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Head of Lettuce Media social management dashboard

At Head of Lettuce media we offer several solutions for you to manage your company's social media. We coach you through the necessary practices to succeed in social media while offering tools to make that job easier. We have solutions for those who don't have time to do it in house with automatic posting of your content, written by your staff or ours, all the way to support and strategy development for those ready to make a serious investment in their social presence. We will help you with a solution that best works for your company.

This presentation is on the Dashboard that we offer to our clients to make life easier for both social media as well as brand management and monitoring.

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Head of Lettuce Media social management dashboard

  1. 1. Kick Start Your Social Media Management Strategy With Head of Lettuce Media On Your side.
  2. 2. Introduction • Head of Lettuce Media has been built by Antony Francis, who, with a degree in Organizational Innovations, has successfully taught businesses and organizations to integrate social and new media into their mix. • The Head of Lettuce Media Dashboard, with our experience and guidance, enables your team to have a full holistic view and management of your social media presence and activities. Encompassing Social Media management, email marketing (optional) and SMS capabilities (optional), onto one scalable, secure platform.
  3. 3. How can Head of Lettuce Dashboard help? ENGAGE Keep on top of social media by focusing on the important stuff with our social inbox. MONITOR Monitor mentions of your brand & react to negative sentiment on the social web. GROW Grow your business with our powerful lead generation tools & Social CRM. MEASURE Make sense of your social media marketing efforts with in-depth analytics.
  4. 4. You can call me at 721Reach New & Existing Customers on Any Platform at Optimal Times Schedule content for when your audience is most likely to engage. Use the calendar to oversee your team's scheduled messages. Maintain consistent activity on your social profiles with RSS publishing. Queue messages to be delivered at optimal times throughout the day.
  5. 5. Seamlessly Manage Interactions Between Management, Team Members & Clients Assign time-sensitive tasks to other team members and departments. Approve content before it's published on the social web. Create, share and maintain customer records with the team. Use the calendar to oversee your team's scheduled messages.
  6. 6. Measure Success and Generate Great-Looking, Branded Reports Keep your clients in the loop with scheduled email reports. Share reports with team members or clients for group collaboration. Export the raw data to build your own reports or integrate with other tools. Measure traffic to your website as a result of your social media efforts.
  7. 7. Monitor and React to Mentions of your Brand on the Social Web Mentions don't only happen on Twitter. You should be using a 360° monitoring tool. Monitor reviews on sites like Yelp & CitySearch Impress customers with superb customer support & quick response times. Collaborate with team members to monitor the social web more effectively.
  8. 8. Every Social Interaction is an Opportunity. Make it Count with a Social CRM. Generate new leads and opportunities for your business — while you sleep. Build profitable relationships with prospects and customers. Reach sourced customers via more traditional channels like Email & SMS. Collaborate with team members to effectively convert leads into customers.
  9. 9. o Facebook Group Post / schedule updates to the walls of any of your Facebook Groups. o Facebook Milestone Post / schedule milestones to your Facebook Page Timeline. o Facebook Note Post / schedule notes to your Facebook profile. o Facebook Fan Page Post / schedule updates to your Facebook Fan Pages. o Facebook Page Note Post / schedule notes to your Facebook Fan Pages. o Facebook Profile Post / schedule updates to your own Facebook Wall. o Facebook Cover Photo Upload / schedule your Facebook cover photo o Facebook Photo Album Post / schedule pictures to your personal Facebook Photo albums. o Facebook Page Album Post / schedule pictures to albums on your Facebook Fan Pages. o Facebook Group Stream Read and respond to posts from your Facebook Group stream. o Facebook Fan Page Stream Read and respond to posts from your Facebook Fan Page stream. o Facebook Stream Read and respond to your Facebook stream. o Facebook Auto Moderator Automatically remove comments/posts from your Facebook Pages that contain the terms or phrases you specify. + 36 Reporting modules 2004 Year Facebook Launched 1.19 Billion Monthly active users In the US, 1 of every 5 page views is on Facebook.
  10. 10. o LinkedIn Company Page Post / schedule updates to LinkedIn Company Pages you manage. o LinkedIn Group Promotion Create new promotions on LinkedIn Groups. o LinkedIn Group Job Create new job discussions on LinkedIn Groups. o LinkedIn Group Post Create new discussions on LinkedIn Groups. o LinkedIn Status Post / schedule status updates to your LinkedIn account. o LinkedIn Stream Read and respond to LinkedIn updates. o LinkedIn Group Stream Read and respond to LinkedIn Group discussion updates o LinkedIn Group Discussion Monitoring Monitor and respond to discussions on LinkedIn Groups. 2003 Year LinkedIn Launched 300 Million users 200 conversations per minute occurring in LinkedIn groups
  11. 11. 2011 Year Google + Launched o Google + Page Post /Schedule messages on your Google Plus Page 1M+ Business and brand pages created in the first 6 months. 300M+ Active Google+ users in the stream. 5-10% CTR uplift for socially enhanced Search ads.
  12. 12. o YouTube • Upload videos to a YouTube account • Review comments of your video via streams 2007 Year YouTube Launched 1 Billion Unique Monthly visits 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  13. 13. o Twitter Post Twitter updates now or in the future. o Twitter List Read and respond to updates from a particular Twitter list. o Twitter Search Monitor Twitter for search terms. o Twitter Stream Add your Twitter streams. o Twitter Welcome Messages Automatically send welcome messages to new followers. o Twitter Auto Replies Automatically send @ replies to people on Twitter who mention specific terms. o Twitter Auto Retweets Automatically retweet posts on Twitter based on specific terms. o Twitter Auto Follower Grow your Twitter follower base by automatically following people on Twitter with common interests. o Twitter Auto Unfollower Automatically unfollow people on Twitter based on certain criteria. 2004 Year Facebook Launched 288 Million Monthly active users 36 minutes is the average time spent on Twitter per day
  14. 14. o @SocialMedia_RS 32K Followers 42 Klout o @Luv_Wine 29.5K Followers 57 Klout o @SunscreenFF 14.2K Followers 51Klout o @TBAThingstodo 8.6K Followers 45 Klout o @LuvHotsauce 16.5k Followers 40 Klout o @ZeusEJuice 1,421 Followers 61 Klout For 5 Years We have been leading the way in testing theory of automation in auto following and using Ai in conversation on Twitter. Our Advise Has been sought by industry leaders. We will guide you in growing your client accounts to maximize their value while minimizing time on the mundane day to day elements necessary to grow followings in twitter. -Antony Francis
  15. 15. Do you have any questions? 727.534.8281m 855.465.6334o @HOLMedia /HeadofLettuceMedia/+HeadofLettucemedia