Stop Being a Boring Presenter


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A great presentation is an amazingly powerful tool when content is presented with clarity and stunning design. How does your presentation stack up?

Perhaps its time for a new look for this year's AGM presentation. Or perhaps you are pitching for a pivotal piece of business or funding for your project. What you need is the ability to present your company's potential with power and confidence.

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Stop Being a Boring Presenter

  1. 1. a quick note from your audience stop being a boring presenter
  2. 2. we can’t take it any more you’re using too many bullet points you’ve gotten away with it so far but we’re on to you
  3. 3. less isofmore why not get rid them we won’t read them anyway
  4. 4. we’re begging you please don’t read slides to us we know how to read
  5. 5. and stop tormenting us with clipart
  6. 6. we will judge you by your visuals
  7. 7. and what’s with all that information on one slide slides are free, we promise
  8. 8. for your own good we finally decided to tell you
  9. 9. its time you got some professional help
  10. 10. we need your help AOK so we placed an urgent call
  11. 11. AOK Creative is ready to add impact to your presentation
  12. 12. you’ll be surprised by their results and how easy it is
  13. 13. don’t make us use force contact AOK today
  14. 14. do this for us and we’ll love you forever Antonia Grimard is waiting to hear from you