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How to Track Social Media ROI by Katy Katz


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Katy has interactive marketing experience spanning across the higher education, healthcare, technology, and small business communities. She has spoken at numerous world-recognized conferences on content marketing, social media, and brand personalization. When it comes to social media, there are a ton of potential metrics to look at – impressions, likes, views, clicks, tweets. But what really matters and how are these actions affecting your bottom line? Tune into this webinar to find out what is important to measure, and how to go about doing it, to ensure you are fully tracking the impact of your efforts.

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How to Track Social Media ROI by Katy Katz

  1. 1. Hi, My Name is Katy! •  Content Director, Inturact •  MBA with over 10 years in marketing •  Speaker at conferences including Pubcon, Zenith, and MnSearch •  Published on Search Engine Journal and YouMoz •  Board member of Houston Interactive Marketing Association (HiMA) @KatyKatzTX
  2. 2. So, Social Media …. •  Where should I be spending my time? •  It takes so much time to be personal, how do I know I’m actually making a difference? •  Metrics are great, but what about profits? @KatyKatzTX
  3. 3. Plan for Results @KatyKatzTX
  4. 4. Organic Social Media is about • Public relations • Relationship building • Brand reputation @KatyKatzTX
  5. 5. Paid Social Media is about Profit @KatyKatzTX
  6. 6. They’re both important, @KatyKatzTX but for different reasons.
  7. 7. Today I’ll Talk About •  Organic Social Media o  Where to focus o  How to measure the value of efforts •  Paid Social Media o  Choosing options o  Best practices o  Measuring return @KatyKatzTX
  8. 8. #1 Know Thy Customer •  Take the time to build accurate personas •  Conduct target market research o  Survey customers o  Create gated content to website o  Analyze social behavior o  Utilize a third-party data aggregator •  Divide results into persona buckets (3-7) •  Make them personal and detailed •  Tell a story @KatyKatzTX
  9. 9. Personas NAME JOB TITLE •  Value statement DEMOGRAPHICS •  Age •  Income •  Education •  Salary •  Location •  Family GOALS AND CHALLENGES •  Values and fears •  Issues at each stage of buyer’s journey SOCIAL BEHAVIOR •  Information Seeker •  Fan •  Influencer •  Detractor @KatyKatzTX
  10. 10. You’re able to COMMUNICATE Once you know your customer, @KatyKatzTX
  11. 11. Communication @KatyKatzTX
  12. 12. Inauthenticity … @KatyKatzTX
  13. 13. … or worse @KatyKatzTX
  14. 14. Communication is imperative •  Social media is designed for communication •  Relationships are a two-way street •  Be a good listener •  Strive for agile response times •  Continue the conversation across modalities @KatyKatzTX
  15. 15. You can align their needs with your goals Once you know your customer, @KatyKatzTX
  16. 16. Organic Social Media •  Set SMART goals •  Measure your results •  Be comfortable with only having part of the story @KatyKatzTX
  17. 17. The Scientific Method •  Ask a questionPurpose •  Do background researchResearch •  Measurable ideaHypothesis •  Test multiple variationsExperiment •  Review the dataAnalysis •  Summarize results, learn, growConclusion @KatyKatzTX
  18. 18. Purpose •  What is your SMART goal? •  What are you hoping to achieve from this campaign? •  Example of a good purpose: o  I want to increase traffic to my new landing page by 70% in the next 30 days. @KatyKatzTX
  19. 19. Research •  Verify goals are attainable •  Research best social avenues •  Decide course of action •  Add to the KPI: o  I want to run a Facebook contest to increase traffic to my new landing page by 70% in the next 30 days. o  Are there any keywords that will resonate? o  What imagery will grab the persona? @KatyKatzTX
  20. 20. Hypothesis •  An idea you can test •  What everything is measured against •  Tie your KPI to a business objective •  Example KPI: o  The Facebook contest will increase traffic to my new landing page by 70% in the next 30 days and drive 25 new customer leads. @KatyKatzTX
  21. 21. Experiment •  Execute multivariate campaigns •  Test multiple strategies (vary color, text, etc.) •  Measure and make agile changes @KatyKatzTX
  22. 22. Analysis •  Measure, measure, measure •  Review results with common language o  Applause – pluses, favorites, likes, etc. o  Amplification – social shares o  Conversation – comments, threads, etc. •  Find a tool that works for you (e.g. True Social Metrics, Hubspot) @KatyKatzTX
  23. 23. Conclusion •  Track your campaign like a case study •  Report the positive and negative outcomes of the campaign •  Did you meet your objective? •  What did you do well? What could you have done better? @KatyKatzTX
  24. 24. More Social KPI Resources •  Measuring Community: KPIs and Social Media Metrics for Community Building, Mack Web Solutions •  Measure Macro AND Micro Conversions, Occam's Razor •  Social KPI Goals Worksheet for ROI, AimClear @KatyKatzTX
  25. 25. Pay to Play Take it up a notch and @KatyKatzTX
  26. 26. The Lines Are Blurring @KatyKatzTX
  27. 27. And the options are GROWING @KatyKatzTX
  28. 28. Facebook @KatyKatzTX
  29. 29. Facebook Targeting •  Demographics (location, age, gender, relationship, education, job title) – build a custom, reusable audience •  Interests (from cross fit to TV shows) •  Behaviors (intents, device usage) •  Connections (pages, people, etc.) @KatyKatzTX
  30. 30. Instagram @KatyKatzTX
  31. 31. Twitter •  Target hashtags or conversations •  Target followers of influencers •  Set up Twitter cards for conversions •  Check out more tips here @KatyKatzTX
  32. 32. LinkedIn •  Sponsored updates or right-hand ads •  Text, image, or video ads •  Target by location, company, job title, or bio information @KatyKatzTX
  33. 33. For all paid platforms, @KatyKatzTX tie campaign to a profit- driving goal.
  34. 34. Bottom Line •  Take a scientific approach •  Rely on the data for decisions •  Build SMART KPIs •  Tie goals to measurable business objectives •  Account for the intangible benefit of organic •  Don’t discount the power of paid @KatyKatzTX
  35. 35. Thank You! @KatyKatzTX