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40 to 1 ROI, per each dollar you get 40 USD in ROI by Daniel Miller


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Daniel Miller was born in Las Vegas but spent his formative years living in Malaga, Spain. There his passion for entrepreneurship and business blossomed into a successful computer consulting company. This taught him important lessons from how a businesses owner may wear several hats to the importance of building trusting relationships in business and where he first discovered the power of email marketing.
Upon returning stateside he put those lessons to work at Benchmark Email, where he has risen in the ranks from Sales Representative to the Director of Sales & Marketing. At Benchmark, Daniel has helped businesses from mom and pop shops and kitchen table operations to large enterprises find the best possible email marketing solutions and strategies.

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40 to 1 ROI, per each dollar you get 40 USD in ROI by Daniel Miller

  1. 1. E M A I L M A R K E T I N G FORTY TO ONE
  2. 2. Permission Based Email Marketing How can we use emails? Internal Notifications Informative Newsletters Promotions & Advertisements
  3. 3. Promotions & Advertisements Your Customers Expect These Emails
  4. 4. Return on Investment $42 $22 $10 Internet Marketing Mobile MarketingEmail Marketing
  5. 5. $82.2 Billion 2012 2016 $67.8 Billion $14.4 Billion Email Marketing’s projected revenue growth:
  6. 6. Newsletters & Informative Emails Branding can go a long way
  7. 7. How do your fans, clients, members, and followers find you? Building A List Of Subscribers
  8. 8. Lists New Subscriber New Subscriber New Subscriber New Subscriber New Subscriber SIGN ME UP
  9. 9. Building A List Of Subscribers Signup FormsEasy List AppPen & PaperBusiness Cards at Expos
  10. 10. List Types Opt-In Lists Double Opt-In Lists
  11. 11. Segmenting A List Of Subscribers Age Geographic Location Signup Form Location Main List Gender
  12. 12. WHAT DID YOUR SUBSCRIBERS SIGNUP FOR? 1 HOW DID THEY SIGNUP TO YOUR EMAILS? 2 Content What is the goal of your emails?
  13. 13. CASE STUDY Anti-newsletter strategy nurtures $1.5 Million in leads in 4 months $1.5 Million in Leads
  14. 14. CASE STUDY BUILD YOUR LIST OF LEADS GIVE ALL THE DATA TO THE SALES DEPARTMENT Sponsored webinars Organic search Paid search Database purchases Third-party email partnerships Personal salutation Banner mentioning the product of interest Free content offer Short description of the content Image of the content Two links and one button to download
  15. 15. RESULTS AUTOMATED NURTURING EMAILS MANUALLY-SENT HOUSE-FILE EMAILS from April - July from April - July $250,000 IN SALES from leads nurtured $1.3 MILLION IN SALES from leads nurtured STRONGER SALES 1.70% CTR 1.57% response rate (content downloaded) 0.65% CTR 0.62% response rate
  16. 16. Engagement You need to force your subscribers to click. Why? Your subscribers will remember your email and brand. YOU WILL GAIN KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT YOUR SUBSCRIBER IS INTERESTED IN. You both win!
  17. 17. Reports. Get to know them. OPEN RATES CLICK RATES BOUNCES The most important things to look for:
  18. 18. Reports. Get to know them.
  19. 19. You may not need this now... but it’s always good to have more info about your subscribers Reading Tendencies Age: 25 - 40 Age: 15 - 25 History Biography Romance Age: 25 - 40 Age: 15 - 25 History Science & Nature Sport & Leisure Poetry Adventure Art & Design Sci-fi Historical fiction Graphic Novels Age: 38 Age: 16 Age: 24 Age: 26 Age: 33 SEGMENT YOUR SUBSCRIBERS BASED ON WHAT THEY LIKE: Advanced Segmenting
  20. 20. Automation When you know the customer WHEN TO AUTOMATE? HOW MUCH SHOULD YOU AUTOMATE? WILL MY CUSTOMER FIND OUT IT’S AUTOMATED? As much as possible, you have more important things to do They might... 1 2 3
  21. 21. How Microsoft used triggered email to increase Open Rates 800% and Click Through Rates 2,100% CASE STUDY 800% 2,100%
  22. 22. CASE STUDY Put the customer at the center of everything ESTABLISH GUIDING PRINCIPLES FOR MARKETING Foster authentic and personal relationships Improve relevance through better targeting Help the customer get value right away Engage customers in the conversation Actions were based on how long the customer has been in the program. Targeted messages were integrated with other marketing pieces. The program included re-targeting based on customer behaviors. PLAN THE EFFORT TO BE RELEVANT TO THE CUSTOMER’S NEEDS
  23. 23. CASE STUDY Optimizing the user experience by layering new elements to the marketing effort over time. Helpful content in the form of step-by-step articles and videos. Using actual employees who understand the product to personalize the experience for the customer ACHIEVEMENTS: 800% Open Rate Increase (50% More than Average) 2,100% Increase in Click Through Rate Website videos achieved a 63% completion rate. 66.6% of program participants tried a new feature.
  24. 24. Do it all over again! Get Subscribers Send Good ContentLearn from Reports
  25. 25. T H E B E S T E M A I L M A R K E T I N G Starter Plan: Upload 2,000 Subscribers Send 14,000 emails per month