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Presentation AC2_EN


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Presentation AC2_EN

  1. 1. Projects and Technical Consulting
  2. 2. PresentationAC2 carries out its activities in developing projects and providing technical consultingservices in geotechnical and civil engineering, designing and promoting thedevelopment of technical solutions to meet the needs of its customers.
  3. 3. PresentationAC2 is especially suited in the field of special foundations and soil treatment solutions,responding to a growing demand that has been evident in recent years in Portugal andabroad, in this particular area.AC2 promotes the full satisfaction of its clients, with a specialized technical staff thatdevelops, for several years, its professional activity in the area of geotechnical engineering,both within project and work.
  4. 4. Services Design and Technical Consulting:• Ground improvement; • Slope stabilization;• Special foundations; • Foundations in the rehabilitation of structures;• Earth retention and shoring; • Dewatering.
  5. 5. ServicesTechniques: Vibroreplacement (stone columns) Vibrocompaction Consolidation of soils Jet Grouting Deep-soil-mixing Injections
  6. 6. ServicesTechniques: Anchors and nailing Well points and deep wells Rigid inclusions Piles and micropiles
  7. 7. TeamAntónio Jorge Ferreira Cristóvão Education:  Degree in Civil Engineering— IST (1971)  Master in Soil Mechanics— UNL (1980) Professional Techniques Associations:  Senior Member of the Institute of Engineers of Portugal (member of FEANI – European Federation of National Engineering Association).  Geotechnical Engineering Specialist – Institute of Engineers of Portugal  Member of the Portuguese Society for GeotechnicsAntónio Alves Cristóvão Educations:  Degree in Civil Engineering (2005) Professional Techniques Associations:  Effective Member Institute of Engineers of Portugal (member of FEANI – European Federation of National Engineering Association)  Member of the Portuguese Society for Geotechnics
  8. 8. WorksMain Projects and Studies Developed• ―Frente Ribeirinha de Portimão ―- soil improvement (stone columns) for the dam foundation (Consulmar); ―Poço do Bispo dock‖, Lisbon – soil improvement of landfills dock - stone columns and vertical drains (WW); ―IC2 – highway in Coimbra‖ - Foundations reinforcement of the pillar P1 in viaduct PS4 - micropiles and retainingstructure (Gapres); ―IC32 Baixo Tejos grant- highway at kms 5+500 to 5+750.‖ - soil improvement (stone columns) under the embankmentwith 10 meters high —foundation, global stability and reducing the potential for liquefaction (Keller Terra); ―Deep foundations of High Voltage posts P194, P195 and P196 on the railway Fanhões/Marateca‖, Vila Franca de Xira - reinforced concrete piles with 34 m depth on the foundations of high voltage posts with 50 m high (alluvium soil near tejos river) (Ekleipsis);
  9. 9. Works Main Projects and Studies Developed―Highway IC2 - Litoral Oeste grant (IC36 node - EN109 node)‖ - soil improvement on the highway embankments (stonecolumns): settlement redution on foundations and overall stability (static and cyclic earthquake analysis). (Keller Terra); Deep foundations (micropiles) in the rehabilitation of ―Casa da Severa - Fados Museum‖ - Lisboa (MB Engenharia); Rehabilitation of foundations in Cultural Centre in Setúbal - micropiles (Soproeng); Foundations of PT 4.5, structure connecting the superstructure to the indirect foundations – Lisbon Airport (Ekleipsis);―Parque Verde da Vila‖, Porto de Mós – soil improvement (stone columns) on settlement reduction (Keller Terra);―IC9 Concessão do Litoral Oeste, haul Fátima / Ourém‖ - improvement of soils in the foundation and stability of roadembankments (Keller Terra);
  10. 10. Works Main Projects and Studies Developed  ―Hotel Península‖, Luanda Island - Angola - vibrocompactation (Segadães Tavares);  Valbom’s School, Gondomar – stone columns in building foundation (Keller Terra);  Intermarché Store, Batalha - stone columns in building foundation (Keller Terra);  Ford Lusitana warehouse, Alverca do Ribatejo - stone columns (Keller Terra).  Marinhais School - stone columns in building foundation (Keller Terra);  LIDl Store, Gondomar - stone columns in warehouse foundation (Keller Terra);  Project for Fine Sand retention next to the Dry dock of Navalria, Aveiro (Martifer Energy Systems); Freixieiro watter tanks- aprevious study of foundations with jet grouting (Keller Terra); Modernization of the north railway line: stability of the founding of temporary diversion road at km4+300 from North Railway, strech Santarém / Mato Miranda (Gapres); Consolidation of the North Clift in Vale de Cavaleiros Port , Cabo Verde (Consulmar); Training center of Alverca Futbol Club – soil improvment – stone columns (Keller Terra); School EB/JI de Sampaio, Sesimbra – stone columns(in building foundation (Keller Terra); Excavation and retaining design for Nautas School, Oeiras (Tapete Voador);
  11. 11. Works Main Projects and Studies DevelopedBounduelle’s industrial warehouse, Santarém- soil improvement (stone columns) for the warehouse foundation (pavementsand footings)(Keller Terra);EN3 Bridge of Vila Nova da Rainha at km 4+100 on rivers Ota and Alenquer - project excavation and retaining structure(Soproel);School of Salvaterra de Magos – stone columns in building foundation (Keller Terra);EN4 PS in railway at km 142+000, Rehabilitation Work of Art- Project Excavation and retaining type Berlim (Soproel);Pingo Doce, Store , S. Félix da Marinha – stone columns in building foundation (Keller Terra);Sobralinho’s industrial warehouses - stone columns for foundation of 8 warehouses(Keller Terra). Pumping stations (EE. Folgados, EE. Abrunheira; EE Quinta da Marinha e EE de Nadrupe) - cover slabs and foundations(Soproel).
  12. 12. Works Main Projects and Studies DevelopedDyque of Moitas river - double sheet pile wall (220m long on alluvial soil) for the river dam. Structure behavior on overallstability (Moitas City Council); Retaining structure on national road EN116 - retaining and excavation stability (Soproel); SPC multiuse warehouse 1 and 2, Alverca do Ribatejo - soil improvement (injected stone columns) for 2 warehousesfoundations (pavements and footings) (Keller Terra); Logistic platform of Castanheira do Ribatejo - watter tank foundation - soil improvement (stone columns and injected stonecolumns) for settlement reduction and overall stability of the embankment (Keller Terra);National road EN 360 - Beneficiation roads in the southern - retaining structure with gabion wall 5m high (Soproel).
  13. 13. ContactsGPS Coordinates: 38.703564ºW, -9.389405ºN General Tlm: +351 93 222 38 62 +351 96 672 70 20 E-mail:
  14. 14. AC2On the basis of your project ...