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(ENGLISH)PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY Company and Solution Introduction Pamplet


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(Internet of things) a reality
In just a few years since it was founded as a software start-up, PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY has grown to
become an innovative solution leader both at home and abroad. Our mission is to offer state-of-the-art
indoor LBS solutions and RTLS solutions to ensure our customers’ needs are met. These solutions are
enabled through BLE technology and LPWA (low power wide area) technology indoors and outdoors
respectively. We also provide our customers with insightful experiences using machine learning and artificial
intelligence technologies which utilize geolocation and other sensor data.

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(ENGLISH)PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY Company and Solution Introduction Pamplet

  1. 1. A growing number of companies trust us and use our IndoorPlus+ LBS and IndoorPlus+ RTLS Solutions “IndoorPlus+” is the flagship trademark which encompasses the entire range of indoor location solutions offered by PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY IndoorPlus+ Location Based Solution or ServiceLBS Bluetooth Low EnergyBLE Real Time Location and Smart Sensor SolutionRTLS Software Development KitSDK Device attached to a fixed location, periodically sends BLE signals Location Beacon Device attached to moving objects or people, periodically sends BLE signals that are collected via BLE gateways BLE TAG Device installed at fixed locations, receives BLE signals from BLE tags and sends them to the BLE gateways BLE Scanner Pre-processes signals collected through each BLE scanner and sends them to RTLS server BLE Gateway
  2. 2. For more information, please email us at or call us on +827086503600 PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY is making the IoT (Internet of things) a reality In just a few years since it was founded as a software start-up, PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY has grown to become an innovative solution leader both at home and abroad. Our mission is to offer state-of-the-art indoor LBS solutions and RTLS solutions to ensure our customers’ needs are met. These solutions are enabled through BLE technology and LPWA (low power wide area) technology indoors and outdoors respectively. We also provide our customers with insightful experiences using machine learning and artifi- cial intelligence technologies which utilize geolocation and other sensor data. YouTube Facebook Linkedin Homepage
  3. 3. We are making the IoT World and Industry 4.0 a reality. Since 2014, PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY has delivered accurate indoor geoloca- tion solutions, with an accuracy level of just one to two meters, utilizing Bluetooth low energy technology. We also use core geolocation to deploy various applications relating to workers’ safety in electronic manufacturing plants, access control security in data centers or office buildings, asset tracking in large-scale hospitals and smart factories, and process (productivity) improvement in global aeronautical plants. PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY holds the largest market share in Korea for turn-by-turn navigation in terms of both the indoor location and navigation on devices (on a smartphone or tablet). Our customers range from large hospitals and duty-free shops to sport stadiums and conference centers. Our solutions are also on sale in the European market. PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY provides cutting-edge RTLS and indoor LBS solutions based on our core location technologies. Our technology’s value has been proven in a wide variety of workplaces and factories belonging to our customers. World Class Real Time Location & Smart Sensor Solution Leader Locate anything, Know the status, Raise contextual awareness (As of Oct., 2017) The number of customers that use our IndoorPlus+ solutions Total square meters monitored with IndoorPlus+ solutions Total number of gateways installed Total number of BLE tags provided to customers Total number of beacons installed Total number of smartphone SDK users 31 2,371,670m2 4,330 12,550 8,560 5.5 million RTLS = Real Time Location and Smart Sensor Solution INSIGHTS and RECOMMENDATIONS STATUSLOCATION Indoor Map Route Guidance : B Region 1F → B Region 3F Go straight for 100 meters and then turn right.
  4. 4. Since it was founded in 2014, PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY has been committed to raising the value of our customers’ business through continuous R&D activities and market exploration by utilizing IoT. If you want to create real value using the IoT, then the answer is PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY. As a market leader, we keep innovating further 2013.11 2014.11 2016.5 2017.6 Started Smartphone -based Indoor LBS R&D. Launched IndoorPlus+ LBS and IndoorPlus+ RTLS Set up a subsidiary in the E.U Achieved No.1 market share in Korea Identified the operational potential of our technologies Commercialized our technologies Attracted initial investment from Bon Angels Selected as a TIPS(Tech Incubator Program for Startup) company Attracted the Series-A fund raised from KIBO Identified the existence of the market and customers for our technologies Providing market growth to investors 2017 2016 2015 2014
  5. 5. We provide end-to-end solutions covering both indoor and outdoor spaces for enhanced security, safety, and productivity. Is a practical and field-proven industrial solution for you Location service + Application functions based on Sensor Monitoring Material & Warehouse Management Real-time Identification of Assets Warehouse first-in-first-out management Workers Health Check Risk Notification & Prevention Workers Safety Management Visitor Tracking People Counting Access Control Security People, objects (equipment, assets, etc.) moving constantly between indoor and outdoor spaces Collecting sensor information such as temperature, humidity, O2 levels, presence of gas, fine dust, etc. Large equipment loading and assembly space, especially large-scale yard factories Outdoor lots of workers manage indoor work processes Indoor space People & Objects Gateway RESTfulAPI Monitoring system based on GIS MAP (application software) 3rd party serivce provision for integration with legacy system Core Software IndoorPlus+ RTLS BLE+GPS+LoRa integrated position sensor tags 9-axis + vibration detection sensor tags Humidity, gas and environment sensor tags Sensor data collection / Indoor-outdoor continuous tracking Positioning / Low energy control algorithm Signal noise reduction / Communication quality algorithm
  6. 6. Simultaneously monitored 700 people at Samsung DMC Jun. 2015 Aug. 2015 Dec. 2015 Jun. 2016 Tracked people based on PoC (Proof of concept) (150 people tracked simultaneously) Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries Conducted a demonstration project for the passengers on board (200 people monitored simultaneously) ROK Army Monitored the location and ecology of the smart armed forces at an Army Training Center. (5,400 people monitored simultaneously) Conducted a demonstration project for the safety management of the construction workers at KEPCO Nuclear Power Plant (100 people monitored simultaneously) Oct. 2015 Monitored the access control & security system (1,500 people monitored simultaneously) Feb. 2016 Korea Army Training Center We have successfully deployed IndoorPlus+ RTLS solutions to various customers including some well-known global companies. Our customer requirements ranged from geolocation with high precision (one to five meters), improved securi- ty and control, enhanced productivity, to better workers safety. Our solutions were applied to a wide variety of heterogene- ous environments, including steel-structured ships and factories with high temperatures and humidity requiring chemical processes, and large-scale office buildings. IndoorPlus+ RTLS is our flagship solution that can realize the world of the IoT today. RTLS Market Adoption
  7. 7. Feb. 2017 Jun. 2017 Aug. 2017 Hyundai Motors Monitored the access control & security system at Gwangju Data Center (100 people monitored simultaneously) Nov. 2016 Tracked mobile assets in the hospitals (500 assets monitored simultaneously) Tracked aircraft engine parts process automation assets (3,000 processes monitored simultaneously) Gimcheon Logistics Center Monitored the access control & security system (300 people monitored simultaneously) Monitored workers safety management system at the Paju factory (1,000 people monitored simultaneously) Apr. 2017 Tracked 3000 people in a new office building simultaneously Jul. 2017 We boast the largest number of active references with an accuracy of about 1.5 meters in the domestic indoor navigation and location market RTLS Market Adoption
  8. 8. LG Display Paju Factory - Real Time Location Based Worker Safety Management IndoorPlus+ RTLS geolocation and smart sensors is a key component in a workers safety solution. Workers in large-scale automated facilities are often likely to work in isolation and feel it is difficult to interact with their colleagues from a distance. In this condition, the centralized and convenient monitoring system proves to be very efficient in immediately detecting a possible safety issue or any emergent problems for the workers on site. Along with solid safety processes and control, real-time monitoring is the only way to get an immediate overview of the situa- tion and trigger actions with maximum visibility. It is the next step for companies to use technology to save lives and demon- strate a commitment to protecting workers’ safety. Case Study : Workers Safety Management How many people are in a particular area or floor? What is their location, as precisely as possible, in the work- space? Who are these people, are they employees? Or are they temporary or long-term subcontractors? How long will it take for rescue teams to arrive? Needs Analysis In January 2015, a serious accident caused the death of 2 people as well as several casualties. Financial liabilities, halted production, damage to brand, and the impact on the confidence of personnel on working and safety conditions were some of the direct or indirect negative consequences for LG Display. Multiple inspections were carried out and the implementa- tion of remedies was ordered to prevent future accidents. Along with a risk analysis, strong safety measures, and the current low density of people inside highly automated facto- ries make it very difficult to keep an eye on who is where. In the case of an accident or danger, with few workers in the same area or workspace, there is often little opportunity to get help from a colleague. The typical questions that LG Display needed to have answered were:
  9. 9. Case Study : Workers Safety Management Major Features and Benefits Worker count in the each defined workspace Dashboard monitoring of each area (i.e. each floor of building including underground facilities) Provision of real-time geolocation of workers (data itself is secured with encryption, and access of location data is restricted under the regulations of the country in which it operates in as well as customers wishes) SOS emergency signals received from workers with the automatic display of location Alerts management when a worker enters a dangerous or unauthorized zone Integration with other equipment to send in rescue team Display and monitoring of the golden period, time planning for maximizing the chance of saving lives All workers have to wear a particular BLE Beacon Tag when they enter the zone, the tag is equipped with an emergency button that can be used in the case of emergency. The use of telephones is unauthorized in most of the areas. Typical features provided by PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY solutions are: Why was PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY selected? PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY performed BMT (Bench Mark Testing). In January 2017, thanks to a successful Proof of Concept lasting 4 weeks, LG Display selected IndoorPlus RTLS as the solution to be deployed. One building was initially entirely equipped with IndoorPlus+ RTLS Solution. The key differentiators or triggers for this choice were industrial-grade solution, reliability and accuracy, easiness of integration with legacy system, and more over proven technology in the metallic environment of the factory. Future plan and Expansion A location tracking hybrid solution enabled by a safety App for smartphones is to be launched for corporate mobile phones after the private LTE has been intro- duced Use from one building to other sites and other company factories Additional expected benefits Sensor fusion: Adding smart sensor information to geolocation through use of BLE sensors (for example presence of hazardous gases such as CO2 and NO in industrial sites) with either standalone sensors or those worn by workers (i.e. providing a real time health check such as heart rate, body temperature and additional measurement features in line with their work) Asset tracking Analysis of work flow to improve workplace processes
  10. 10. Hyundai Motors Data Center - Access control and security based on workers location and tracking in the Data Center Needs Analysis Prevent security incidents such as the leaking of personal information of credit card companies directly from the server via an unauthorized an USB memory stick. Strengthen security around access control through manage- ment history of security zone, access and staying time of workers and staff in high level secure facilities and zones. Provide predictive insight into where a certain security incident might occur under certain conditions through an analysis the accumulated tracking logs. Why PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY? Proven solution to prevent interference from various steel structures to servers and containers Positioning accuracy of two server racks (about 1.5m) Offers a cost-effective solution RTLS-based people tracking solution enhances the physical security of access to secure areas and access controlled areas by locating visitors and internal staff in real-time. Efforts to protect sensitive personal information, customer information, and corporate intellectual property from various security threats are not a choice but a necessity for a company's survival and development. By tracking the location of visitors or staff in real-time, RTLS Security, which essentially prevents unauthorized visits and access to controlled and secure areas, will open up a new era of physical security. See the innovation in security with RTLS! Case Study : Security ‒ Real-time location-based access control solution
  11. 11. What is the Value of RTLS? Key features and expected benefits Tracking and saving of location history of all people in IDC Access control to security zones based on real-time location data Immediateresponseincaseofsecuritysuspicionsinconnec- tion with CCTV Compliance with physical security standards and audit standards of the government laws and regulations Raisingawarenessofvisitorsandworkersinsecuritycompli- ance and increasing prevention of security incidents Future Plan and Expansion Increased Awareness of the Importance of Security Expansion of service to pre-recognition system to detect potential security issues from suspicious worker flow through analysis of accumulated workers’ location tracking data Workers and visitor flow based on an access control security system will be a crucial point in high security at sensitive sites Increased awareness of the importance of security after this system is implemented brings about more than a 60% reduction in security violations Provides enhanced physical access and security control Intelligent Security Innovation from the earlier age of securi- ty control that checks only entrance to site into a new age of security control that tracks all flow throughout the site Innovation towards a pre-detection era through the intelligent analysis of accumulated location data Server Area Non-Allowed Area Non-Allowed Area Allowed Area Office Room Control Room Unit Room Meeting Room Toilet Location Tracking Zone Tracking Entrance Analysis Temperature & Humidity Control Unauthorized Area Notification Case Study : Security ‒ Real-time location-based access control solution
  12. 12. Kangbuk Samsung Hospital - Tracking and managing mobile assets in hospitals Needs Analysis Cope with a dire shortage of nursing staff since the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS) outbreak in 2015 Increase productivity of nurses before hiring new ones. Internal studies show that nurses could spend between 30 min to 1 hour per day looking for “assets” Understand how and which important assets are used (from medical devices to beds or wheelchairs) Utilize the replacement of the old Wi-Fi AP with the new IoT Access Point combining Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Why PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY? Strong understanding of hospital environment and requirements based on PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY’s solution’s deployment to more than 8 hospitals Scalability of a solution that utilizes built-in Bluetooth chip in Wi-Fi Access Point to deliver real-time geolocation with required accuracy Easy to deploy solution with application of nurses and staff to the management dashboard RTLS-based Asset Tracking can significantly improve the productivity of teams, organizations and businesses. Studies show that in many business segments, staff wastes several hours a week just looking for tools or goods to perform their day-to-day tasks. By getting an immediate response to the question “Where is that stuff?” they can regain time to accomplish crucial and important tasks. Beyond Asset tracking, management can also build Asset Intelligence ‒ meaning that knowing how the assets move inside the company, they can obtain more business intelligence to optimize processes, use data-driven decisions on whether to purchase additional equipment or not, renegotiate their maintenance contracts with suppliers, and refine the management of some key elements of their inventory. Case Study : Productivity ‒ Real Time Asset Tracking and Asset Intelligence
  13. 13. ID Category A Area Pulse Checker 01 Wheel Chair 01 STRECHER CART 01 3F Search Enter the Asset Name New Building Password Log-in Asset Search What is the value of RTLS? Key features and expected benefits Easy way to register assets (used by nurses), search, set favorite “assets” for repetitive use Receive notifications on particular changes to location to prevent theft and/or loss Full mobility with mobile application available on Android based smart devices used by the nurses and web applica- tion available for management and IT department Immediate freeing up of previous wasted search time (just a few seconds away from knowing where to get things) Development of new purchases and maintenance plans based on data insights Samsung IoT AP (WEA 403SI) WI-FI AP + Bluetooth BLE Signal Scanning is supported with bundled SW ( IndoorPlus+ RTLS) Future Plan and Expansion Gain Back 1 Hour a Day Extension of the number and type of assets tracked Finalizing OEM supply of RTLS solution to Samsung Electronics Enterprise Division Collaboration with other major Wi-Fi AP vendors Gain back 1 hour a day to concentrate on core tasks and patient care Take decision based on Asset Intelligence (data driven) The Only Proven Solution with Wi-Fi AP The only proven solution using built-in BLE Chipset in Wi-Fi AP as Bluetooth Scanner / Gateway Customers do not need to install a separate BLE Gateway which is a benefit for total TCO Coin battery [320mA] Gyro/Accelerometer Sensor RTC / LED Case Study : Productivity ‒ Real Time Asset Tracking and Asset Intelligence
  14. 14. Needs Analysis Up to 100 days of processes are required for the produc- tion of one finished product. Due to the nature of aviation engine parts, accurate lead-time should be kept (for evidence in case of accidents) Currently, the bar code reader is used but it is difficult to trust the total process time measurement due to human error. The RTLS system enables the user to find engine parts quickly if they scattered here and there. It will optimize the labor working time, and determine the proper quanti- ty of stock. Moreover, it will prevent the loss of parts Why PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY? Provides the only solution that has passed PoC in a tough environment such as various steel structures in the factory, chemical washing process and chemical treatment Provides stable framework for interworking with various legacy systems such as SAP ERP including external event linkage Provides high accuracy compared to RFID and stable perfor- mance compared to UWB for optimized solution in Smart Factory Real Time Location and Smart Sensor Solution is a key element technology for Industry 4.0, including Smart Factory, Business Analytics, IoT Sensor Analytics, and Location Tracking. Find a solution for your organization through case studies of IndoorPlus+ RTLS solution from PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY based on security, safety and productivity. Case Study : Others Hanwha Techwin Aero Engines factory - Efficiency and optimization of process through tracking of part positions in processes
  15. 15. CJ Korea Express - By reducing the total turnaround time through efficient vehicle control within the logistics center enabled two deliveries per day Needs Analysis Locate and control the indoor vehicle for optimization and automation of operations at the largest logistics center in Asia scheduled to open in July 2018 Automated Process. Due to the nature of the logistics industry, if the END to END process is not automated, it will result in a mid-roll phenomenon, which will adversely affect the efficiency of existing IT investments such as automated sorting system. Efficiency. If the system can assign a vehicle to the right parking area, such as nearest empty space, it will reduce turnaround time by 5 ~ 10 minutes for each vehicle, it will result in dramatically fast express deliveries. Why PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY? Utilizes proven, reliable technologies applied to dozens of customer sites Optimizes cell planning and directional antenna for vehicle control, providing location accuracy of around 3m in the Benchmarking Test. Provides Massive Signal Handling Engine to locate 1,000 vehicles simultaneously. Provides the algorithm to find out the fastest vehicle routing path and the total time required from a certain location to target parking place for loading operation. Case Study : Others
  16. 16. Android 4.3 or later Support for iOS 7.0 or later Mobile SDK High Capacity Signal Processing Engine Open API Location Engine Highest level of precision globally (about 1~2m) More than 100,000 times per second of high-capacity signal processing engine Restful API, MSMQ, etc. Providing API for linking with other systems TheIndoorPlus+Solutionprovidestwotypesofservices.OneisIndoorPlus+LBS,whichprovidesservicesthroughasmartphone withalocationbeaconattachedtoafixedlocation.TheothertypeisIndoorPlus+RTLS,whichprovidesaservicewithaBluetooth Tag (attached to moving objects and people) and a Bluetooth Gateway. Through various devices and features such as : IndoorPlus+ RTLS compatible hardware and dedicat- ed hardware, Mobile SDK for Android, IOS, RESTful Open API, Location engine with highest precision, sensor signal acquisition and filtering core engine, mass signal processing engine, geo fencing, indoor map management, BLE gateway control, we provide END to END solutions for worker safety management, location based access control security, asset manage- ment, and warehouse management. A unique combination of two types of solutions provided with the same platform We Provide Total Solutions BLE Location Beacon at fixed location + Smartphone Usage : O2O marketing, Indoor Navigation, Indoor Positioning, Location-based personalization Target content delivery IndoorPlus+ LBS Wearable type, moving type BLE Tag + BLE Gateway Usage : worker safety management, access security, asset management, warehouse management, vehicle tracking IndoorPlus+ RTLS AssetsVehicles Workers Indoor Map Route Guidance : B Region 1F → B Region 3F Go straight for 100 meters and then turn right. Compatible Location Beacon & Sensor Tag (30 types) IndoorPlus+ Gateway & IndoorPlus for RTLS+ Inside WI-FI AP (2 types) Customizable Back Office Indoor Map / Geo Fencing Dashboard / Gateway Control Various Settings / Layout / Log Statistics Indoor Navigation Worker Safety Management Access Control Security Asset Management Application applied to actual site (as of Oct, 2017) Indoor Map Route Guidance : B Region 1F → B Region 3F Go straight for 100 meters and then turn right.
  17. 17. Dedicated Hardware Details The antenna of BLE Scanner can be of various types and be replaced with a directional one (antenna). IndoorPlus+ 8 Port BLE Gateway Replaceable BLE Scanner IndoorPlus+ BLE Gateway (IP-BH-8P)Model Name Main Features Benefits and Advantages Installation Location Collects the signal of the BLE tag through the BLE Scanner Transmits and pre-processes collected BLE Tag signals, load balancing, the IndoorPlus+ server Gateway powered by PoE (also supports power supply) Gateway serves as a PoE switch and powers the BLE Scanner Remote firmware update, Live checking One BLE Gateway can cover and extend to 8 BLE scanners and handles the signals through them, it reduces overall hardware costs Powered by UTP cable and connected up to MAX 300m, optimized for various spatial structures Provides optimized RTLS by easily replacing various antennas suitable for special cases such as directional antenna Also serves as a separate beacon signal transmitter TPS(Telephone Pipe Shaft), EPS (Electronic Pipe Shaft) ROOM, install in network rack If there is a problem with the cable distance, install a cradle and install in a common indoor space. Total of 8 scanners supported by 1 gateway Up to 300m through UTP Cable (Cat 5 or 6)
  18. 18. Differentiated Features of PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY's RTLS Solution Seven different features for successful business execution 5 KEY POINTS 05 Offers immediate technical support and customization according to customer requirement Focus on Field Easy to expand Support Expert Finance Approaching Strategy Provides optimized solution for various space structure and USE CASE01 01 Maximizes Space by Utilizing 8 Port IndoorPlus + Gateway up to BLE Scanners up to 300m 02 Supports various USE CASES with highly scalable directional antenna Easy to expand with Platform + Application structure 02 03 People tracking, asset tracking, and security and other applications are supported by one same platform 04 The only company that has both Indoor LBS (works on SmartPhone) and RTLS solutions Provides a Total Solution from HW to SW 03 Is a proven solution applied to dozens of customers including in Korea and overseas04 06 Is a professional company that has mainly focused on and has expertise in Bluetooth based Indoor LBS and RTLS solutions PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY is supported by well-known Korean Venture Capitals with several raising funds for us 05 07 Since 2014, we have steadily been earning profits and have secured a stable financial structure.
  19. 19.