Evolution of Latam Measurement #FOMLA


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Evolution of Latam Measurement #FOMLA

  1. 1. Evolving LATAM measurement IBOPE Media Antonio Wanderley
  2. 2. History Optimistic Self-assured Specials Engaged with Social Causes Baby boomers (1950 – 1965) Builders Realistic Work and Career Spend thrift Status Use the institutions Generation X (1965 – 1980) Developers Hedonist and selective Creators Multi-tasking and innovators Question the institutions Generation Y (1980 - 1995) Opportunists Connected Green Instant gratification No tomorrow=no ambition Disregards institution (1995 – 2010) Switchers Generation Z •20 th century (Boomers and Generation X) –Publicity interaction: interruptive and autistic –Passive consumer –Mass media –Institutional authority •21 st Century (Generations Y and Z) –Publicity interaction: Interactive-fractal –Participative consumer –Transmedia –Liquid relationship (Bauman)
  3. 3. We cannot behave purely as speculative investors, whose only concern is what’s the next big thing
  4. 4. “Video” killed the “Radio Star”
  5. 5. “On line” killed “Print”
  6. 6. “Pay TV” killed “Free to air TV”
  7. 7. … but the TV spot is dead anyway
  8. 8. “Search” killed “Display”
  9. 9. … and now
  10. 10. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Free to Air TV PayTV Internet Newspaper Magazine Outdoor Radio Cinema … they are all still here Source: TGI Latina – y10w1w2 – Personal Sample Weights – Media graphics Newspaper: Weekday + Sunday: Nº of Total readers | Television: Nº of TV viewers: Last 7 days | Pay TV : Nº of multi-channel viewers: Last 7 days | Magazine : Nº of readers (any) | Radio : Nº of AM/FM yesterday listeners | Internet: Nº of users: Last 30 days | Cinema: Nº of people attended: Last 30 days | Outdoor : Nº of contacts: Last 7 days
  11. 11. 1 10 19 28 37 46 55 64 TV Internet Newspaper 1 10 TV Internet Newspaper … and we follow certain patterns while consuming them. 80% share are concentrated in the top 10
  12. 12. Such fragmented lives require individuals to be flexible and adaptable — to be constantly ready and willing to change tactics at short notice, to abandon commitments and loyalties without regret and to pursue opportunities according to their current availability. In liquid modernity the individual must act, plan actions and calculate the likely gains and losses of acting (or failing to act)” “Social forms and institutions no longer have enough time to solidify and cannot serve as frames of reference for human actions and long-term life plan… Individuals have to splice together an unending series of short-term projects and episodes that don't add up to the kind of sequence to which concepts like "career" and "progress" could be meaningfully applied. – Zygmunt Bauma on Liquid Modernity
  13. 13. We are the advertising industry, and as such we need to be able to capitalize on the available technology to promote our clients brands •Silos • TAM, RAM, Print, Internet panels, surveys •MultiMedia • Single source, data-fusion, tagging •Clusters •Word of mouth/Social media
  14. 14. Thank You !!! IBOPE Media Antonio Wanderley