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Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies


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Guide designed for Asembio, association of Biotechnology in Chile. The purpose of the publication is to relieve and position companies in the sector to seek investors nationally and internationally.
The conceptualization, the texts, the photography and the direction of art were in charge of Antonio González Grez @grezan2, director of pocketdigital

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Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies

  1. 1. PROLOGUE In Chile the research in biotechnology has been fortified by focusing on the main productive industrial sectors in the country, such as aquaculture, mining, agriculture and for- estry. Nevertheless, and thanks to the search of new devel- opment alternatives, the conducted applied research have provided with a diversification of the types of companies that have arisen. Today this sector comprises an ample array of subsectors such as biomining, biomedicine, biorenewables, agriculture, aquaculture, environment, food and bioprocess among others, all of them which are mainly composed by small and medium companies. The biotechnology industry in Chile is an emerging sector that have research, development and innovation capabilities of high standard, and with highly trained staff as well that can work transversally among the productive sectors, its versa- tility making possible to generate new innovations and com- panies with high growth potential that could lead to patents, products, processes or services. Thanks to the effort and compromise of each member, the leadership and entrepreneurship spirit of those who lead the biotechnology enterprises association, with the support of government entities and new R&D policies in Chile, the sector has been able to carry out the hard task of developing an own brand that allows to identify Chilean biotechnology, bioproducts and services with innovative characteristics and high commercial impact on the market. We would like to invite you to meet Chilean biotechnology, the people who’s behind each enterprise, its daily tasks, its dif- ferentiation grade, its achievements, and grow expectations. -Patricio Araneda H- President Asembio
  2. 2. IN DEX
  3. 3. CHILE BIOTECH ASEMBIO PRO CHILE COMPANIES Activaq Aeon Biogroup Aguamarina AyS lab Bal Chile Biocl Biogram Biosan Biosigma Biotecnor Cells for Cells Covarrubias & Silva Equilab Genoma Mayor Neobiotec Opessa Silva & Cia Escuela de Ingeniería Bioquímica - PUCV Centro Genómica & Bioinformática - U. Mayor Vaccimed BIOTECHNOLOGY CLUSTER 08 10 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48 52 56 60 64 68 72 76 80 84 88 92
  4. 4. CHILE BIOTECH Chilebiotech, a sectorial brand for chilean biotechnology, is an initiative that was born with the objective of promot- ing the national biotechnology industry in the world, first in the United States and the Latin America, showing Chile as a place to invest in research and development. Chilebiotech is a joint work between the Chilean Gov- ernment, by its External Relations Secretaryship, with ProChile, and with the Sectorial Brand Subdirection of the Asociación Chilena de Empresas de Biotecnología (Asem- bio), and organization that represents professionals and companies that participate in research, development, pro- duction and commercialization of biotechnological prod- ucts and services. We look to give continuity to the chilean biotechnological industry in the United States and Latin America, giving their associates a light in the international context, pro- moting the national image around the world with the goal of promoting competitiveness and entrepreneurship of na- tional companies, all of this through its brand ChileBiotech. The aim of this sectorial brand is: · To position Chilebiotech in the United States and Latin America markets. · To facilitate contact generation between represented companies and those around the world, thanks to the 08 09 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  5. 5. strategic alliance with BayBio, Asebio and Amcham. · To promote every biotechnology cluster that has devel- oped in Chile. In Chile, the biotechnology sector is an emerging and global one, having the capabilities of promoting in a hori- zontal way most of the national industries, as well as the creation of new companies with high growth potential. The focus of the brand is to generate encounters and ne- gotiations among companies and with those of the Unit- ed States (mostly because their industrial leadership in entrepreneurship, investment and development), but also looking for networking with Latin America’s companies thanks to the Pacific Alliance of which Chile is a member. Because of this Chilebiotech participates in different ac- tivities, events and fairs that allow it to position the brand in the market, establishing strategic alliances and net- works with national and international companies, work- ing alongside BayBio, Asebio and Amcham.
  6. 6. ASEMBIO Asociación Chilena de Empresas de Biotecnología (ASEM- BIO), was born on 2004 to improve the development and cooperation between companies and all other national organizations of the biotechnology sector. Today it counts more than 50 companies who work in different areas of this science. In spite of its relative short time, the Associ- ation has been capable to establish strong relationships with government entities and international organizations that promote biotechnology both in Chile and the rest of the world. Asembio is a member of the Federación Latinoamericana de Empresas de Biotecnología – FELAEB – and has tight relationships with other similar organizations like Bio- technology Industry Organization – BIO - , making pos- sible to their associates to access a wide network of the biotechnological industry. Asembio is currently working to improve its representa- tion by including more companies and other stakeholders that weren’t considered the first time, like universities with research capabilities, technological centers and transna- tional companies that have biotechnological process in their production line. The objective is to position Chilean biotechnology in the United States and Latin America, giv- ing their associates a light in the international context and fortifying national competitiveness and entrepreneurship, particularly by the use of the ChileBiotech brand. 10 11 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  7. 7. On a national level, Asembio looks to generate interest on other companies, being an inspiration for the establishment of new business lines, opening the market for new technologies. This would position Chile as a bio- technological center on an international level. In all its tasks, every year Asembio shows chilean biotech- nology in international fairs, like BIO International Convention in the United States, Biolatam and Biotechni- ca in Europe. In Chile, the biotechnology area has an ample array of sectors, among them: · Biomining. · Biomedicine. · Biorenewvable. · Agriculture. · Aquaculture. · Environmental biotechnology. · Food biotechnology. · Bioprocesses. Most of the investigation in biotechnology done in Chile is geared towards the needs of exportation industries, like aquaculture, mining, agricultural and forestry sector. Nevertheless, Asembio looks to diversify the number of companies and sectors that develop new technologies and are apt to international commercialization. Mission We want to be the voice of professionals and companies that are involved in the search, research, development, production and marketing of biotechnology. By way of entrepreneurship and innovation, we want to promote and further our work, generating a sustainable commercial development of the chilean biotechnological industry. Sectorial · National and international dialogue and promotion. · To facilitate the relationship between the private and ac- ademic sectors. · To facilitate alliances for research and development on a national and international level. · To create conscience in society of the importance of bi- otechnology. · To have and active participation within the regulatory standards of the industry. Entrepreneurship · To develop regional/national/international networks. · To fortify biotechnological innovation and entrepreneur- ship as an essential factor for the economic growth of the country. · To develop technological transfer capabilities and hu- man resources. International · To promote industry internationalization.
  8. 8. PRO-CHILE ProChile is the entity in charge of promoting chilean goods and services exports, attracting external investment. They lend their experience, information and knowledge to all the country, aiming to facilitate the internationalization process for all those companies that wish to export or that could export in the near future. It looks to intensify the production of goods and services, and associative work between companies, integrating both public and private sectors with the common goal of promoting the economic development of the country. With different tools and services adjusted accordingly to the needs of exporters in the process of internationaliza- tion, ProChile looks to add value to products and services that composes the offer given, generating more and bet- ter business opportunities for Chile. It has a national network composed by 15 Export Centers, on in every region of the country that helps every com- pany that wishes to export worldwide. Every one of this centers have a team of professionals that know regional production characteristics and are capable of orienting exporters with specialized information that will facilitate the opening process. 12 13 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  9. 9. In the same way there is an external network composed by 54 Commercial Offices, strategically located in the most important markets around the world, and open for everyone that need their services. All of them have profes- sionals that are constantly monitoring opportunities, ten- dencies and requirements of those markets, connecting what is offered in Chile with importers, distributors, and leaders whose opinion are important in their countries. Besides promoting the economic development of Chile, our work includes transmitting the image of our coun- try throughout the world, so our products and services be recognized not only by their quality but also for their origin and other attributes that Chile has, like our people, ge- ography, array of climates, political, social and economic stability, among others.
  10. 10. Services Offered Last generation of biotherapeutics in veterinary industry of aquaculture. We aim to the animal production market with safe, sustainable and high efficiency biological products. We developed a fish behavior control at immune response level (Inmunetrack ®) and oxidative stress control (Oxitrack ®) technology. Private and public Project collaboration Activaq participates in “Ictio Biotechnologies”, Aquaculture San- ity Technological Consortium for transmissible disease preven- tive tools development. This consortium, funded in January 2014 is composed by five research entities: Blumar, Ventisqueros, Australis, USACH and Activaq, and is founded with $7 million USD (50% of total founding) by a contribution from the Chilean Goverment (CORFO) for the next seven years. ”We develop products of biological origin for therapeutical ends in aquaculture, with a preventive look as we develop sanitary solutions, optimizing the production without greater harm to the environment” -Geraldine Mlynarz- Name Activaq S.A. Adress General Del Canto 460, Providencia Postal Code/City 7500652, Santiago Legal Representative Geraldine Mlynarz Contact Geraldine Mlynarz Phone +56 2-22363022 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 13 Founding Date 2011 16 17 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  11. 11. “Integral preventive treatments through biotherapeutical processes in aquaculture”.
  12. 12. WHO WE ARE Activaq is a biotechnological company oriented to solution development in the sanitary area of veterinary, producing animal food with emphasis in aquaculture. The company is dedicated to the development of biotherapeutical processes for salmon industry. It also has an area of immunogenomics with its laboratory for dioxin detection, on which its technol- ogy is founded. Years of experience in research and development have al- lowed Activaq to implement platforms that lead to the animal production market with biological products that are effec- tives, safe and sustainable. WHAT WE DO The company have many years of experience allowing them to understand the relationship between research and indus- try, generating instances for connections between universi- ties, organizations and the industry, promoting technological transfer as a coordinating partner between them. Currently is organizing a technological consortium, “Ictius Biotechnology”, between five partners, implementing a new cooperation model between public and private stakeholders. Its aim is to work on fish immunity through biotherapeutic technology, minimizing the risk to the final consumer and the environment. Activaq differentiates themselves from the competition by offering an integral array of products and services. By be- ing capable of monitoring the level of immune response and the oxidative stress on fish, Activaq can condition the gene expression with biotherapeutics, favoring control and protec- tion of diseases in salmonids. THE FUTURE The next challenge is to consolidate and finish the eleven projects currently in execution, each of them a different ap- proximation to know diseases of national and international importance in aquaculture, having these products available in no more than five years from now. 18 19 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  13. 13. ” We develop a natural biotechnology that imitates the high efficiency of nature and is capable of unlueash the full potential of life. One of our products is Algae Circle, based on a cellular functioning, we design cultivation plants as a living organism.” -Alfonso Navarro Echenique- Services Offered Commercial culture facility of Spirulina in Chile as a “key-in- hand” project. Algae Circles advanced cultures technology. R&D project development in microalgae. Private and public Project collaboration AEON - Algae Circles Prototyping CORFO, 11IEI-12851 Algae Circles scaling. FIA PYT2011-0051 Spirulin production with CO2 from wine fermentation. CORFO - Fundacion Chile -DHA-rich autotrophic microalgae. CONICYT - UCV - Phytases production via genetically modi- fied microalgae. FIA - Austral Biotech - Salmonid immunostimulant microal- gae development Name Aeon Biogroup SpA Adress El bosque sur 77 of 1, Las Condes Postal Code/City 7550269, Santiago Legal Representative Alfonso Navarro Echenique Contact Alfonso Navarro Echenique Phone +56 9-92258585 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 9 Founding Date 2010 20 21 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  14. 14. “Biotechnology that simulates nature”.
  15. 15. WHO WE ARE Aeon Biogroup is a company that develop innovative systems for microalgae cultivation, focusing on biomass production for food, oils, nutraceuticals and biochemical products. The main point of Aeon is in its microalgae cultivation tech- nology, with their exclusive design Algae Circle, which is a technology that uses HPBR (hybrid photobiorreactor) and can facilitate the cultivation of microalgae, incorporating carbon dioxide that is compatible with an industrial scale production, without losing yield and efficiency. WHAT WE DO Aeon Biogroup has developed a cultivation methodology that encompasses a tank and all the necessary equipment need- ed for algae photosynthesis with solar radiation. This method allows to cultivate different strains, but it has been optimized for commercial production, like those that generate fatty ac- ids rich in omega 3 or DHA. The main advantage of our system is a better yield by area than the conventional systems, and with a product of better quality. Although the installation cost is a little bit higher, the operation costs associated with the system are lower than other alternatives. We bring effective and innovative technologies to the industry, not only as a way to produce on an industrial scale, but also from the commercial point of view. For this it has a sister com- pany named “Aqua Solar”, who dedicates to the commercial aspect of the business, offering the microalgae cultivation system as a fully operational packet to investors who want to enter the industry, taking care from the site preparation, staff contracts, system installation, and distribution management. With this it applies the concept of “key-in-hand”, making it easier for the investor to control its operation. Currently Aeon is selling plants to produce spirulin, but it will soon have a design to cultivate Chlorella, and in no more than a year, a system for species that produce DHA. THE FUTURE Investment in biotechnology has always been a high risk en- deavor. However Aeon Biogroup has taken care of all the previ- ous steps needed to not just only make a technological transfer, but to minimize all potential risks present, giving a fully tested alternative. This makes our offer a more secure investment for potential investors. Our challenge is now to grow the number of designs so as to reach a bigger market in the microalgae indus- try. We are constantly testing our technology in an industrial scale, allowing us to offer this system as an alternative on a world-wide range, bringing new clients and investors to this area of biotech- nology, minimizing their risks. Aeon Biogroup can and will facil- itate this entry, taking advantage of the potential that the natural conditions have in Chile. 22 23 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  16. 16. ”In agua Marina we seek for solutions to problems arising in the mining industry, and we would like to be recognized as an innovative company, a company that it’s capable of taking the knowledge derived from test tubes and take them to industrial applications in a fast way.” -Pamela Chavez Crooker- Name Aguamarina S.A. Adress General Borgoño 934 of. 403 Postal Code/City 1270242, Antofagasta Legal Representative Pamela Chavez Crooker Contact Pamela Chavez Crooker Phone +56 9-98957049 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 25 Founding Date 2007 Services Offered Developers biotechnology for the mining industry. 24 25 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  17. 17. “Technological developers”.
  18. 18. WHO WE ARE Agua Marina is a company dedicated to biotechnological de- velopment, with a focus in the mining industry, to resolve the great challenges of this industry, like particle material con- trol, use of hydric resources, biocorrosion, bioleaching, and other areas. Agua Marina is part of a new type of companies in the country which have been developing on the last few years, and that make a lot of innovation through research and development. We center in an applied research, complementing industrial biotechnology. WHAT WE DO Today the specialization level of Agua Marina is one of the highest, and it’s involved in frontier problems of biotechnolo- gy and industry. Even with their capabilities to make products and offer services, companies often lack the vision needed for the application of their products, or needs more infor- mation about industrial escalation for their process, a point where Agua Marina enters and take part. Besides being a developer and have its own products and services, it also has distribution channels for the needs of the mining industry, for biotechnological products and services. On the other hand it combines scientific research with process and industrial developments. Agua Marina is a relevant actor that develops technology, specifically alternative technology as solutions for process problems and that as today lacks other solutions available or have a high cost associated. It is because of that that biotech- nology offers more economical alternatives, and even if cost the same, is it more environment friendly. We look to improve value and sustainability to industrial process. Currently the company has clients in the United States, the Japanese Government, exploration projects in Chile and Peru with Anglo American. We believe in an expansion to Peru, Co- lombia and Mexico as well. THE FUTURE In the near future the company would want to become a tech- nological center in the region, relating investment funds with biotechnological products escalation; forming new networks between the community, industry and research, generating a positive and effective contribution to the community. To in- corporate technological development in the mining industry, and make them available to other industries as well, like ag- riculture, aquaculture and others. 26 27 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  19. 19. ”Our main resource is our wide experience supported by a high amount of projects exe- cuted, also, the recognition and service outsourcing by the Chilean Agricultural and Live- stock Service (SAG) provides us in an reliable organization in agriculture and livestock market” -Mónica Santalices A.- Services Offered · Diagnosis and analysis in the agricultural, livestock and food sector. · Advising services in: biotechnological projects, implementation of analytical methods, quality standards and patenting. · Technical support with analytical instruments. · Training in analytical and technical methodologies. Commercialization of: · Certified and traceable standards and patterns. · Process and analytical instrumentation related projects. Private and public Project collaboration · Public projects: Corfo, FIA, Fondecyt, Conicty. · Private projects for companies in the plaguicide area: bio- products, vineyards, olive crops, mining industry. Name AyS Lab Adress Portugal 1501 Postal Code/City 8360473, Santiago Legal Representative Mónica Santalices A. Nibaldo Apablaza R. Contact Mónica Santalices A. Phone +56 2-25551260 +56 9-92318903 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 10 Founding Date 1993 28 29 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  20. 20. “Advice and R&D&i services with extensive experience”.
  21. 21. WHO WE ARE AySLAB is an advice and diagnosis laboratory in agricultural, livestock and food areas, founded in 1993, it offers nematods, bacteria, virus and fungi analysis with standard procedures and from 2005, international food market analysis protocols and standards were incorporated in AySLAB. WHAT WE DO AySLAB started their operations in 1993 with an important client portfolio which belongs to the highest agriculture and livestock activity in Chile, these clients supports AySLAB experience, they constantly requests R&D studies in the re- search and deploy steps. AySLAB has a multidisciplinary professional team and the highest infrastructure laboratory for project, analysis, ad- vice and biotechnological service development, which can be classified in Plant Biotechnology, Food Biotechnology, Molec- ular Analysis, Microbiology, Bioprocesses and Biotechnology Projects. All these services that AySLAB offers are based on innova- tive solutions, environmentally friendly and at what the cli- ent needs. They also offer project writing services, financing source search, new business and/or productive unit devel- opment. THE FUTURE To evolve as an analysis service, mainly increasing our field- work team, as our strongest factor that grows as a future differentiation unit because it allows increasing customer re- lationships and have new clients. The main challenge is to develop us in food area, focused in international markets streams which is harder than local markets, so we can get into Latin America agricultural and livestock markets. 30 31 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  22. 22. “We are an innovative company, seeking new markets not yet explored that have high potential. We want to be recognized as pioneers and leaders in commercial cultivation of brown algae in Chile, and in applied research for value generation”. -Javier Infante- Services Offered · Macroalgae cultivation: Seedlings and biomass production of Macrocystis pyrifera. · Algae biomass transformation into biofuels and chemicals of high market vaue. ·Analysis laboratory. Private and public Project collaboration · Project 09CTEI-6866 “Biotechnological consortium for R&D&i for biofuels production from the algae Macrocystis pyrifera” Innova Corfo. · Project 12IEAT-16310 “Research, development and pro- curement of chemicals of high market value in global mar- kets, from native chilean macroalgae” Innova Corfo. Name Bal Chile S.A. Consorcio BalBiofuels S.A. Adress Camino a Chinquihue km.6 Postal Code/City 5480000, Puerto Montt Legal Representative Javier Infante R. Daniel Chamorro Contact Javier Infante R. Phone +56 65-2335579 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 17 Founding Date 2011 32 33 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  23. 23. “Leaders in applied research and cultivation for the commercialization of macroalgae”.
  24. 24. yield and making it feasible on an economic consideration. These two technological platforms will generate important productive capabilities in the country, as well as further re- search and development associated with them, obtaining in- novative technologies with which produce the raw material and its posterior processing, contributing to the diversifica- tion of aquaculture in the country, and the research in bio- fuels production and renewable chemicals. BAL is the only company in Chile and the world that has a cultivation system for Macrocystis pyrifera that functions on a commercial scale. After four years of investigation and sca- ling up, we can obtain algae on a consistent and sustainable basis. Algae are excellent as a raw material but the natural prairies doesn’t’ support commercial exploitation, reason why the future of the algae industry must rely on sustainable production systems. Our experience and technology for their cultivation can deliver to the needs of the industry, and we have more than 3.500 [Ha] of aquaculture concessions at the south of Chile, basis for the algae industry developing. THE FUTURE We want to be leaders in algae culture as part of this rising algae industry with high potential in Chile, producing raw materials and products with a high economic potential to su- pply local and international markets. We will incorporate new species who will allow us to amplify new products spectra, growing even higher with our laboratory and pilot plant to raise our capacity of processing, research and development. WHO WE ARE Bio Architecture Lab (BAL) is a company dedicated to biote- chnology and cultivation systems, that has managed to in- tegrate two key technological aspects for the development of a competitive and sustainable production process for a number of products, all based on macroalgae (Macrocystis pyrifera) as raw material, particularly for biofuels, chemicals and food ingredients. WHAT WE DO The main developments of the company consists in two ser- vices: 1. Cultivation technologies: BAL has developed a new tech- nology for massive production of the algae Macrocystis pyri- fera in a suspended state, obtaining productivities up to 250 [ton/Ha*year]. Simultaneously BAL is developing a program for genetic improvement for the algae, looking to improve the yield and to develop new varieties of commercial interest for different markets. 2. Pre-treatment and fermentation technologies: This tech- nology was developed and patented by Bio Arquitecture Lab Inc. in the United States. Different microorganisms were de- veloped by biological synthesis and computational enzymatic design, which are capable of fermenting constitutive sugars of brown algae, producing ethanol and other chemical com- pounds of commercial interest. We are currently in an opti- mization stage of the process, looking to improve the overall 34 35 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  25. 25. Name Biocl S.A Adress El Litre 1685, Esquina Plath, Santa Inés Postal Code/City 2530334, Viña del Mar Legal Representative Patricio Araneda Herrera Contact Juliana Castro Londoño Phone +56 32-2111306 +56 9-68197973 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 0-50 Founding Date 2012 Services Offered · Biotechnological hardware pilot and laboratory scale. · Bioproduction services. ”We are a strategic ally for investigation, development, innovation and optimization of our client’s process. We are involved from the conceptualization process to the im- plementation and operation of our designed equipment, which includes both training and advice to your team of professionals.” -Juliana Castro Londoño- 36 37 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  26. 26. “Design, production and capacitation in biotechnological hardware”.
  27. 27. WHO WE ARE We are a company that develops biotechnological hardware to meet the specific needs of our clients. Within our produc- tion capabilities we have bioreactors, autoclaves and differ- ent designs that can be modified by special request of our clients, delivering a new alternative to the biotechnological industry with more versatile and efficient equipment. As we want our process to meet clean production standards, minimizing our impact on the environment, we have adopted ISO 9001:2000 regulations within all our processes. WHAT WE DO Our main competitive advantages arises from our profes- sional team, whose ample experience with reactor design, biological processes, and equipment instrumentation, con- trol and operation, allows them to incorporate your own par- ticular needs in the design of the reactor itself, giving you an equipment that suits to your own particular line of work. We accompany you from the conception and design of the equipment, to its first operation, training the staff responsi- ble for its functioning and following up your progress in time, always available if any needs or questions should arise. Because of our versatility of work, our clients come from dif- ferent types of backgrounds, from universities and investiga- tion centers, to different kind of business with biotechnologi- cal processes, both on a national and international level. THE FUTURE The growing industry of biotechnology requires high quality instrumentation and equipment, within a frame cost that al- lows them to be used by research and development activities. With this in mind, BioCL has taken as its mission to become a partner with their clients, developing new ways to adjust the equipment to their needs. 38 39 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  28. 28. ”Our main purpose is to capture the best of technical, scientific and economic elements to build efficient biotechnological products geared towards the need of the agricultural industry.” -Pedro Miranda M.- Services Offered · Biological products for agricultural production industry, owners of extensive distribution networks. Private and public Project collaboration · Participates as FONDEF Project associated enterprise with multiple universities. · Participates as INNOVA Project associated enterprise in- collaboration with many research institutes and universities. · Runs INNOVA direct financing projects. Name Biogram S.A. Adress Los Canteros 8534, La Reina Postal Code/City 7880340, Santiago Legal Representative Jaime Quiroz García Contact Pedro Miranda M. Phone +56 2-24345144 (Anexo109) E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 25 Founding Date 2004 40 41 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  29. 29. “Especific biotechnological wares for the new challenges in the agroindustry.”.
  30. 30. WHO WE ARE Biogram is a company that produces and commercializes bi- otechnological wares for the agroindustry. Most of our prod- ucts are living organisms that have a relationship with agri- cultural activities, plant, trees and crops strengtheninig, or to control pests and diseases. Our professionals are special- ized in microbiology, biotechnology and process engineering, making them capable to confront both commercial products and process and development. WHAT WE DO What differentiates them is our professional team that have great experience in biotechnology, and is actively involved with the environment. Is this team, as a result of their contin- uous and innovative work with the problems that the industry has today, that have been capable to develope new solutions like biocontrollers, fermentation process’s innova- tions and organic products for the development of new biotechnologi- cal solutions. Our knowledge in this kind of specific solutions have sig- nif- icantly contributed to the challenges assumed by Biogram to give new solutions to the agroindustry. We have a strain collection of fungus, yeast and bacteria that are certified on a global scale, having the specific goal to provide for the needs of their clients. Innovation is one of the fundamental pillars of the compa- ny, moving us to the development of new products for the dis- tribution chain, helping our own distributors, with the cold chain concept. Applying this concept, products can be well maintained in periods of high demand, minimizing losses and spoilage during their shelf life. Thus, Biogram becames a ally for their partners. THE FUTURE Currently the company is developing a project that could pro- duce an important improvement in biological products dis- tribution. The limiting factor for massive biological products distribution is their insufficient shelf life. If we have good re- sults in this project, we’ll be able to better support our distrib- utors and clients, both organic and conventional, by means of the possibility of deliver more competitive products to be commercialized in the country and overseas. If this accom- plishment takes place, Biogram will probably be the leading company in biotechnological development of the country and the region, making a positive contribution to society as well. 42 43 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  31. 31. Services Offered · Human Health · Animal Health · Plant Health · Distribution · Projects Private and public Project collaboration · Molecular diagnostic kits to detect the 40 principal human pathogens through real time PCR. · Development, validation and implementation of a quick technique for the identification of quarantine Pseudococ- cides through molecular tools (PCR), to minimize quarantine rejection of the chilean fruit exports. · Development, validation and implementation of a quick technology for detection and differentiation of national and generic strains for Clostridium difficile bye multiple real time PCR. · Technical feasibility for the development of molecular tools for diagnosis and control of the canine distemper virus. Name Bioscan S.A. Adress Dr. Carlos Charlín 1486, Providencia Postal Code/City 7500000, Santiago Legal Representative Ricardo Perales Aravena Contact Ricardo Perales Aravena Phone +56 2-23740884 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 22 Founding Date 1993 “Our main challenge is to the market to value the method of molecular analysis above the conventional prevention analysis, because their efficiency is near 100%, even saving lives in the process.” -Ricardo Perales Aravena- 44 45 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  32. 32. “Molecular biology pioneer”.
  33. 33. WHO WE ARE Bioscan is a company with 21 years of experience, being the oldest company in Chile and Latin America dedicated to molec- ular biotechnology. From its foundation it has been dedicated to the research in numerous diseases, using the tools given by molecular biology, realizing that this branch of science offered methodologies that could be used to develop new screening and diagnostic technologies that could have more specificity than conventional technologies, and could be used on humans as well as on animals and vegetables. The company has developed 52 different types of tests using PCR techniques, and another 11 using more conventional means. They are grouped in four different diseases families: gynecolog- ical, respiratory systems, systemic and periodontal. There also exists numerous tests for animal and plant health. What differentiates them is the human resources, professionals of different areas from engineering to most of the basic scienc- es. This allow Bioscan to work on projects from different areas and industries, having most of the equipment needed for this endeavor. WHAT WE DO Today Bioscan is the biotechnological organization that offers the biggest array of pathogen detection tests using molecular biotechnology, as this kind of tests can detect any organic ma- terial on the samples. We also do genotyping of animal, vegetal and bacterial sources. The company have a Research and Development Department whose function is to develop projects directed to applied mo- lecular biotechnology research, aiming to generate commercial products through private and public funding. Currently they are developing a prototype directed to give solution to intrahospital diseases like Clostridium difficile, as the current techniques used today are not very effective for its detection. The technology developed by Bioscan could make an early detection of the pres- ence of the disease, allowing to minimize the rate of contagion and death because of it. Another development in the animal world is a strategy to diag- nose in a more effective way the canine distemper. We are aware of the constant mutation of this particular virus, and are not the same around the world, so local investigation gains new impor- tance. Bioscan have a department to represent 16 international brands on equipment and materials for molecular biology, giving them the capabilities to distribute to institutional laboratories both equipment and reagents. THE FUTURE We look forward to create a new unit for preventive medicine, giving us the opportunity to offer a full service being the diagnos- tic area just one of many areas and products, as the challenge today is to offer new methods to solve different clinical problems. In this way we look to become more than just an alternative, we would like to path a way to a more efficient diagnosis system and viable methodologies for patient recovery, helping to improve the quality of life of patients, the animal and vegetal world, through Bioscan’s developed technologies. 46 47 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  34. 34. “Biosigma offers today to the mining industry the capa- bilities to extract ores with more efficiency, improving copper yield from the same resource, using biological techniques and integrating biotechnological methodolo- gies in the industry”. -Pilar Parada Valdecantos- Name BioSigma S.A. Adress Panamericana Norte km.16,5 - Lote 106, Industrial Park Los Libertadores, Colina Postal Code/City 9361295, Santiago Legal Representative Pilar Parada Valdecantos Contact Miguel Bustos Moreno Phone +56 22-4379030 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 67 Founding Date 2002 Services Offered · Biotechnology for mining Private and public Project collaboration · CORFO - Capacities strengthening. 48 49 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  35. 35. “Designing biotechnological solutions for the mining industry”.
  36. 36. Our vision is to be the preferred biotechnological company to give our clients a biotechnological solution in a sustainable way, adding value to their processes. BioSigma is an inno- vation based company, which is mainly driven by our people creativity and teamwork that ends in a better service for our clients to produce meaningful solutions for current problems in the mining industries. THE FUTURE After more than 10 years of existence, today the company has validated their technologies for bioleaching copper sulfide ores at industrial scale and now is looking for the applica- tion of their technologies at a commercial level. BioSigma has a Research, Development and Innovation area that has world class competences in microbiology, molecular biology and metallurgy among other disciplines, together with an on site operation experience that allows the company to face any new challenge of the mining industry. WHO WE ARE Biosigma is a biotechnological company for the mining in- dustry, founded in the year 2002 as a joint venture between Codelco (a government mining company) and JX-NMMC, a Japanese company that accepted the challenge of integrat- ing new technologies in the area, including genomic devel- opment, proteomics, leading the mining industry to the bio- technology world. In their first five years their dedication was exclusively ded- icated to intellectual property development through patent- ing and patent application, meaning that today we have more than 120 patent application, 77 of them already granted in Chile, 11 of them on an international basis, representing one of the main assets of the company. WHAT WE DO BioSigma’s value proposition today is offering to mining compa- nies the possibility of getting more copper in an efficient way, by the application of integrated biotechnological solutions. As each mining site is different, our company designs taylored made solutions for each case. We give a unique solution for every unique problem that arises in the industry, which is only possible with a high qualified team as the one in Biosigma. 50 51 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  37. 37. “Biotecnor works in biotechnology furthering its reach, developing a synergy between the academic and industrial worlds”. -Cecilia Demergasso- Services Offered - Characterization and evaluation of bacterial populations. - Bioleaching tests. - Development of biotechnological process. - Hydrometalurgical services. - Other services. Private and public Project collaboration - Innova 13IDL1-25455 “Technological package for industrial wastewater treatment with electrodialysis using microorga- nisms as an energy source”. - Fondef D04i1169 “Development of a control and monitoring system of genetic expression for optimization of bioleaching process of sulphured copper ores”. - Conicyt IPI 23 “Development on a preliminary laboratory scale, biotechnological processes and tools to be transferred to the chilean and international mining industry, selected from an array of needs detected”. - Conicyt IPC 51 “Incorporation to Biotecnot Ltda. Of com- petneces in the proteomic area to be used in developments related to geomicrobiology and biomining”. Name Biotecnor Ltda. Adress Avelino Contardo 1304 Mail Box Casilla 54, Correo Universidad Católica del Norte, Antofagasta. Postal Code/City 1270709, Antofagasta. Legal Representative Williams Saavedra Alcayaga Contact Williams Saavedra Alcayaga Phone +56 55-2355486 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 9 Founding Date 2002 52 53 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  38. 38. “Mining biotechnology. Academic and en- trepreneurial world synergy”.
  39. 39. WHO WE ARE Biotecnor Ltda was born from a project t of the Universidad Católica del Norte, dedicated to biotechnology associated to mining process and geomicrobiology of arid zones, which are its specialties. It dedicates both to production process as the generation of biotechnological tools that are needed for those very same processes. In the same way, we develop new products and process from the existent microbial diversity in the north of Chile, without leaving aside the generation of new knowledge. WHAT WE DO Biotecnor Ltda has an important place in the mining clus- ter of the region, recognized for its biotechnological services and the capacity of looking for new developments, improving control and monitoring tools of industrial process, following current standards in microbiology. From another point of view, we are developing new studies and identifying the microbiology existent in the arid zones of the north of Chile, mainly at the Desierto de Atacama, whose microbiological diversity can lead to new discoveries and products for the pharmacological industry, specifically anti- biotics and cosmetological products. Biotecnor Ltda has also worked in partnership with NASA of the United States, in projects related with the developing of a new robot for astrobiology. It also has worked with the University of Arizona, and the European Space Agency (ESA) as well. However, the main research lines of Biotecnor are in biomin- ing, geomicrobiology and the developing of new products as a result of the study of microbial diversity in arid zones. THE FUTURE We look to consolidate new alliances with small companies that conduct research and development, as this will be the path to the developing and commercialization of new prod- ucts. Also, it is important to establish new spaces for prototypes on a bigger scale than laboratory to satisfy the needs that arise in applied investigation, and who will lead to future commercialization. And to keep up in our value proposal, the interaction of mi- croorganism with minerals, on a natural and industrial en- vironment, and the knowledge we can extract from that and that could be applied on industrial processes, like remedia- tion and medicine, as we already have microorganisms capa- ble to be used in those industries. 54 55 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  40. 40. “We are focused on renewing hope, hope for pathologies or people that today have none. To improve quality of life.” -Oscar Solar Jensen- Name Cells for Cells S.A. Adress San Carlos de Apoquindo 2200, Las Condes Postal Code/City 7620001, Santiago Legal Representative Alejandro Guitiérrez Gasparini Contact Oscar Solar Jensen Phone +56 2-26181086 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 30 Founding Date 2010 Services Offered Biotechnology Research and Development and Consultancy. 56 57 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  41. 41. “Experts in cellular therapy”.
  42. 42. THE FUTURE From our current development we are going to bring the first cellular therapies to the market at the second half on 2014, as they are currently in their finals stages of study and re- search. We are currently working on a marketing plan to pro- mote our therapies, focusing on giving medics the necessary information to obtain positive results with their patients. With this, we are also opening a new industry in Chile, as cellular therapies are not regulated and there is no quali- ty standards for its evaluation. That’s why we are furthering the knowledge in this area, consolidating the market, gene- rating trust in medical field, government and the patients in general, to give a new alternative for diseases with few or non-existant solutions. WHO WE ARE Cells for Cells, C4C, is the first chilean biotechnological com- pany dedicated to research, development and commerciali- zation of innovative cellular therapies founded on adult stem cells. The therapies that today we offer are: Occular surface reconstruction with limbal cells, and cardiac insuffiency. WHAT WE DO In biomedicine and healthcare industry we work on therapies directed to diseases that are not resolved, looking to improve quality of life. We also aspire to offer efficient and safe the- rapies for chilean and American patients, through hospitals, clinics and health centers that have the infrastructure nee- ded to give them the best opportunity of recovery form dege- nerative, autoimmune or malignant diseases, providing with options in safe and proved cellular therapies. Given the advance in this technology, it is of high technologi- cal risk, reason why we are associated with prestigious cli- nical research centers, mostly of universities, to work along- side them. We also have investors that have supported us through our foundation, giving us a sound financial basis for the next five years. Our installations are certified accordingly, and the therapies thus produced are tightly regulated. 58 59 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  43. 43. ”The only way to capitalize the innovation developed by national companies , especially those of the biotechnolog- ical area, is through intellectual property” -Arturo Covarrubias Vargas- Name Covarrubias & Silva Adress Enrique Foster Sur 39,  piso 9 Postal Code/City 7550203, Santiago Legal Representative Arturo Covarrubias Contact Arturo Covarrubias Phone +56 2 - 28832700 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 18 Founding Date October 15, 2010 Services Offered Intellectual Property Legal Services 60 61 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  44. 44. “Capitalizing biotechnological innovation”. Part of the professional team of patens and R&D protection that makes up Covarrubias & Silva: Ximena Caulier (Business Engi- neer); José Manuel Delgado (Pharmaceutical Chemist); Daniela Castro (Biologist); Arturo Covarrubias (Lawyer), Augusto Perez (Electronic and Mechanical Engineer) and Jessica Brizuela (Physics Engineer).
  45. 45. WHO WE ARE Covarrubias & Silva is a specialized firm exclusively focused to the Intellectual Property field, sprouted due to the rapid economic growth that Chile has experienced during the last 10 years. A team of professionals working together for more than a decade is ready to personally assist the client both in Chile and abroad. We speak of a united and proactive group of attorneys at law, biologists, chemists, engineers, designers and paralegals, with thorough knowledge of the IP domestic and foreign regulation of Industrial Property. WHAT WE DO Our firm has extensive and profound experience preparing state of the art search reports; feasibility analysis; compar- ative reports about scope of protection of patents; novelty analysis, comparative reports about scope of protection of utility models and design patents; drafting and filing of pat- ents; utility model and design patents; filing and prosecution in Chile or abroad for Convention patent applications (Paris Convention) or PCT applications; analysis of examiner’s re- port (Office Actions); strategies to overcome examiner’s ob- jections, drafting and filing reply to examiner’s report; sur- veillance and watch system; opposition analysis, briefs and reply to oppositions, cancellation actions for Patents, Utility Models and Design Patents (administrative regulation) THE FUTURE In the biotechnological world patents are essential. In Chile some players in the biotechnology area say there is no need for patents, since we are still a young nation. However, in Germany, Japan, Switzerland, United States, and England, nobody would believe that an entrepreneur would not protect his or her innovation. With this in mind, we would like to plant this need in the national biotechnology market so that peo- ple and companies can protect their inventions by us giving them the tools to quickly recognize when something could be subjected to patents, what they should do in case of infrin- gement, and (how to commercialize) the commercialization of actives. That is the reason why we participate in judicial cases of big Chilean industries in United States, Sweden, Ne- therlands, Mozambique, Australia, China, among others. 62 63 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  46. 46. “What move us is to implement new process lines for our clients where before they only bought reagents and equip- ment from us. The ability to listen, the ability to detect the problems and to ask the right questions are the corner- stones to deliver a solution”. -Angela Diaz Ogaz- Name Equilab SpA. Adress El Quillay 627, Industrial Park Valle Grande, Lampa Postal Code/City 9390388, Santiago Legal Representative Angela Diaz Ogaz Contact Patricio Espinoza O. Phone +56 2-29794725 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 95 Founding Date 1981 Services Offered · Equipment and reagents for laboratory use. · Research and development in biomedicine. · Engineering project execution under EPC modality. Private and public Project collaboration · ADG R&D SpA. 64 65 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  47. 47. “Reengineering, equipment commercialization, bioimplants biotechnology”.
  48. 48. WHO WE ARE Equilab is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the market, founded by Antonio Díaz Gema, focusing on imports and distribution of reagents and equipment for la- boratories. Five years ago this business model was reorien- ted looking to involve the clients in a more close relationship and to extend the reach of the company. Two new researches gave the final push towards bioimplants development, and a new unit for social responsibility was also added. WHAT WE DO Our new business looks to protect, patent, produce and com- mercialize different products, and not just journal publica- tions. The importance of intellectual property protection is to be able to use it in the future for new advances and deve- lopments associated with that particular research and tech- nology. One problem in particular has captivated our attention. Cer- tain brain problems can only be treated by invasive surgeries that include the partial removal of the cranial bone, and once it is finished there are only two options: to put again the same extracted bone (used roughly 10% of the time), or to use a re- placement made from platinum or acrylic, an alternative that is high in cost and have certain repercussions in the quality of life of the patient. Because of this a current project involves the recovery of the original bone and to maintain it in a way that can be used again after the surgery, looking to obtain an 85% to 90% of bone recovery. For this we are working closely with a Japanese university with which we have a technolo- gical transfer agreement, allowing us to use a new freezing technology for bone preserving. THE FUTURE The challenge for the next five years is to establish new ne- tworks for financing and development of new projects, gea- red towards clinic research and applications. On the other hand we want to lead a change in the way bio- technology is commercialized in Chile, showing a new path made from experience, detecting the problems, making the questions, and developing the solutions needed in our country. 66 67 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  49. 49. “The concept behind Genoma Mayor is to go further than sequencing services, is to gen- erate a high valued technology, projecting itself as a technology generating company.” -Alejandro Poli L.- Services Offered Commercial platform with services of the Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics of Universidad Mayor, for NGS sequentation, bioinformatic, biotechnological solution’s development, genetic analysis, personalized medicine, among others. We are a company oriented to our clients and their needs, allowing for a quick and efficient relationship between the in- dustry and applied investigation, with all the capabilities of a re- search center. Private and public Project collaboration Services and on-demand research and development for com- panies. Our clients are Recalcine, Pfizer, AMSA, many univer- sities of Latin America and their research centers. Name Genoma Mayor Adress Américo Vespucio Sur 357 Postal Code/City Santiago Legal Representative Verónica González B. Contact Alejandro Poli L. Phone +56 2-23281000 Anex.9207 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 6 Founding Date 2010 68 69 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  50. 50. “Joining research and commercialization of biotechnological processes and products”.
  51. 51. would like to stay on basic scientific investigation but would want to see their products to reach market anyway. The commercial platform of Genoma Mayor includes a team of professionals that comes from different backgrounds, able to develop projects to companies from a variety of industries, like vaccine development, pharmaceutical products, preci- sion genetic medicine among others. THE FUTURE The main goal of Genoma Mayor is to generate technology of high value, projecting itself as a new technology developer for genetic investigation, being recognized and validated by the market as leaders in technology and research in geno- mics and bioinformatics. Integration is the first step, and for that we are thinking to expand to other regions of Chile that will allow us to deve- lop new relationships with innovation and research centers, improving the quality of attention and services as well as its value. A clear example is the accessibility patients have to their tests, which could be available in different formats. In the future this could allow a more personalized healthcare services, especially in Chile, Peru and Colombia, the last countries where Genoma Mayor already have alliances. WHO WE ARE Genoma Mayor is a company specialized in genetic analysis that serves researchers and research centers in the areas of genetics and informatics, and helping with the analysis of genetic diseases to clinics and medical staff, using to this end last generation equipment. Their target market can be separated in two main groups: the first is the area of research and development, which includes researches usually associated with universities, or R&D de- partments of the different industries who would require the services provided. The second one is the healthcare area, mainly preventive medicine, where genetic analysis can be done to patients to evaluate their genetic predisposition to certain diseases. WHAT WE DO Genoma Mayor is a platform that commercializes the pro- ducts and services created by the Research and Develop- ment Department of the Centro Genómico y Bioinformática of Universidad Mayor. Among their services it can be found personalized medicine, NGS sequencing, equipment and applications, as an area for technological transfer as well. Genoma Mayor supports those researchers that perform in- vestigation and who most of the time don’t have the facilities to further their research to an applied stage, or those who 70 71 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  52. 52. “Neobiotec is part of Grupo IDIN, the first private center for research and development. We have the knowledge to develop R&D oriented to the commercialization of new bio- technological products and services”. -Patricio Araneda H.- Services Offered · Biotechnological productos development: Isolation, development and production of microorganisms as bi- ostimulants alternatives, production of bioactive molecules and others of commercial interest for production purposes, always looking after the intellectual property and appropriability of the results, resulting in future patents. · Research and development services for companies: Protocol and procedures design, execution and development of test and technological solutions, concept tests, prototypes, fer- mentation and bioproduction, with the objective of being a sup- port on biotechnological and production projects. Workshops Practical and theoretical class. “Pathogen diagnosis with PCR”. “Protein electrophoresis”. “Basic aspects of laboratory fermen- tations”. Private and public Project collaboration Corfo, private companies from different productive areas. Name Neobiotec Adress El Litre 1685, esquina Plath, Santa Inés Postal Code/City 2530334 Viña del Mar Legal Representative Patricio Araneda H. Contact Patricio Araneda H. Phone +56 32-2111306 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 0-50 Founding Date 2012 72 73 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  53. 53. “Research, development, innovation and business in applied biotechnology”.
  54. 54. WHO WE ARE Neobiotec, one of the companies of Grupo IDIN, dedicates itself to research and development in biotechnology through innovations that have applications on an industrial and com- mercial level. We conduct our own investigations through in- ternal projects, but we also service our clients that need to perform research activities but don’t have the equipment and staff to do it. These services include the production of mi- croorganisms, biomolecules or active ingredients, develop- ment of new products, and research in general, with the goal of generating new products for commercialization. WHAT WE DO Neobiotec dedicates itself to activities of research and de- velopment in biotechnology with a strong orientation to scientific innovation, implementing and improving industrial processes with applied biotechnology. Among its staff it has high qualified professionals with ample experience in re- search and development in biotechnology, and business as well, making the capable of seeing the market potential of new breakthroughs and ideas. It also has a project imple- mentation and execution area to control the activities done for internal purposes and the clients. Currently we are working in the agricultural, environmental and food sector, developing new biotechnological solutions for their needs. It has also been capable of creating a spin-off in the pharmaceutical industry, which has been very successful. THE FUTURE In five years’ time Neobiotec will be referring center for re- search and development in biotechnology, counting with a strong team of professionals and specialists of the mayor areas in biotechnology, with better laboratories and equip- ment, allowing us to generate new inventions, patents and spin-offs. 74 75 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  55. 55. “Today in the biotechnology area, while there is seriousness in the manipulation of living organisms, there will be positive results for a environmental friendly society”. -Jorge Quiroz Espinoza- Services Offered · Pipes and fat treatment. · Livestock treatments. · Municipal water plant’s treatment. · Agricultural treatments. · Renting of biological bathrooms. Private and public Project collaboration · Maintenance and cleaning of Antofagasta’s maritime port. · Duck control and maintenance. · Green areas recovery. Name Opessa Ltda. Adress Baquedano 1047 Postal Code/City 12400000, Antofagasta Legal Representative Jorge Quiroz Espinoza Contact Jorge Quiroz Espinoza Phone +56 55-2470061 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 10 Founding Date 2008 76 77 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  56. 56. “A company at the service of biotechnology”.
  57. 57. WHO WE ARE Opessa is a company dedicated to the commercialization, distribution and maintenance of sanitary systems at the Region of Antofagasta, north of Chile. We are commited to develop and implement an appropriate integrated system of SSMA, which is continuously improved to include new acti- vities and developments. We work with different strains of bacteria that are brought from different parts of the world, mainly from Canada. Some examples of this are: · Fatty acids digesters, which are produced in wastewater treatment plants. · Organic sediments digesters. · Oil digesters. · Biostimulants and odour control. WHAT WE DO If there is an oil spill or contamination by other element in a specific area, be it aquatic or terrestrial, a study must be done to determine its impact. We deliver the products, in this case bacteria, that consume the fatty acids and organic ma- terial, and can be used afterwards as fertilizers. This treat- ment can have a duration of months or years, reason why it must be constantly monitored, implementing more effective ways with new technological advances, combining the best of them to achieve the desired results. Our company holds the representation of a number of inter- national companies that are interested in the chilean or Sou- th America market, like Biomax, Bioenetics and E-Max In- ternational, among others. Opessa works with the standards ISO 9000 and 14000. THE FUTURE The biggest contribution that we could do to the future ge- nerations is to leave them with and advanced biotechnology, bringing new technologies and developing new and modern laboratories to create new ones. Opessa looks the future having a continuous growth, with cli- net consolidation and a professional team that works towards the same goal as the company. 78 79 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  58. 58. Name Silva & Cia Adress Hendaya 60, piso 4, Las Condes Postal Code/City 7550188, Santiago Legal Representative Juan Pablo Silva Contact Francisco Silva Rodrigo León Phone +56 2 24387000 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 46 Founding Date 1990 “A patent itself is useless if it’s not associated with a real business, more than just patent registry, our main objective is to develop an biotechnological business for our customers, adjusting it to the desired product marketing.” -Rodrigo León- Services Offered The firm is specialized in Intellectual Property (IP), protects commercial brands, invention patents, plant varieties, utility models, industrial designs, industrial secrets, copyrights and domain names. It provides advice in processing and conclusion of Intellectual Property negotiations and provides a strong client assistance in terms of intellectual property violations. Private and public Project collaboration The firm participates in active form with different public and private entities, e.g. Patenting with Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUCV) in construction, vaccines and sur- gical training support equipments and patenting with Uni- versidad de los Andes in terms of forensic odontology and molecular physiology. 80 81 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  59. 59. “Protecting biotechnological innovation”.
  60. 60. WHO WE ARE In itself the patent has no value if it’s not associated with a real business. Mora than just registering a patent, our spirit is in the support we give to the concretion of a business, es- pecially in the biotechnological industry, adjusting to the type of commercialization that is wanted for the product. Silva&Cía. is a buffet of lawyers oriented to the protection of intellectual property of national and international compa- nies. With more than 20 years of experience in areas such branding, author’s rights defense, sanitary register, and mainly, patenting. Beyond its specialization, our team is composed of young people with great experience whose services in representa- tion are focalized towards the client, legal protection, elab- oration of patenting strategies, patent defense, including an innovation department that gives support to our clients in the commercialization and valorization of their biotechnological products and services. WHAT WE DO Our clients are laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, universities with research and development programs, alongside the most important investigation centers in Chile; entities that are today developing different patents related to stem cells, pharmaceutical products, formulations for active ingredients. We are very involved with the national biotech- nology industry, having among our team biotechnology engi- neers and constant contact with international developments, so as to give our clients an actual state of the art. THE FUTURE There is great potential in biotechnology and we are currently involved with the Biotechnological Park of Chile project. We are looking forward to work with more universities who are showing being very active in new product and services de- velopment while looking for new forms of innovation, and to support the formation of new spin offs between the academic and entrepreneurial world. As our vision indicates, we look to contribute to the develop- ment of our country, both on a material and spiritual level, protecting one of the noblest faculties of de human being: its creativity and innovation capacity, fundamental to the path of progress, with a special emphasis, on be the creators of networks to connect the different actors of Chilean biotech- nology industry. 82 83 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  61. 61. “We are beginning to create a new infrastructure for the EIB, where our main objective is to expand the abilities of our students, but principally to open a space for the commu- nity to reach a common goal in biotechnology”. -Paola Poirrier- Name Escuela de Ingeniería Bioquímica Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaiso Adress General Cruz 34 Postal Code/City 2362806, Valparaiso Legal Representative Claudio Elórtegui Raffo Contact Maritza Guerra Phone +56 32-2273653 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 50 Founding Date 1969 WHO WE ARE The Biochemical Engineering School (EIB by its name in Spanish) is an academic unit of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaí- so (PUCV). It is not a company as its mission is to train and educate professionals, master and doctoral grades. What differentiate ourselves is that we have two types of undergra- duate paths: the Biochemical Engineering and Bioprocess Engi- neering. The first one will be capable of the design and operation of bioreactor, and the planification and leadership of projects. The second one will be in charge of operations and the line of production with biological components. As both of them have a strong forma- tion in the different industrial bioprocess and without specific men- tions, they are a versatile professional that can adapt to almost any situation maintaining a high rigurosity in their labor. 84 85 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  62. 62. “We installed the concept of biotechnology in Chile, and today we continue to deliver highly trained professionals to work in the different are- as that compose it”.
  63. 63. We also have to postgraduate programs, a master and doctoral stu- dies that have a different approach to those in undergraduate stu- dies. As they are specializations, the student will acquire tools rela- ted to scientific research and its application to industrial processes, even transforming the product of their investigation in commercial products. The EIB is the first school in Chile with bioprocesses in mind, crea- ting the Bioprocess Engineering in 1968 and imparting it since 1969, with 45 years at 2014. We are the only school training bioprocess engineers, and all of our students have the possibility to access any of our programs: the two undergraduate programs, master and doctoral programs if the may wish so. WHAT WE DO We train professionals and graduates, making research and offe- ring services of technical assistance. Our professionals are trained to work in different industries, among them food (fermentations and food processes that requires biotechnology), environment (de- contamination, clean development mechanisms, carbon credits), enzymatic transformations, and service industries as wastewater processing. Our relationship with the industry is with InnovaChile’s projects, and the Technical Assistance Unit (UAT-EIB), which is part of the Núcleo Biotecnología Curauma. With the UAT we offer services like tests and experimental analysis to the industry. In two months more we will be inaugurating our new building, cons- tructed to expand laboratories, classrooms, and recreational areas, effectively duplicating our current space. This will be operational on august 2014, and we believe that this new building will allow for a new integration of the different aspects and services offered by the school, impacting in a positive way the students as they will be in a closer contact with projects, the industrial and the academic world. THE FUTURE We have just finished the strategic plan for the development in the next five years. We look ourselves as a visible and recognized school, which motivate us to strengthen our efforts to become a useful part of the community. We look towards a greater openness with the community, not only with an academic and scientific point of view, but as a social contribution which we believe is fundamen- tal. We don’t want to be looked at just as researchers and teachers, but as a recognized institution where the community can look inside and be part of it. Biotechnology is to be everyday with everyone, that helps the community in general to a better and improved quality of life. That’s what we want to portray. 86 87 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  64. 64. “We differentiate because we are a highly integrative center where we work transversely in problem’s solutions, we generate work teams that mixes different points of view to solve problems”. -Patricio Manque- Services Offered DNA sequencing (Secuenciación de Novo, Resecuenciación, Secuenciación de Amplicones, Transcriptómica (RNA-Seq), Se- cuenciación de “Small ARN”). Secuenciación Metagenómica (Metagenómica, Secuenciación de amplicón de ARN ribosomal 16S y 18S, Metatranscriptómica). Genetic Medicine (Genetic testing for cancer detection, testing for hereditary disease detection, testing for reproductive health). Private and public Project collaboration · Proyecto Anillo: CONICYT. · Proyecto ViiV: ViiV Healthcare · Proyecto Fondecyt Regular, CONICYT. · CNRS International Research Network 2012 · International Cooperación Conicyt-USA 2012 · Conicyt-PIA 2012 Concurso de Anillos en Ciencia Antártica · International Cooperación Conicyt-BMBF 2011 · Chilean Antarctic Institute, INACH 2010 · Fondecyt Chile-UMAS. Name Centro de Genómica y Bioinformática Adress Camino La Pirámide 5750, Huechuraba Postal Code/City 8580745, Santiago Legal Representative Patricio Manque Contact Viviana Valdés Phone +56 2-23281424 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 12 Founding Date 1988 88 89 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  65. 65. “Expanding biotechnologic knowledge value”.
  66. 66. WHO WE ARE Is the first research center in the country holding parallel DNA massive sequencing, technology used to achieve full genome sequences. The center was founded in 2009 under Universidad Mayor’s Biotechnology Institute, The Center of Genomics and Bioinformatics, is the first high complexity center in Chile. The center raises with a sight of becoming a genomic and bioinformatics research referent in the country. We will help as an universal platform, where all Chile’s researchers could use our tool in their research projects. We have an “open door” policy and we have participated in a high number of Chilean projects from Arica to Magallanes. WHAT WE DO The center has an academic research topic: Neuroscience research in neurodegeneration in diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson. Microbiology and Immunity in vaccine development and di- sease- pathogen interaction study. Chilean native plant genomics for identification of interesting genes and its biotechnological applications. Environmental microbiology using genomics tools to charac- terize Chilean ecosystem bacterial populations. The center’s bioinformatic core is dedicated mainly in develo- ping computational tools that allow to manipulate generated data, also, sequencing services are offered across the coun- try via “Genoma Mayor”, a business unit generated to grant researchers the capacity to request access to all this techno- logy unique in Chile for their research development. This center is the only one of its kind because it grows in research capability on all science topics that can use geno- mics and bioinformatics tools, in the center researchers and professionals who develop innovative, competitive and high worldwide impact scientific advances. THE FUTURE Because we were the first center bringing genomic technolo- gy in Chile, we want to be the first center bringing proteomics to the country, which is protein structure and function study on a bigger scale. In second place, we want to spread our re- search platform aiming to knowledge generation for Chile’s economic transformation. We want to mix the country and future generations in sharing economy of knowledge. 90 91 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  67. 67. “Our commitment is to integrate technology to the pharmaceutical industry, tested and certified in its application, contributing to the first research steps until the technological transfer to the industry, ready to start production.” -Patricia González Jara- Services Offered Research and Development Veterinary · Biological scaling services · Immunocastration vaccines for swine (product) · Immunocastration vaccines for canines (product development) · Immunocastration vaccines for cattle (product development) · Advisories development of research projects Private and public Project collaboration Vaccimed (beneficiary) (Nov 2012 - Jul 2014) - Innova Project 12IDL4 L4-16273, New technology for pig immunocastration: Optimizing pig production, 3rd Concurso/2012 - LINE 4: Pac- kaging and Transfer Vaccimed Associate (July 2012 - June 2015) Project PYT-FIA 2012-0055 Development and technology transfer of a polyva- lent vaccine against mastitis. Recipient University of Chile. Name Vaccimed S.A. Adress Dr. Manuel Barros Borgoño 384, Of. 24, Providencia Postal Code/City 7500587, Santiago Legal Representative Patricia González Jara Contact Carolina Cortés Brown Phone +56 2-24458964 E-mail Web Site Number of Colaborators 6 Founding Date 2010 92 93 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies
  68. 68. “Biotechnology and technological transfer for the animal pharmaceutical industry”.
  69. 69. WHO WE ARE Vaccimed is a start-up created from an academic back- ground, oriented to research, development and transfer of veterinary biotechnological solutions. It has a multidiscipline team, with academics from Universidad de Chile, advisors for technological management and marketing, able to con- solidate technological transfer with products already testes and most of them, licensed, which strengths the company’s proposal to the market. WHAT WE DO Vaccimed developments are oriented to satisfy the needs of the livestock industry and animal veterinary. Its currently main asset is a technology that allows to control pigs by im- mune-castration, but it could eventually be used in any type of mammal by the way it was developed. Almost all animal raised for livestock are castrated, an intervention that nega- tively impacts on the production parameters. This new tech- nology allows the industry to minimize the impact and thus to have better yield. Today this technology is applied only in pigs, and Vaccimed as recently transferred it to Vencofarma, an important pharma- ceutical laboratory. We have the abilities and experience that allow us to continue research in vaccines for the livestock industry. We are currently developing a metabolite for cincuvirus pre- vention, among two other projects that are on an initial stage. The quality of our professionals, who are mainly from Uni- versidad de Chile with a growing experience inresearch and development, is what differentiate Vaccimed in the market. We also have a department of marketing and for technologi- cal commercialization. THE FUTURE The next steps of the company is to further the application of the castration technology to bovines and other mammals in use on an industrial scale. With this comes the need to grow in infrastructure, implementing a new laboratory for vaccine production. As its mission indicates, future challenges include to become the principal company in technological transfer of scientific knowledge in biotechnology and veterinary biomedicine to industry projects, becoming a biotechnological development center for the livestock and animal industry, offering multiple services to pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, animal health and life sciences. 94 95 Guide Chilean Biotechnology Companies