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Independence Bank Headquarters - Washington, DC


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Anton Janezich, AIA and are pleased to announce that their interior design project for the Independence Bank Headquarters in the Shaw Historic District of Washington DC has been included in the book titled "Bank Interiors," by "Hi - Design" publications of Hong Kong in December of 2012.

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Independence Bank Headquarters - Washington, DC

  1. 1. Independence _DescriptionBank HQ Independence Bank’s goal was to ensure the financial needs of those environment with the visual transparency Independence Bank sees for not well served by the Capitol’s existing banking institutions. its future and the future of the US banking system as a whole. To retain a sense of continuity with the historic district’s contributing The existing exposed interior masonry party walls are set off against buildings the design team retained and left exposed as much of existing 11’-0” high white aluminum and clear glass doors, partitions and interior brick bearing walls as possible. For historical sensitivity and cost clerestories. The white interior finishes are illuminated with natural light the decision was made to gently clean the existing interior brick and provided by large renovated shop front windows skinned with glowing then seal it with specialized polyurethane. The result was a synthesis perforated shades. The resulting diffused natural light reduces the of ancient walls and new furnishings that respected the integrity of the artificial lighting requirements during the day. In addition all aspects contributing walls while creating a whole appropriate for a modern of the banking hall and offices are exposed to view for the staff bankDesign Company_AJA Architects banking institution. On the building exterior, dignified exterior signage officers and the general public to reinforce the sense of managerial and a new ATM installation appropriate to the epoch of the building banking transparency as well as allow natural light to filter through the was created. In a gesture to the overall historic district and time space. honored bank tradition, a public time piece, a cast iron pedestal clock The bank set out to create a modest, light filled, open space that was designed and is soon to be erected. respects its context and is appropriate for the institution of the bank in The institution’s open plan with banking hall seamlessly integrated today’s world. It is clear these goals have been accomplished. into the overall headquarters, creates a bright, crisp and friendly basic_292 info Designers_Anton Janezich, Stan Andrulis, Shane Gerson, Katie Klos, Kun Zhang Location_Washington, DC 293_
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