management solutions. Capture amazingly detailed photos with your phone. SIX-INCH SCREEN FOR WORK ANYWHERE — INSIDE, OUTSIDE, WHEREVER YOU WANT. A REAL JOB REQUIRES REAL CAMERA CONTROLS (MORE THAN AUTO FOCUS) 250 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE A SKYDRIVE ACCOUNT SKYPE USERS SPEND UP TO 2 BILLION MINUTES PER DAY USING THE SERVICE. FIND YOUR COLLEAGUES IN ONE PLACE—AND IT’S NOT THE BREAKROOM Take your office on the go. 20 MPsensor OIS full-resolution zoom controls for ISO white balance shutter speedexposure Skype dates aren’t just for teens and college kids. 7 GB 2, , , Businesses use Skype every day. Outlook SharePoint Office 365SkyDrive 250,000,000 1 2 4 6 8 10 3 5 7 9 6’ When you’re at the office, you’re all about work—reply to that email, attend that meeting, beat that deadline—it’s a lot of, well, work. When you’re off work, you like to check your social networks 10 times in an hour, read a book, watch viral videos, and play games until you beat the next level (and then the next level and before you realize it, it’s 2:00 AM). Nokia Lumia 1520 melds the two versions of you—work you and not-at-work you—into one practical phone with a 6” 1080p super bright display. WORK NOT-AT-WORK YOU Play your favourite games and download Xbox Smart Glass Xbox Games Create short, beautiful, and looping videos in a simple and fun way Vine Stream free music from over 21 million songs Nokia Music Take highly detailed pictures with camera control settings 20 MP Camera Stream movies, TV shows, and videos on large 6” full HD display Netflix Sign up for Spotify Premium and listen to music on all your devices Spotify Access mobile versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote Office Auto save files and up to 7 GB free space SkyDrive Navigate with HERE Maps with LiveSight, HERE Drive, and HERE Transit Maps Get breaking news alerts and follow stories as they happen CNN Send and receive payments and share files, contacts, and pictures NFC Technology View PDFs, add notes and edit marks, and share with others Adobe Reader Set up popular email services with calendar integration Email & Calendar Connect to and update your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts Social Tweet, see what’s trending, and keep up with your Twitter account Twitter Take a picture or video, choose a filter, and post it to Instagram Instagram Set up Outlook with Microsoft® Exchange email, calendar and contacts integration Email & Calendar Connect to Outlook, Lync, and Skype contacts in People Hub Social Keep up with your professional network on the go LinkedIn Keep up with notes, images, web clips, audio notes, and more Evernote vs SOURCE