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SSBMInnovation Business Model Design Workshop-1


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Presentation for first workshop (May 15, 2013) to design the business model for the crowd-funded collaborative project which will create the "book" / toolkit for Strongly Sustainable Business Model Innovation (

As usual, recommended downloading the presentation and viewing in slideshow mode with the speakers notes handy

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SSBMInnovation Business Model Design Workshop-1

  1. 1. StronglySustainableBusinessModelInnovationToolkit–Workshop#1Version1.0(Draft)2013-05-15©EdwardJamesConsultingLtd.SomeRightsReserved.1 www.SSBMG.comThisworkislicensedunderaCreativeCommonsAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike3.0UnportedLicense.Permissionsbeyondthescopeofthislicensemaybeavailableat Upward, CMC @aupward #SSBMGPeter Jones, PhD @redesignwww.reDesignResearch.comMention @OCADsLabStrongly SustainableBusiness ModelInnovation ToolkitBusiness Model Design Workshop #1 (of 2)May 15, 2013 Lots of speaker notes,Lots of speaker notes,including referencesincluding referencesBuilds on many slidesBuilds on many slidesdownload and viewdownload and viewin slide show modein slide show modefor improvedfor improvedcomprehensioncomprehension
  2. 2. 2Welcome…Everyone
  3. 3. 3To Proceed We All Need Answers…• What are we doing?• Why are we doing this?• What does success look like?• How are we going to do it?• Who is going to be involved - lead, engage, support?• How much will it cost - me, us; time, money, energy?• Where will the money and other resources come from?• When and where is all this happening?Workshops are designed for us, together, to create “good enough”answers… so we have the confidence to proceed
  4. 4. 4+Our Theory of Success=
  5. 5. 5Workshop…Planned Outputs• Strongly Sustainable Business Model for theproject and beyond• Key tasks for next 12-24 months and beyond• Budget for first deliverable – “book” / toolkit• Detailed next steps plans… all shared publically
  6. 6. 6Workshop… Desired Outcomes• Shared understanding of the project• Confidence that together we can succeed• Enable– Core-writing-team to step forward & commit (3-5 people)– Crowd-funding target to be set– Academic researchers to start to plan instrumentation• Experience the behaviours well need to succeed– Authenticity – Transparency of ideas and emotions– Trust and trustworthiness– Spirit of adventure, experimentation, learning and fun– Leaderful listening
  7. 7. 7Creating the Space for PossibilityHello!Hello!WherWhere aree arewe?we?GoodGoodtotomeetmeetyou!you!What’What’s ons onyouryourmind?mind?HowHowareareyouyoufeelinfeeling?g?
  8. 8. 8the Worldthe WorldwithwithStronglyStronglySustainableSustainableBusinessBusinessModelsModels
  9. 9. 9Assume hope all you who enter hereVaclav Havel
  10. 10. 10Maximization ofwealth creation so wecan afford the publicgoodOur CurrentOur CurrentCollectiveCollectiveResponseResponseMaximization ofwealth creation so wecan afford the publicgoodWhat do you wantto sustain?• For whom?• For how long?• How much will it cost? (p.26)“The possibility thathuman and other lifewill flourish on thisplanet forever.” (p.6)MyMyResponseResponse
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. 12
  13. 13. 13Imagine…AAToolkiToolkit tot toHelpHelpApplyApplythatthatLogicLogicAANewNewLogicLogicforforBusinBusinessess
  14. 14. 14PassingBenefitCorporationLegislationPassingBenefitCorporationLegislationA Toolkit for StronglyA Toolkit for StronglySustainable BusinessSustainable BusinessDesign can, at aDesign can, at a minimumminimum,,helphelp ALLALL these people bethese people bemore successfulmore successful
  15. 15. 15We choose [to do thesethings] not because theyare easy, but becausethey are hard”– J.F. Kennedy,September 12, 1962,“Things don’t happen.They are made tohappen” – J.F. Kennedy,September 25, 1963Big, Scary… But Inspiring
  16. 16. 16
  17. 17. 17Old……Entrepreneur as Hero
  18. 18. 18New……Entrepreneur as Convener
  19. 19. 19Experiment to Gain Experience
  20. 20. 20But… Servants Have Needs Too!AAMeaniMeaningfulngfulChalleChallengengeSomeSomeInflueInfluencenceoveroveritsitsDirectiDirectiononPossibiliPossibilitytyfor afor aSufficienSufficienttFinanciaFinancial Futurel Future
  21. 21. 21In threes / on-line as one groupWhat’sPossibilityforimpact? Mypossibilityin this is?05:00 Minutes…05:00 Minutes…
  22. 22. 22TheTheStory SoStory SoFar…Far……get me up tospeed so I canhelp make this abig success!Love theidea…I want to getinvolved…So what areyou thinkingis next?Whatassumptions areyou making?
  23. 23. 23So…How doyoudesign abusiness?
  24. 24. 24Previous Best Practice• Have Idea+ Get Money+ Hard Work+ Hope+ LuckNot…• Efficient• Effective• Reliable
  25. 25. 25
  26. 26. 26Lots about money, andthe people you financiallytransact with……(almost) nothingabout everyone andeverything else
  27. 27. 27But we want…
  28. 28. 28Understand the Natural and Social Science of SustainabilityAsked what are the gaps in Osterwalder’s PhD Ontologyof Profit-First Businesses, based on the scienceDesigned an Ontology of Strongly SustainableBusiness ModelsCreated the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Canvas, avisual design tool, powered by my Ontology, and tested it1. Against standards of sustainable business2. Formally with 7 experts and 2 case study companies3. Informally with dozens of others:Business people, professors, students
  29. 29. 29Understand the Natural and Social Science of SustainabilityAsked what are the gaps in Osterwalder’s PhD Ontologyof Profit-First Businesses, based on the scienceDesigned an Ontology of Strongly SustainableBusiness ModelsUpward, A. (2013, Forthcoming). Towards an Ontology and Canvas for Strongly SustainableBusiness Models: A Systemic Design Science Exploration. (Masters of Environmental Studies /Graduate Diploma in Business + Environment, York University, Faculty of EnvironmentalStudies and Schulich School of Business), 1-889 (i-xx). doi: the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Canvas, avisual design tool, powered by my Ontology, and tested it1. Against standards of sustainable business2. Formally with 7 experts and 2 case study companies3. Informally with dozens of others:Business people, professors, students
  30. 30. 30Revising Definitions…A description of how an organization defines and achieves success over time.A Business ModelA Business Model: the logic for anorganization’s existence:• Who it does it for, to and with• What it does now and the future• How, where and with what does it do it• How it defines and measures its success“A Business Model describes the rationale of how an organizationcreates, delivers and captures value [in monetary terms]”Value isValue is the perception by a human or non-human actor of a need being met; measured inaesthetic, psychological, physiological, utilitarianand / or monetary terms.FromToValue is created when needs are met viasatisfiers that align with the recipientsworld-view, and destroyed when they don’tNecessary, but not Sufficient
  31. 31. 31StronglySustainableBusinessModelCanvas–14QuestionsV1.032© Antony Upward / Edward James Consulting Ltd., 2013 Some rights reserved. Permissions available at
  32. 32. 32Timberland’sBusinessModel
  33. 33. 33Reaction So Far?(From Confidential Expert Respondents)“I really liked is that itreally makes youmakes youthinkthink about thingsthat you would neverconsider before”Management Consultant“Youve ratcheted it upYouve ratcheted it up to thenext degree of specificity andmade sure that it is truly aboutsustainable businesses. Whereasthe current [tools] that I’ve seen,honestly could be applied to anykind of business”Sustainable Business NGO“The power of this thing isit’s really the first to takethe first to takethe social aspect and thethe social aspect and thebiophysical intobiophysical intoconsiderationconsideration. And Ihaven’t seen that that anyother business modelThat would take that intoconsideration”Business Architect / Professor /Consultant“This is animpressivebody of work”ManagementConsultant“I like the tool and thinkit provides a great wayto analyze a company”Leader Eco-Industrial Park“It’s about timeIt’s about timesomebody didsomething likethis”Author / Consultant“I recognize this firm.”“This gets the zeitgeist ofThis gets the zeitgeist ofwho we arewho we are, which is great”(Reacting to his businessdescribed using the Canvas)CTO Small Manufacturer“If I was starting abrand new business, asignificant business today,I would use thisI would use this businessmodel to help me defineand develop a puredetailed business plan”Management Consultant
  34. 34. 34Make it“better,better,faster,faster,strongerstronger” ?Learning byUsing / TestingTestingit out someit out somemoremore?But What About…?(Ideas from All Respondents)A better way tointroduce andsummarize thecanvasA methodologymethodology fordesigning greatsustainablebusiness models?An “app” so I cando this on mytablet with myclients?A communitycommunity ofpeople using andimproving it?Ensuring the designprinciples align withthe emerging “GoldStandard” forSustainable Business?Training /Workshops forSocial /EnvironmentalEntrepreneurs ?A Consulting Servicethat uses the Canvasto Diagnose andImprove theSustainability ofBusiness?The design principlesdesign principles tohelp me come up withgreat answers to the 14questions?How about somemore examples andcase studiescase studies?
  35. 35. 35So…What’s Next?Bring the newcanvas to theworld.
  36. 36. 36Design Principles for Next Steps – Ideas• Enjoy Being the Change– Purpose / passion driven– Focus on Small / Medium Business(they can change more easily)• Existing and Start-ups– Think Local, Adapt Global– Radical Transparency withAppropriate Protection• Creative Commons Licensing– B Corp Certified Scoring >150/200• Steps toward a Vision– “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP)– Compliance with The Natural StepSustainability Principles• Crowd Funded– Committed Individuals– Organizations• Research Enabling ContinuousImprovement• Build a Community– Mutually supportive eco-system• Highly involved stakeholders• Sharing of opportunities andrevenues• Maximize local opportunities,minimize flying around!– Collaborative writing / testing /governance– Spread the word– Learn by Doing & from Each Other– Use leverage to the max B Corps /Locally oriented businesses
  37. 37. 37Not your typical business “book”• Summer 2014• Self Publish“Book” is Focus for Crowd-Funding• Sufficient Funding Gate~Sept 2013• Find Agent & Publisher– Marketing, Distribution, Translations• “app”• Community Revenue Opportunities via– Training Service “Toolkit”– Consulting Service “Toolkit”– Education / Classroom “Toolkit”• Full alignment with emerging “Gold Standard” forStrongly Sustainable Business• Best Practices• More Case StudiesNowNext
  38. 38. 38Table of Contents for “Book” – Ideas
  39. 39. 39Now Oct-Dec2013Jan-Summer FallStartFundingFundingCompletedBookSelf-PublishedBookPublished byEstablishedPublisherJanKey Tasks & Timeline – IdeasJuly-Sept2014 2015Work-shopsSoftLaunchContentCreationID CoreTeamFind BackersInitiateFundingCollab.PlatformContentCreationWave 1Learn w/ CollaboratorsWave 2WriteWave 3DesignWave 4LaunchWave 5MarketFindAgentWave Next…Continuously Improve ToolkitWave Next…New ToolsAddedEco-SystemRevenue StreamsGrow CommunityAcademic PapersLegalEntity
  40. 40. 40ConsultantsCore-WritingTeam(Authors/Designers)(3-5)Stakeholders – IdeasNow NextImpactInvestors /VentureCapiPolicyMakersEducators“Encouragers”(Incubators,Start-upTrainingSchemes,Credit-Unions,Co-opAssociations,etc.)TrainersManagersin ExistingBusinessesEntrepreneurs /InnovatorsResearchers“Gold-Standard”Standard Setters &Certifiers
  41. 41. 41Current Activities• Develop Business Model using canvas• Identify Core Writing Team (3-5)• Collaborative platform (for Fund Raising & Writing)• Develop Learning Map–• “Soft Launch” activities• Continue content creation– Methodology – SSHRC application– Design principles / Gold standard– Case studies• Started 5 + more in the pipelineWant to use theCanvas Now? Ask me!Based on MutualSharing / NDAAgreementWork-shops
  42. 42. 421st Workshop1st Workshop• Level Set• BrainstormBusiness Model22ndndWorkshopWorkshop• Budgeting• Immediate NextSteps PlanningFundFundRaisingRaisingBudget /Budget /TargetTargetDetailedDetailedNext-StepNext-StepPlansPlansfor…for…Workshop Outputs: Our Good Enough…Business Model(“book” project & beyond)1. Crowd-funding marketing2. Collaboration planning3. Crowd-funding & collaboration platform req’ts4. Legal entity design & creationCore-WritingTeam(3-5)Moveforwardwithcrowd-funding,legalentity,etc.EverythingThat’sHappenedSo Far!Pre-WorkPre-Work(Everyone)(Everyone)1.Review Biz Model& Time Line2.Complete Survey3.Add your ideas toBudget TemplatePost-WorkshopPost-WorkshopSynthesisSynthesis(One-timeWorking Group)Personal ReflectionPersonal ReflectionHow do I want to beinvolved? Core-team?What do I need soI can commit?Everything posted to wiki.SSBMG.comEverything posted to wiki.SSBMG.comKey TasksKey Tasks&&Time LineTime Line
  43. 43. 43Break – 10 mins• There will be a group which needs to meet once(virtually) between now and the next workshop• Objective:– Synthesize output of this workshop into a proposedbusiness model to be reviewed at next workshop• If you’re interested, make yourself known
  44. 44. 44QuestionsClarify / Challenge• Facts• Assumptions
  45. 45. 45Co-Create Business Model• Form Groups – Pick Spokesperson• Brainstorm – Until 15h45 ESTUntil 15h45 EST• Use Template (on-line / flip-charts)– Business Model– Scope, Key-Tasks & Timeline– Pick-stakeholder from hat… then• Brain-storm value propositions, processes,measures of success from the perspective of that stakeholder• Repeat – at least twice (40 mins)• Report Back – 30 mins30 mins• Working Group will Synthesize prior to 2ndWorkshop
  46. 46. 46
  47. 47. 47Collaborator / BackerCollaborator / BackerValue PropositionValue Proposition(Example)(Example)readcontentfirst &exclusivelyuse thecanvasin yourownbusinessnow!try it out– be acasestudyinteractwithStronglySustainable BusinessThoughtinfluencewritingteam &thecommunityshareyourexperience, gainfromothersdemonstrateyourthoughtleadershiptoyour peersexclusivewebinars earlyaccess toimprovementspreferred accessto subsequenttraining &consultingrevenueyourname /organization logo inbookcreditsdiscount onfinal bookpricebe a partof thechangewe needtoflourishbe a part ofsomethingBIGBIG: aglobalstronglysustainablebusinesscommunityhaveFun!
  48. 48. 48Report Out… Our Business Model…
  49. 49. 49Wrap-up• Business Model Synthesis Working Group– Virtual meeting– Date / Time to Meet• 2ndWorkshop re-Scheduling– Originally Wednesday May 22nd12h30-16h30 EST• Done Well – Do Better– F2F & On-Line
  50. 50. 50Next Steps• Stand-by for:– Updated calendar invite for 2nd Workshop• Try to Carve Out Time for Pre-Work for 2nd Workshop• Details to be sent with calendar invite1. Explore Learning Review Materials from 1stWorkshop3. Review Business Model & Time Line• As synthesized by working group• Bring your comments on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats to 2ndWorkshop (or email if you can’t make it)4. Reflect on• How you want to be involved?• What can my contribution be?• What you need environmentally, socially, financially in order to commit?5. Complete On-Line Survey6. Complete Budget Template• Add what you need financially in order to commit?• Bring to 2ndWorkshop (or email if you can’t make it)
  51. 51. 51Check-out
  52. 52. 52Thank-you!• For your time and hard-work– Especially those on-line for sticking with us!• To OCADU sLab for Hosting• Helpers• Peter JonesHope to see you at the 2ndWorkshop…For Updates…
  53. 53.• About the Strongly Sustainable BusinessModel Canvas ~3 minute Audio Visual Overview• Learning / Knowledge–• Blogs–– #SSBMGinfo@SSBMG.com
  54. 54. 54Copyright & Licenses• All images used under applicable licences – seenotes on each page© Antony Upward / Edward James Consulting Ltd.,2013. Some rights reserved.– Permissions available– This work is licensed under a Creative CommonsAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 UnportedLicense.
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