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Rapid Rising Search Rank – What SEO Technique Are You Overlooking 2016 by Michael Stricker


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SEMrush has been on the market, seems forever, but company managed to keep the tool fresh and up to date. It is very popular among our respondents. Michael Stricker, U.S. Director of Marketing for SEMrush, has exclusive new data (prepared for this Conference) regarding how Google is treating the new TLDs (Top Level Domain). Be among the first to see this, and create your own future.

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Rapid Rising Search Rank – What SEO Technique Are You Overlooking 2016 by Michael Stricker

  1. 1. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive @radioms SEMrush Search Trends Report 2016: New Top Level Domains Attain High Google Search Visibility SEMrush data originally presented at NamesCon Jan. 10, 2016 @WebPromoExperts
  2. 2. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive @radioms SEMrush is the World’s Leading Digital Marketing Data Suite for Keyword and Competitive Research. Versatile. Affordable. Now: Double the U.S. Data, Soon: Double the Worldwide Data @WebPromoExperts @radioMS
  3. 3. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive @radioms Michael Stricker U.S. Marketing Director, SEMrush • Agency and brand digital marketing consultant • 100s successful campaigns 1,000,000s of impressions • Writes:, Business2Community, Linkarati • Consults: 2Modern, AeroPostale, BET, Dell, GolfSmith, RE/MAX, The-House, Toshiba • Speaks: Pubcon, ClickZ, HEROconf London, BrightonSEO, Etail, SMX, ad:tech, LinkedIn @radioms @WebPromoExperts @radioMS
  4. 4. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive Top Level Domains Domain.TLD @WebPromoExperts @radioMS ©1989 Universal Pictures, & Amblin Entertainment
  5. 5. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive Top Level Domains Domain.TLD @WebPromoExperts @radioMS
  6. 6. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive 903 new TLDs delegated But are they performing well in search? New TLDs @WebPromoExperts @radioMS
  7. 7. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive 93% of buying cycles start with an online search. ~ Marketo Why Search? @WebPromoExperts @radioMS
  8. 8. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive 67 non-latin glyphs (Chinese, Kanji, Cyrillic) geoTLDs (.london, .nyc .budapest .osaka .zulu) 903 New TLDs “delegated” @WebPromoExperts @radioMS
  9. 9. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive .aaa .amex . Apple .bmw .cbs .dupont .esurance .fedex .gucci .hyatt .ibm .intel .jeep .komatsu .lego .microsoft .nike .omega .pfizer .qvc .ren .sony .tdk .ups .visa .walmart .xfinity .yandex .zappos New TLDs dot Brands @WebPromoExperts @radioMS
  10. 10. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive TourEiffel.Paris Not Coms: depleted .coms + creativity @WebPromoExperts @radioMS
  11. 11. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive MORE new gTLDs @WebPromoExperts @radioMS .today .technology .tips .land .kitchen .contractors .diamonds .construction .clothing .camera .careers .directory .enterprises .guru .global .holdings .gallery .equipment .estate .bike .recipes .sexy .shoes .plumbing .photos .lighting .singles .tattoo .みんな (Japanese for Everyone) .ventures .voyage .website .world and more!
  12. 12. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive 805 new gTLDs are open to Registrations 67 non-latin glyphs, some restricted and dot-brands 721 new TLDs in SEMrush search data That’s almost 90%, plus a commitment to record search results for all new TLDs! ~ ~ (realtime Registration stats) New TLDs “available” as of Feb, 2016 @WebPromoExperts @radioMS
  13. 13. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive New Top Level Domains Registered @WebPromoExperts @radioMS 12.5M Domains registered on new gTLDs ~ (realtime Registration stats) /! Registered ≠ In-Use /!
  14. 14. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive 93% of buying cycles start with an online search. ~ Marketo New TLDs: Rank Trend New TLDs rising to enter Top 1 Million Domains based on organic search @WebPromoExperts @radioMS
  15. 15. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive New TLDs Trend: Frequency of new TLDs among Top 1M @WebPromoExperts @radioMS
  16. 16. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive Frequency of new TLDs among Top 1M vs Registrations
  17. 17. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive Top 10 TLDs in Top 1M, New VS Old
  18. 18. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive Median Top 1M Rank, New VS Old TLDs @SEMrush @radioMS
  19. 19. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive Avg. Keywords for which Top 1M Domains Rank New TLDs VS Old TLDs @SEMrush @radioMS
  20. 20. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive @SEMrush @radioMS Keywords Won / Lost Ratio per Top 1M Domains, New TLDs VS Old TLDs New Old
  21. 21. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive Keywords Won/Lost, Top 1M Domains, New VS Old @SEMrush @radioMS New TLDs amongTop 1M Domains OldTLDs amongTop 1M Domains
  22. 22. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive Caution: New TLDs are not proof against Google Algorithmic Updates e.g. “Pirate” @SEMrush @radioMS Lost RankforAllKeywords, Disappeared fromGoogle’s Top 100listings
  23. 23. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive Myth: Keywords in URLs have no SEO value @WebPromoExperts @radioMS @semrush
  24. 24. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive Official Google Mythbusting: Keywords in URLs: a very small ranking factor “I believe that is a very small ranking factor. So it is not something I’d really try to force… not something I’d say it is even worth your effort to restructure your site just so you can get keywords in your URL.” ~ John Mueller, Google Webmaster Central Office Hours Hangout Feb 2016 ~ via Barry Schwartz Search Engine Roundtable @WebPromoExperts @radioMS @semrush
  25. 25. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive Myth: Google does not “like” new TLDs, they will not rank well. @WebPromoExperts @radioMS @semrush
  26. 26. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive Mythbusted: Google:  Owns .google and .youtube  Became a domain registrar (reseller)  Uses for its parentAlphabet division  Treats keywords equally before and after dot CTRs may increase due to user trust. @WebPromoExperts @radioMS @semrush
  27. 27. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive @radioms Thank you! FREE Demonstrations Available. FREE 14-Day Trial SEMrush Guru: Free Trial must be activated before Feb. 22, 2016 Original research commissioned by Michael Stricker, Hat tip to Bill Hartzer @bhartzer SEMrush search data by: Qi Zhao, Data Scientist - @QiZhaoDATA @WebPromoExperts @radioMS
  28. 28. @twitterhandle August 10–12, 2015 | #CZLSF | @ClickZLive @radioms Questions? Michael Stricker @radioms Hat tip to Bill Hartzer @bhartzer of Globerunner SEO SEMrush search data research and visualization by: Qi Zhao, Data Scientist - @QiZhaoDATA @WebPromoExperts @radioMS