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Slides from Jonathan Campos and Antonio Holguin's 360|Flex Presentation "Making It Mobile"

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Making it mobile_360_flex_jonathancampos_antonioholguin

  1. 1. Who We AreAntonio Holguin• ACP• Designer at Smashing Ideas• blog:• twitter: @antonioholguinJonathan Campos • ACP • UGM • Director of Software Development at Dedo Inc. • blog: • twitter: @jonbcampos
  2. 2. Where Youve Seen Us
  3. 3. Heres Whats Coming• Planning Your Mobile Application• Working In Teams• Visual and Interaction Design• Graphic Optimization• List and View Optimization• MVC for Flex Hero• User Tracking• Multi-Screen Best Practices• Deploying• Maintaining
  4. 4. Agreeing on a Workflow• Phases of development• Target Device List• Design Asset Preparation and Delivery• Wireframe -> Deployment• Code Layout and Formatting
  5. 5. Code Layout• Come Up With A Convention• Stick With It!• Check Out:•
  6. 6. • Flow Chart doesnt need to be perfect• Wireframes as grey squares• What screens go where and how to get to them• Be sure all buttons are accounted for, including hardware• How much are you displaying on screen at a given time?• Consider Interactions/Gestures early• Understand that things WILL change
  7. 7. • Create Value Objects• MVC Structure • Checkout RobotLegs• Test and Create Services• Setup Data Models• Create Custom Events
  8. 8. M-V-C-S
  9. 9. • Theorize Design Concept• Research• 1 - 2 screens to get the look• Choosing Fonts / Color• Get It On A Device!• Thinking about Multiple Screen Resolutions• Pixel Perfection!
  10. 10. Pixel Perfection
  11. 11. • View/Mediator Layout• Unit Test Mediators• CSS Sheets • ID Selections • CSS Classes• Flow Layouts• Connect Mediators with Models
  12. 12. Advanced CSS (not that advanced...)ID Selectors Class Selectors
  13. 13. Custom SkinsMXML Actionscript
  14. 14. • Render Remaining Screens and Elements• Do NOT hand off PSDs• Flatten, Save for Web, Deliver End Files (PNGs / JPGs)• All button states, including toggles, must be accounted for• Save for Multiple Screen Resolutions• Adding Sound • MP3s are smaller, but a little slower, have "hiccup" • WAVs are bigger, but sound better
  15. 15. • Import and Optimize• Update Skins• Relayout Views• Designer can help
  16. 16. • Icons - 512, 128, 114, 90, 72, 57, 50, 48, 36, 29, 16 • Just make them all at once, its easier.• Promo Images - Most Optional • Android Market: 180w x 120h 1024w x 500h • Amazon AppStore: Use Android images• Videos - Android only - Optional but good.• Screenshots - Make them interesting, show your app in action Do not include status bar on iOS
  17. 17. • User Tracking • GA for Flash • Full Google Analytics Stack• ANT Scripts• Markets • icons • descriptions • videos • images• Application Descriptor
  18. 18. • Test, Test, Test.• Put on as many devices as possible.• Test to break. Test to win. Test to lose.• Try every scenario that may happen.• Beta Testers?
  19. 19. • Release CheckList • iOS: Check your provisioning profile • Check your app id • Check your permissions • Check your api keys • Verify your testing• Include good contact information
  20. 20. Device Vendor Markets Cost Moderated Limitation Credits Google $25 no none none(Android) Amazon $99/year yes none none(Android) (first waived)App World $200/10 no/tested none 10 (BB) vendor creditsApp Store $100/year yes 100 none (iOS)
  21. 21. • Each release WILL be problematic• Communicate what has changed to users• 3rd party apis• Users will forgive an update MORE than a broken app• Don’t release too often• Update based on User Feedback
  22. 22. Thanks for coming! Contact Jonathan: Contact Antonio: @jonbcampos