Useful automation


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В докладе рассказано о том, как автоматизация может упростить жизнь мануальному тестировщику. Автор делиться личным опытом и практическими советами о том, как начать изучать автоматизацию без вреда текущему проекту и процессу тестирования в целом. Расскажу вам какие языки программирования лучше применить в конкретных практических ситуациях. Доклад будет интересен прежде всего для тех тестировщиков, которые хотят научиться автоматизировать, но не знают как и с чего начать.

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Useful automation

  1. 1. Useful Automation
  2. 2. WHO AM I? Sergey Tupchiy, Automation QA Architect AKAConfidential
  3. 3. Why you need automation? • Why we should do Automated Testing?  Faster Bug Determining  Faster Releases  Faster Testing  Less Efforts of Manual Testers  Less Efforts of Developers  Saves Time  Increase Accuracy  Improves Coverage  Reusability  Automation can save moneyConfidential
  4. 4. Problems • Need to be more technical person • Need to learn something new • Need to do programming • Need to do not your work • Record & Run tools dont give good feedback • A lot of efforts neededConfidential
  5. 5. Problems • You need to use project TIME • You need a lot of TIME to automate • You have no TIME • You need to waste your own TIME ITs all about TIMEConfidential
  6. 6. EXAMPLEConfidential
  7. 7. Beginning How to start? • Take the basics • Start to learn programming • Ask for help from developers • Determine Repeatable tasksConfidential
  8. 8. Beginning What to start automate? • Covering annoying manual tests • Test Data Preparation • DB insertionsConfidential
  9. 9. EXAMPLEConfidential
  10. 10. Programming How to learn programming? Ruby • • Perl • • Python   And a lot moreConfidential
  11. 11. Programming Advantages of Languages Perl  Better text processing  Regular expression support  Python  Readability and cleaner code  Easy variables  Learnability Ruby  Better OOP  Flexibility and Consistency Bash  Everything you can do in *nix like terminalConfidential
  12. 12. EXAMPLEConfidential
  13. 13. About Tools Compatibility • Is the tool compatible with the application? Does it identify all the objects in your application? • Identify different classes of object in the application. (Standard controls & customized) • Identify different possible events for each object (mouse over, mouse down, type, drag, etc) • Record and Playback for above Functionality • Rate the application against the features list required for automation team (Evaluation Criterion)Confidential
  14. 14. About Tools Usability • How easy it is to learn and adapt? • Availability of trainings. Maintainability • How good is support by the company. • Online user community? Flexibility • Licensing policy of the company (This points is here thanks to the rigid licensing policies of some companiesConfidential
  15. 15. EXAMPLEConfidential
  16. 16. And Remember The Rules There is no easy way sometimesConfidential
  17. 17. And Remember The Rules Dont be afraid PYTHON PERL RUBY Or Bash, JAVA, ActionScript, JS, bla, bla, blaConfidential
  18. 18. Thank You! QUESTIONS ?Confidential