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Chemistry apps in the wild and at the royal society of chemistry


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This is a short presentation I gave at the Pistoia Alliance Meeting on our Mobile Strategy at RSC and what we have at present and where our vision will take us.

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Chemistry apps in the wild and at the royal society of chemistry

  1. 1. Chemistry Apps in the Wild and at the Royal Society of Chemistry Antony Williams
  2. 2. Scientific Publishers Apps Scientific publishers release apps to:  Provide mobile access to content  Search and deliver content to its registered users and engage other possible users  Greater accessibility means greater readership  Revenue generation from the content, not the app
  3. 3. Increase in Scientific Publisher Apps
  4. 4. RSC Mobile
  5. 5. Chemistry World
  6. 6. RSC|ChemSpider
  7. 7. ChemSpider Mobile Website
  8. 8. ChemSpider Mobile
  9. 9. ChemGoggles
  10. 10. Publication/Database Alerts(in progress)
  11. 11. Chemical Reactions Chemical reactions can be served up on mobile What is available now?  Teaching basics of chemical reactions  Look-ups against reaction databases  Reaction mechanisms
  12. 12. Reaction Database Look-up
  13. 13. Work in Progress – 300k Reactions
  14. 14. Spectra on ChemSpider
  15. 15. SpectralGame in the hand
  16. 16. Sourcing information about SciApps Where can developers post information about their apps? NOT Wikipedia! iTunes does not segregate based on science SciMobileApps Wiki…
  17. 17. Chemistry eBooks The future of the Chemistry eBook…next year then?  eBooks already link to computational engines  3D rotating molecules are expected – stereoscopic viewing will become standard?  Kinect type interface for a tablet?  Interactive graphing – data mine public websites to include data  Direct model generation and prediction  And….
  18. 18. Open PHACTS Project Develop a set of robust standards… Implement the standards in a semantic integration hub Deliver services to support drug discovery programs in pharma and public domain 22 partners, 8 pharmaceutical companies, 3 biotechs 36 months project – goes live next month Guiding principle is open access, open usage, open source Guiding principle is open access, open usage, open source -- Key to standards adoption -- Key to standards adoption
  19. 19. Already Mobilizing Open PHACTS Javascript widgets