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How Topics and Links Affect Everyone and Everything by Dixon Jones


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For some reason Majestic was the choice of old school experts. Well, I mean, established experts, who seem to be here forever, like Bary Schwartz or Moosa Hemani.Dixon Jones old school Looking at this picture in Dixon’s Google+ I am not surprised anymore.
Google’s mission has been to “Organize the World’s Information”. But what does this mean, and how do links play a part in this process? Majestic has their own view of the world and has also categorized the Internet, so Dixon Jones will show you some of the ways in which search engines approach this Big Data problem.

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How Topics and Links Affect Everyone and Everything by Dixon Jones

  1. 1. From Trust Flows Understanding Categorizing the Web
  2. 2. From Trust Flows Understanding How Topical Trust Flow Affects Everyone and Everything
  3. 3. @tryMajestic Majestic Specialist Search Engine Digital knowledge on a grand scale Dixon Jones
  4. 4. @tryMajestic The BIG specialist search engine Twitter has 500,000,000 Tweets per day on average In the same day, Majestic crawls well over 2,000,000,000 NEW URLs (and sees 7 billion)
  5. 5. @tryMajestic How do they do that? • Information Retrieval in the “Zeta” age 1.Data Collection 2.Data Grouping 3.Data Indexing 4.Data Matching
  6. 6. @tryMajestic Groups Make Search Much Better • Find a Fact • Find a Friend • Find a Customer • Finding Anything LibraryofCongresscirca1940 Research At:
  7. 7. @tryMajestic Why Categorize the Web? • Categorizing into topics prevents spam: • (TrustRank Paper) (Stanford Paper)
  8. 8. @tryMajestic Categorisation by data type • Country IP/TLD • Image Search • Video Search • Local Listings • Maps • Travel
  9. 9. @tryMajestic Google uses Groups of Data
  10. 10. @tryMajestic Approaches to defining topics
  11. 11. @tryMajestic Approaches to defining topics
  12. 12. @tryMajestic How we categorize the web • Content connects in Groups • Keywords gravitate into Groups
  13. 13. @tryMajestic We see AND ANALYZE links Topical Trust Flow using decay Algorithm ???
  14. 14. @tryMajestic Works best with Universal Data set • Every signal is small • Individually prone to error or opinion • At scale the error decreases • Confidence increases
  15. 15. @tryMajestic Convert a score to an easy number Example:
  16. 16. @tryMajestic Topical Trust Flow is Very Powerful • More granular than (say) PageRank • Updates continually • Provides measurable context and influence at scale • Page level AND site level tracking • 800 topics • Can compare all types of online data (People, Pages, Sites, Images, Plugins)
  17. 17. @tryMajestic Use Cases • Already used in Search • Finding Influencers • Credit checking • Comparing different media channels • Link building • Company evaluations
  18. 18. @tryMajestic Use Case: Search Engines
  19. 19. @tryMajestic Who is more popular on Twitter? Use case: Finding influencers Lady Gaga? Barack Obama? Trust Flow 74 Trust Flow 70
  20. 20. @tryMajestic Takeaways • The Butterfly Effect is very real • Connections form measurable patterns • Topical Trust Flow tells us: – What a page or site is about – How influential it is in that topic • Topical Trust Flow is Fast and Frequent • Topical Trust Flow is Scalable
  21. 21. @tryMajestic Out of Trust Flows understanding Real insight into the world wide web from Majestic,the specialist search engine
  22. 22. From Trust Flows Understanding