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B2B vs B2C Email Marketing, What You Need to Know by Sky Cassidy


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ProspectDB is a B2B marketing data company in Los Angeles, CA. We provide B2B lists as well as Data Management and data cleaning and append services. All of our lists include an email address for every contact as well as a 100% data guarantee and unlimited use license. We are data experts.
Sky Cassidy lives in Los Angeles, California and is a partner at ProspectDB. In 2015, he took over as their CEO. Since graduating Sonoma State University in 2000 he has held management positions in both sales and marketing as well as holding founder or co-founder positions in several startups.
Maximum attention here! Sky is going to talk about unsolicited e-mailing, what common people refer as spam. He will show it is legal (at least in the USA) and could work. Successful case study.

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B2B vs B2C Email Marketing, What You Need to Know by Sky Cassidy

  1. 1. B2B vs B2C Email Marketing, What You Need to Know Covering: • Everything You Think You Know is Wrong • Email Delivery Services • Open and Click Rates • Best Days of The Week • Response Times • Devices Used • Case Study • Q&A
  2. 2. Everything you think you know is wrong: Source = B2C delivery services • Self Generated Data • Opt-in • Consumer products • Existing Customers
  3. 3. Email Delivery Services: • Opt-in only • New Lead Generation VS
  4. 4. Open and Click Rates: Opt-in and B2C Campaigns B2B Lead Gen Campaigns Open Rate: 25% Click Rate: 3%+ Click-to-Open Rate: 12%+ Open Rate: 5% Click Rate: 0.5%+ Click-to-Open Rate: 10% Direct Response: 1 in 2,000
  5. 5. Best Days of The Week: MailChimp Stats Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday?
  6. 6. Response Times: What’s the Average time it takes you to follow up with a lead?
  7. 7. Devices Used: Courtesy of Movable Inc. (US Consumer Device Preference Report 2014) What’s do you check business email on?
  8. 8. B2B Email Lead Gen Case Study: Setup: • B2B Service Company • List - purchased list of 65,000 HR and Warehouse contacts in companies with warehouses. • Email Creative – click to white paper w/o gating. Results: (11 month period after initial month of testing) • Clicks and responses were provided to the client for follow up. • Open Rate: 5.5% • Click to Open Rate: 11% (~2,000 leads per month) • Eliminated cold calling • Cost per lead of ~$4 (click=lead) • Increased sales by ~20% by end of first year. • ROI of ~1,200% (have seen results from 130% to 3,000%+) Execution: • Delivery Schedule – 13k daily M-F, repeated weekly for 1 month then switched to new creative.
  9. 9. 1. Stats you are familiar with for email marketing are based on B2C campaigns and newsletters. 2. Statistics Lie 3. Create your own benchmarks over time In Summary: Q&A