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Cornetto unilever case history


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When a Flop became a Boom

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Cornetto unilever case history

  1. 1. A global Ice Cream Firm – Case History When a Flop became a Boom
  2. 2. A Brand for our Ice Cream Today everyonerecognize this Brand when we go around the world. They doesn’t need to know the foreign language. The essential is to see this: In a freezer, on a list or on a little Flag You know that you can find your: 1
  3. 3. AN ICONIC PRODUCT Do you know how old it is? 2 57575757 SummersSummersSummersSummers togethertogethertogethertogether
  4. 4. Do you know the story about this product? Today this Ice cream is famous in everywhere all parts of the world where Unilever opereates. We can find Cornetto around the world… but certainly we can’t say that It was born like a success. The birth Cornetto was born in Italy, in a typical Ice cream parlor of Naples, Gelateria Spica, in 1959. The owners of this Ice cream parlor patent this product. The product was genuine but its success had been waiting. 3
  5. 5. Cornetto wanted to be an adolescent In 1976, Unilever across Algida,an italian old company, bought the licence. Algida launched Cornetto in the national market, It carried out this launch with a strong TV advertising campaign. The target of that advertising campaign was direct: “Cornetto is the Ice Cream of youth”. Immediatly Cornetto seduced the heart of italian people. The claim was “Cornetto Algida, cuore di panna” “Cornetto Algida, a heart of cream” 4
  6. 6. Grow up together Cornetto was a summer synonym of Vacation, adolescent lover, friends. And it grewn with its lovers, in Italy but also in Europe. During the 80’s Unilever launched Cornetto in Europe. It was presented as an Italian Ice Cream, and the advertising used classic italian songs like “O sole mio”. Cornetto thanks to Uniliver seduced also all countries where Unilever prduces. It was comercialize in foreign countries, it was incorporated in the offer of the other brands, and the name remains Cornetto. (Miko, Wall’s, Good Humor ecc.). Every company with every brands. 5
  7. 7. A brand – more name During the ’90s Unilever began to unify the different Brands under a common ideogram without changing the labels. Infact until 1998 each country had a ideogram, instead in this year Unilever decided to unify in all countries. Unilever selectied the famous Heart-shape. At the start it was red on yellow in 2003 it changed it’s white on red. 6
  8. 8. Unilever Brand in the world 7
  9. 9. A global Ice Cream Firm – Case History With love From Italy… Antonio Augusto Massimo Bellantonio