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ENGLISH-Reviews Antonela Malis

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ENGLISH-Reviews Antonela Malis

  1. 1. Reviews „A short scene from the famous Tchaikovsky's opera „Eugene Onegin“ has found a worthy performer of sheet music in the Croatian soprano Antonela Malis...“ Fridolin Dallinger, Neue Volksblatt, 12th November 2005 „It has been a night of the record attendance...Speaking of „reaches“. The first was offered as early as the mid-performance by the soprano Antonela Malis, who was able to present her vocal range and deliver a wide vocal expression in the famous short scene, lasting about a quarter of an hour - in German language „Und sei's mein Untergang“ (And be my downfall) - from Tchaikovsky's opera „Eugene Onegin“ . Horst Roischenböck, DrehPunktKultur, 10th November 2005 „This time he had a special soprano in Antonela Malis also: a soprano who is warm, soft, well-rounded and precise – very lovely...“ Frieda Stank, Kronen Zeitung, 10th November 2005 „Well-known side of the composer was presented by a short scene from „Eugene Onegin“, adorned by the soprano Antonela Malis from Croatia, with a youthful, vivacious and sophisticated voice...“ Franz Zamazal, Öberösterreichische Nachrichten, 12th November 2005 „Soprano Antonela Malis, with a pleasant tone color and sonorous voice of an impressive range and soft phonation, has offered with ease and skillfully, in the beautifully rounded melodic lines and using a proper vocal technique and a clear diction, the creations of a sincere singing passion. The artist possesses natural stage elegance and the persuasiveness of performance, and she makes a direct connection with the audience.....“ Ramiro Palmić, Novi List, 15th February 2007 „The outstanding Antonela Malis: when it comes to another premiere on Friday, the most deserving ones were the actresses, singers and ballerinas immersed in their roles of the silly sisters, and especially successful was the most vocally demanding role of Antonela Malis (sister Mary Amnesia) and her indeed witty act with a ventriloquist dummy of an old abbess, who throws auto-ironic comments into the song, at the expense of a monastic life....“ Branimir Pofuk, Jutarnji list, 4th February 2008
  2. 2. „On the second night, we have watched Antonela Malis in a role of Mary Amnesia, as a sister „between heaven and earth“, confused and infantile (and in it, completely faithful). With an excellent charge of her opera voice, Malis has superbly delivered a dramatic song in the Act 2, demonstrating also her outstanding acting talent........“ Svjetlana Hribar, Novi List, 2nd February 2008 „Neapolitan song of the „Split duo“ delighted visitors of the Saint Agnes’... The repertoire choice of the historic-chronological contents is ordinarily warmly welcomed and received with interest. However, only if performed by observing the imposed rules of the musical score, the character of both author and the musical period, and the selected instruments: “The Split duo - Malis/Listeš“ has shown that it has long embraced all those components, and therefore their rendition has resulted in a successful performance of the Neapolitan song... Taking into consideration that these are the two musicians who have sought after their professional paths on stages of the classical performances, and in case of Malis also the opera ones, we cannot but conclude that the times to come will bring them an abundance of good reception by the audience.... and deafening applause of praise, like the one that has also reverberated in the Saint Agnes' Church...“ N.Hauser, Glas Istre, 6th August 2003 „...and a specific quality of this album Canzone Napoletana / Neapolitan songs (Malis/Listeš) lies in the approach of these two artists to Naples as it once was...unusual and almost melancholic notation, as a certain quiet salutation to the world and to the people who are no longer here..“ Tonči Šitin on CD Canzone Napoletana, 2010 „...soprano Malis succeeded in moving the audience with her energetic rendition of Puccini's „Musette“ and Bizet's „Carmen“ ...“ A.Šimić, Glas Istre, 6th July 2012 Viennese Ball: „.. The evening was marked by a notable number of distinguished audience from Croatia and abroad, and by the special guest, diva Antonela Malis, who delighted with her superior performance.“ Davor Žic, Novi List, 28th October 2013 A quarry perfect for opera arias „ For the first time in history, on Friday evening, the popular "Funiculi, Funicula" has reverberated through the Vinkuran's Roman quarry, followed by a thunderous applause from the audience. At the gala presentation of project "Cave Romane", organized by the Municipality of Medulin and its Tourism Board, the sopranos Antonela Malis and Anna
  3. 3. Viola, tenor Alessandro Cortello and baritone Eugenio Leggiadri Gallani, with the piano accompaniment by Vladimir Babin and Federico Lovato, performed before the numerous guests from the social, cultural and economic life. Natural acoustics The top Croatian and Italian opera artists performed the most popular arias and songs, and showed all the grandeur of „natural“ acoustics within the stone walls of the old, antique quarry. They performed the rich repertoire with the piano accompaniment, without a shred of the artificial sound!“ Glas Istre, 31st August 2014 „ Soprano Antonela Malis and tenor Đani Stipaničev have delighted the foreign and local guests, in a two-hour performance at the overcrowded John Paul II Square, performing some of the most beautiful Croatian and foreign evergreen content pieces, such as 'Amigos para siempre', 'Con te partiro', 'Vivo per lei', 'Caruso', 'O sole mio', 'Believe in Love', 'You only love once' 'My fairy'.... Combining vocal potential, vigorous interpretation and the musicians' witty interaction with the audience, it was an evening to remember for the city of Trogir... 24sata, 23rd July 2014 „Crystal ballroom of the Remisens Premium Hotel Kvarner in Opatija remembers its grand moments in its long history, and one of them will definitely be the concert held last night by Đani Stipaničev and Antonela Malis, with the masterful piano accompaniment by Vladimir Babin. A full auditorium and an excellent atmosphere, superb cooperation between the performers and the audience, and all this in a glorious setting with special lighting, with an international repertoire consisting of famous compositions, and the good-spirited performers in the concert lasting for almost two hours were a real treat for all music gourmets. .... The audience, which included a large number of foreign tourists, saw the performers off with the standing ovations, after as many as four encores ....“ I. M. / PodUč, 12th July 2014 „... although many songs that could be heard at the concert „Antonela and Đani with love“ have already been sung many times before, every singer gives those songs a certain new dimension, a certain personal mark, and this was also true at this concert in Solin. The Solin's
  4. 4. audience has indeed enjoyed the personal mark of these two musicians, particularly in the series of duets such as ... My fairy, Believe in Love, Vivo per Lei, Amigos para siempre, Con te partiro, and other remarkable evergreen hits... It should also be mentioned that these two musicians sing through the entire concert only with the piano accompaniment of Vladimir Babin, and the strength and beauty of their voices hardly left anyone indifferent in this large audience that has gathered on Gospin otok, on that Solin’s summer night, in the mid-summer, on Friday 3rd August...“ Vesna Žižić,, 2012 „the concert's repertoire was very diverse, from a very demanding Mozart's aria "Porgi, amor", Bellini's "Casta diva" from the opera "Norma", to the Puccini's "O mio babbino caro". Leitmotif of the concert arias was dedicated to women, through nostalgic, melancholic, gentle and inspired compositions. Tijardović's "Little Floramye" couldn’t be missed, and neither could the famous Neapolitan "Core 'n grato". Antonela Malis, in her endeared performance, with a very good vocal potential and the repertoire intended for a wider audience, easily memorized and ear-charming, and with a very well-coordinated piano accompaniment by Vesna Ivanović Ocvirk, Malis has delivered a superb concert...“ Vanesa Begić, Glas Istre, 31st August 2012

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