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Modern Keyword Research for Lazy SEOs by Boaz Sasson (Similarweb)


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Presentation by Boazfrom online SEO Conference 6th of November "WebPromo SEOday"

Published in: Marketing
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Modern Keyword Research for Lazy SEOs by Boaz Sasson (Similarweb)

  1. 1. Boaz Sasson | Head of Performance s a s s o n@ s i m i l a r w eb .c o m Keyword Research for Lazy SEOs
  2. 2. Every Website  Traffic Trends Desktop & Mobile  Referring Traffic  Keywords  Advertising Analysis  Popular Pages Every App  Current User Installs  Active Users  Engagement per app  Retention Analysis  App store optimization Every Country We Reveal the Secrets of Online Success
  3. 3. Harvest your competitors’ fruit
  4. 4. (who wants to give me all their keywords plz)
  5. 5. 60,000 keywords in less than 60 seconds 
  6. 6. Sort your harvest into useful data
  7. 7. The resurrection of keyword density!!!
  8. 8. So, I guess this makes us Excel groupies?
  9. 9. The 2 word phrases are your main terms, yum
  10. 10. Filter by broad themes, then re-densify
  11. 11. Keywords grouped by theme
  12. 12. • Harvest keywords from leading/competing sites • Clean up the list • Sort by keyword density • Fine-tune, filter and recheck by density Takeaways:
  13. 13. 13/20 Thank You Boaz Sasson s a s s o n@ s i m i l a r w eb .c o m