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  1. 1. Corporate Presentation 1
  2. 2. Vision and Mission TC2 is a young and dynamic testing, inspection and Certifications group of companies, based in Curno (BG), close to Milano Area. Thanks to our experience and competence we have acquired considerable experience to be competitive on every markets such as Oil & Gas, Heavy Industries, Electrical Components, Complete Skids, Flanges, Piping and Rotating. We consider the professional education, knowledge of the market and training as a “must” for our professional activities ensuring an high standard services, through continuous training and education programs of our employee staff. 2
  3. 3. COST REDUCTION – CLIENT SIDE HIGH QUALITY SERVICE EXPERTISE & PRECISION QUALITY AND SAFETY Vision Our vision is to offer, at a competitive price, high standard services. Target Quality and safety of products, machinery ,equipment subject to our accredited independent evaluations Network Thanks to our network of inspectors also, we can offer a full coverage of ITALY ,EUROPE, UAE and ASIA PACIFIC. Philosophy Knowledge, professionalism, precision are our attitude to ensuring the satisfaction of our costumers as our priority. Vision and Mission
  4. 4. Our Business Units 4
  5. 5. Our Business Units CS-BU • Management System Certifications • Competence Certifications & Training: 1.Non Destructive Examination Operators 2.Internal Auditors 3.Welding Inspectors and Coordinators • Third Party Inspection (TPI) including: 1.Conformity Mark 2.Type Approval Tests Certifications 3.Indipendent assesment on production processes 4.Metallic Material Certifications (type 3.2) 5.Validation of WPS/PQR QAS-BU • Vendor Inspection • Vendor Expediting • Vendor Assesment • Technical Audit • Product Audit • Technical and Engineering Services • Product Certifications and Material Data Book Validation CND-BU • Utrasonic Examination • Liquid Penetrant Examination • Magnetic Particle Examination • Visual Examination • Positive Material Identification 5
  6. 6. Company Certifications QMS ISO 9001:2008 Certification FPAL Approved supplier 6
  7. 7. 7 3 3 3 600+ 2 Staff Inspectors Back Office NTD Operator Management 4 Structure and Organization from 2017 10 Contractor Inspectors Compliance Office Quality and ISO 17020 HSE Coordinator Internal Auditor and technical committee Sales Manager Inspections and TPI Competences and Certifications
  8. 8. Regional offices for Inspections 8
  9. 9. Inspection Services Delivery 9
  10. 10. Italy: 175 UK: 160 Romania: 50 France: 65 Germany: 41 Spain: 32 Total: 600+ Italy 37% UK 34% Romania 11% France 9% Germany 7% Spain 2% Network of Inspectors
  11. 11. Inspections Manpower: Skills Our data base is made by fully qualified engineers in the following areas: • Mechanical Inspectors • Welding Inspectors • NDE Inspectors • Saudi Aramco Inspectors • E&I Inspectors Mechanical Inspectors 36% Welding Inspectors 22% NDE Inspectors 22% Saudi Aramco Inspectors 7% E&I Inspectors 13% SKILL SET Ispectors Skills 11
  12. 12. Breakdown of Revenue: NonDestructive Testing : 2% Training and Competences : 7% MS Certifications & Product Certifications (TPI) : 10% I&E as subcontractor of Italian Agencies : 5% I&E as subcontractor of Foreing Agencies :51% I&E on behalf of Direct client : 25% 2% 7% 10% 5% 51% 25% Sales of Services NDT&Cons. Training Services MS Cert. & TPI I&E for Italian agencies I&E for foreing agencies I&E on behalf of Direct Client Eco-Fin Data 12
  13. 13. Breakdown of Revenue: NonDestructive Testing : 2% Training and Competences : 2% MS Certifications: 2% Product Certifications (TPI) : 14% I&E as subcontractor of Italian Agencies : 3% I&E as subcontractor of Foreing Agencies : 52% I&E on behalf of Direct client : 25% 2% 2% 2% 14% 3% 52% 25% Sales of Services NDT&Cons. Training Services MS Cert TPI I&E for Italian agencies I&E for foreing agencies I&E on behalf of Direct Client Eco-Fin Data 13
  14. 14. Proactive and Dynamic Approach Skilled Staff of 10 Inspectors Engineer (in Italy), and pool of Freelance Inspectors and network all around Europe Continuous improvement of skill and training activities of internal staff Continuous training of staff inspectors Strenght and Capability Skilled Inspector Engineer: ARAMCO, Coating, Welding; NDT; Lead Auditor QEH&S
  15. 15. Traceability of each activity carried out thru ERP software for job management Citrix server with full access for each user to the library of standards and reporting Continuous improvement of skill and training activities of internal staff Strenght and Capability Competitive rates
  16. 16. Recruiting and Qualification new Inspectors and Auditors Develop of Third Party Inspections and Certifications according with ISO 17065 and ISO 17024 Establishment of JV, Consortium, Partnership with International company, Networking Opportunities Improvement of administration and coordination team in order to more proactive
  17. 17. List of major Project Client Project Name Vendor Equipment Chevron Mafumeira sul project Cameron and relevant subsupplier Ball Valves Subsea valves Saipem Welding Qualification FB ITMI (sub supplier of Dresser rand) Fabbrication of Skid 3K Engineering Steel Structure Vitas Gate Valves Moffat 2000 ltd Receptacle and cap screw Tecnoforge Fittings Alfa Engineering Insulation Joint Simas Hot Induction Bend VAN LEEUWEN CS pipe ICOM Steel Structures ABV Velan Ball Valves 17
  18. 18. Client Project Name Vendor Equipment HHI Goliat Solent & Wright ltd Butterfly Valves ATV Subsea Valves Petrolvalves Subsea Valves HHI BADAMYAR PROJECT BFE Gate/globe/Check valves Khrone Rotameter GOL Offshore Limited BPA-BPB-RC Project (ONGCL) Dylan Ltd Flanges NPCC Bunduq OSII NPCC Emerson Romania Valves and Flowmeter L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Pvt Ltd MHNRD III 5WPP Pipelilne Eng. Ltd Valves FPE – Full Power Energy Co. Ltd FHI SMC Limay uni1# 1-2 Power Plant (263) SOLCON Industries Ltd Medium Voltage SOLCON Soft Starters YINSON Ghana OCTP Development Prj Grupo Navec DIESEL HEATER List of major Project 18
  19. 19. Client Project Name Vendor Equipment HHI NASR Prj GENP and relevant subsupplier Compressors and their components FOMAS Quality Audit Fondinox Quality Audit GENP Bari Pumps ATV Subsea Valves FIVES Steel Structure Italkrane Krane Belleli NASR Pressure Vessels GENP Vibo Heat Exchanger Perar Ball Valves Weir Pumps Pumps Much More List of major Project 19
  20. 20. Client Project Name Vendor Equipment SMOE Culzean Project Officine Luigi Resta Heat Exchanger GBA Flare Package Peroni Pompe Pumps and relevant components including vessels Sangalli & Colleoni Steel structures Metalcam Valve forgings Riganti Valve forgings Much More Chevron Thailand Exploration & Production Ltd CTEP Calmeron Valves Tenaris/Silcotube CS Pipes Cameron Longford Ireland Choke Valves Much More List of major Project 20
  21. 21. Some of our References 21