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SEO Surgery APAC by Jason Mun


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Published in: Marketing
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SEO Surgery APAC by Jason Mun

  1. 1. SEO Audit
  2. 2. Brief Background ● ● Content marketing agency based in Singapore ● B2B - lead gen business ● Target audience are Marketing Directors, CMOs, Head of Marketing, etc ● They produce content strategy, content production, video, text, blogs, etc ● Website is built on Wordpress
  3. 3. Current Status
  4. 4. Keyword Rankings ● Keywords that are currently ranking in ● Only keywords related to portfolio is ranking ● No visibility around “content marketing” services
  5. 5. Technical Hygiene ● SEMrush Site Audit tool is great for quick analysis ● Click2View is good technically ● Most of the SEO 101 items are in place just by being on Wordpress ● All-in-one SEO plugin has been installed and used (Yoast is much better...just saying!)
  6. 6. More Technical Improvements ❏ Clean up internal 404 errors - 301 redirect to a relevant page on the website ❏ Add XML sitemaps reference to robots.txt file (Sitemap: ❏ Remove meta keywords - they are useless (disable this via SEO plugin) ❏ Add image alt text to all images on the website - currently 65% of images are missing alt text (Media library in Wordpress) ❏ Some images have mismatched alt text!! (eg, use “Amoy Street Stories Video Content Marketing Campaign”) Mismatched alt text
  7. 7. Major Technical Issue ● Noindex(ing) these pages means they will be excluded from Google search results and not be found by users ● Must be a mistake, remove that tag. Then, “Fetch as Google” via Google Search Console
  8. 8. Speed...Speed...Speed ● PageSpeed - website is slow. Needs to be fast in mobile-first world ● Faster = Better UX = Better Crawlability ● Plenty of quick wins to speed up the website ● Compress images - use WP Smushit (you still need to save images in the correct format) ● Enable caching - use W3 Total Cache ● Leverage a Content Delivery Network (CDN) - use cloudflare Quick Wins
  9. 9. On-Site & Content - Click2View ● Only one page that lists all services on offer ● Meta-data not optimised and not keyword focused ● Content is thin and not visually appealing ● It doesn’t give users the WOW factor and explain in detail how the services are delivered, what to expect, why they should choose you
  10. 10. On-Site & Content - Ice Cube ● Meta-data optimised ● On-site elements and content all focus on a single “theme” ● Page answers and satisfies all the W’s for a user ● Comprehensive page on their “content marketing” offering ● They have one page for every service on offer with the same amount of information depth
  11. 11. On-Site & Content - Hashmeta ● Great design, interactive design ● Meta-data is optimised and aligns with the rest of the on-site elements of the page ● A single comprehensive page that explains their “content marketing” service ● Providing answers to users regardless of their purchase journey ● A page for every service that they offer
  12. 12. Start with Keyword Research
  13. 13. URL Keyword Map Title Tag Meta Description / content marketing agency (1,600) 60 characters max Don’t keyword stuff Primary keyword at the start Take advantage of branding Unique title for every page/url Consider CTR Example: Content Marketing Services in Singapore | Click2View 155 characters max Don’t keyword stuff Unique for every page/url Include call-to-action Include USP Use this as an elevator pitch to entice users to click-through Example: As Singapore’s leading content marketing agency, we are trusted by leading brands such as Workday, Porsche & Deloitte. Find out more about our services. /services content marketing services (720) /services/content- marketing-strategy content marketing strategy (1,600) /services/video- production video production services (2,400) /services/content- creation content creation (720) On-Site Optimisation 101
  14. 14. On-site Optimisation Illustrated
  15. 15. Thank You Jason Mun @jasonmun