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The New developments in NmR SeriesPioneering series from the RSCNew Developments in NMR will focus on novel aspects of met...
The New developments in NmR SeriesPublishing in 2012Editor-in-ChiefProfessor William S. Price, University of Western Sydne...
Forthcoming titles in the series:                                                                         Journals & Books...
RSC PUBlICaTIONS ORdeR FORm                                                                                               ...
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NMR Series from the Royal Society of Chemistry


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I am authoring a book and editing 2 others for the RSC. One of these is on Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation and two make up a two volume series on the NMR of Natural Products.

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NMR Series from the Royal Society of Chemistry

  1. 1. The New developments in NmR SeriesPioneering series from the RSCNew Developments in NMR will focus on novel aspects of method and instrumentationdevelopment, applications in emerging fields, new techniques and various technologies,fundamentals and theory, the development of new interfaces and important advancesbeing made in many areas of NMR. Special emphasis will be placed on providingcomprehensive introductions to the relevant theory to facilitate wider usage of NMRtechniques by the chemical community.Key FeaturesProgress in chemistry is strongly dependent upon the useof spectroscopic tools. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)in its manifold forms, including NMR spectroscopy andmagnetic resonance imaging (MRI), is unique in its ability tonon-invasively obtain information on the chemical structure,composition, ordering and dynamics at the molecular levelthrough to macroscopic length scales. It is the rich informationcontent and versatility of NMR that makes it pervasive in thechemical and biological sciences and cognate disciplines. Also of Interest – RSC JournalsReadership l AnalystResearchers and practical analytical chemists, biologists, l Analytical Methodsmaterial scientists, biochemists, environmentalists, graduate l Metallomicsstudents as well as industrial manufacturers who are interestedin the respective instrumentation and techniques. Registered Charity Number 207890
  2. 2. The New developments in NmR SeriesPublishing in 2012Editor-in-ChiefProfessor William S. Price, University of Western Sydney, AustraliaSeries EditorsProfessor Bruce Balcom, University of New Brunswick, CanadaProfessor István Furó, Industrial NMR Centre at KTH, SwedenProfessor Maili Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, ChinaProfessor Masatsune Kainosho, Nagoya University, Japan Topics covered will include: l Advances in biological NMR l Aspects of MRI l Biological solid-state NMR l Dynamic nuclear polarization l Functional MRI and its multifaceted applications l Hyphenated spectroscopy techniques (LC-MS, GC-MS and LC-NMR) l In cell and advanced isotopic labelling for protein NMR l Metabolomics and NMR l Molecular dynamics studied by NMR relaxation l NMR Diffusometry (DOSY) l NMR of paramagnetic molecules l NMR studies of membrane molecules l Protein folding studied by NMR l Protein NMR in solution l Quantum computing l Residual dipolar couplings in NMR
  3. 3. Forthcoming titles in the series: Journals & Books of InterestContemporary Computer-assisted approaches to molecular Structure elucidationantony Williams, RSC | mikhail elyashberg | Kirill Blinov, ACD Limited, Russian Academy of SciencesThe first published volume in the series that describes the principles on which expert systems(CASE) for spectroscopic structure elucidation are based and concisely explains the algorithmicconcepts behind the programs. The book will use the experiences of the authors in thedevelopment of the Structure Elucidation CASE software systems to discuss the presentstate-of-the-art in computer-assisted structure elucidation.Hardback | 380 pages | ISBN 9781849734325 | 2012 | £146.99New applications of NmR in medicinal Chemistry and drug discoveryEdited by leoncio Garrido, CSIC, Madrid, Spain | Nicolau Beckmann, Novartis, SwitzerlandThis book presents a review of new developments in NMR for applications in medicinal analystchemistry and drug discovery. The contents will focus on consolidated and emerging techniques The home of high impact researchand methods that are at present not widely applied, however it is considered that they could in analytical, bioanalytical andcontribute to the advancement of drug discovery and drug development, in the future detection science.Hardback | 304 pages | ISBN 9781849734448 | 2013 | £150.00 analytical methods A peer-reviewed journal highlighting theAlso of interest: advancement of analytical technologies for wider application by the internationalmodern NmR approaches for the Structure elucidation of Natural Products scientific community.Edited by antony Williams, RSC | Gary martin, Merck Research Laboratories Ltd., USA metallomicsThe first volume in a two-part set that describes contemporary NMR approaches for the A new journal covering the research fieldsstructure elucidation of natural products. Topics covered will include: an introduction to related to biometals.contemporary NMR spectroscopy for the elucidation of natural products; stereochemicalanalysis, residual dipolar couplings and other appropriate techniques to probe stereochemistry; Nuclear magnetic Resonancenew directions in pulse sequence development; data processing techniques applications of (Specialist Periodical Report)15N NMR, small volume NMR: microprobes and nanoprobes; capillary NMR; application of Volume 41LC-NMR; applications of hyperpolarized NMR; supporting analytical technologies ; natural This latest volume comprises aproduct databases; applications of CASE Systems; NMR prediction; and future prospects. combination of annual and biennialHardback | 300 pages | ISBN 9781849733830 | 2012 | £132.99 reports which together provide comprehensive coverage of the literatureapplications of modern NmR approaches To The Structure elucidation of on this topic.Natural Products Hardback | 552 pages |Edited by antony Williams, RSC | Gary martin, Merck Research Laboratories Ltd., USA ISBN 9781849733731 | 2012 | £299.95The second volume in a two-part set that reviews the application of NMR to the analysis of a seriesof different natural product families including marine natural products, natural products withanti-cancer activities, alkaloids, antibiotics, steroids, terpenes, carbohydrates, peptides and venoms.Hardback | 300 pages | ISBN 9781849733939 | 2013 | £132.99Titles under developmentl Applications of Transient Techniques in Magnetic Resonancel Solid-State Methods for NMR Characterisation of Complex Biopolymersl The Structure and Dynamics of Membrane Polypeptidesl Advances in Biological NMRl Solid-State NMR for Antimicrobial Peptidesl NMR Diffusionl NMR of Quadrupolar Nuclei in Solidsl NMR Methods for Characterisation of Functionalised Polymers
  4. 4. RSC PUBlICaTIONS ORdeR FORm Membership Number: Title ISBN Quantity Unit price Total Total Please add the postage and handling charge of £2.75 per book plus £0.50 thereafter for UK purchases only. Postage For non UK residents postage is calculated on weight based on destination. Total payablePaymeNT deTaIlSmethod of Payment delivery address (if different): I enclose a cheque made payable to Royal Society of Chemistry Name ______________________________________________________ All cheque payments should be in £ sterling drawn on a UK bank, Position ____________________________________________________ or $ US drawn on a US bank. Please send me a pre-payment invoice Organisation ________________________________________________ Please charge my Visa/mastercard/amex address ____________________________________________________ Credit cards may be used for orders up to £2,000. Post/zip code ________________________________________________account No. _________________________________________________ email ________________________________________________________Signature ___________________________________________________ date _______________________________________________________expiry date __________________________________________________ Signature ___________________________________________________Cardholder’s/invoice address: VaTName _______________________________________________________ In certain circumstances we may be obliged to charge Value added TaxPosition ____________________________________________________ (VaT) on sales to other eU member countries. To avoid this, it is therefore essential to provide us with your VaT number if you have one.Organisation ________________________________________________address _____________________________________________________ I am not registered for VaT/my VaT No. is _______________________Post/zip code ________________________________________________ RSC memBeRS are entitled to discounts on RSC books. Please contact the RSC for more _______________________________________________________daTa PROTeCTION - The Royal Society of Chemistry will store the information you supply on its electronic records in order that information about its activities, products and services maybe sent to you by mail, telephone, email or fax. If you dO NOT wish to receive information, please put a tick in the boxPleaSe COmPleTe aNd ReTURN TO: CUSTOmeRS IN: CUSTOmeRS IN:Royal Society of Chemistry USa and Canada australia, New Zealand and Papua New GuineaMarston Book Services Ltd Please contact: Please contact:160 milton Park Ingram Publisher Services D.A. Information Servicesabingdon Customer Service, Box 631 648 Whitehorse RoadOxfordshire 14 Ingram Blvd mitchamOX14 4Sd, UK la Vergne, TN 37086, USa 3132 Vic, australiaTel: +44 (0) 1235 465522 Tel: +1 (866) 400 5351 Tel: +613 9210 7777Fax: +44 (0) 1235 465555 Fax: +1 (800) 838 1149 Fax: +613 9210 7788Email: Email: Email: Registered Charity Number 207890