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United Colors of Benetton

  1. 鄭志彬 79935204
  2. Benetton Products Kid Adult Underwear Travel bags Perfumes Lifestyle Eyewear
  3. Benetton’s “Sourced Products” Areas China Hong Kong
  4. Benetton’s “Sourced Products” Areas India Bangalore
  5. Benetton’s industrial operations are based on a "double supply chain", which balances efficiency and speed. •Sequential Supply Chain: a better calibrated and more efficient system, based on a logical sequence of activities for minimizing costs and optimizing efficiency. •Integrated Planning System, a more rapid system with better response capabilities, optimizing in parallel, the activities of R&D, product design, production and sales.
  6. Efficiency Sequential Supply Chain
  7. Speed Integrity Planning System
  8. Benetton Operation Business Model
  9. Benetton TV The Benetton TV project is a new portal for Benetton partners (agents, clients, stores, and buyers), providing controlled access with all the necessary security assurances. The system makes it possible to provide information to the entire Benetton commercial network in real time, updating everyone on initiatives (new collections, redistribution, display methods, distance learning for employees, and so on), and receiving orders via web.
  10. Benetton TV
  11. Benetton Advertisement “Beauty in Diversity”
  12. Benetton Advertisement “Black Woman Breastfeeding White Baby”
  13. Benetton Advertisement “Bosnian Soldier”
  14. Benetton Advertisement “Angel and Devil”
  15. Benetton Lifestyle’s Advertisement
  16. Benetton’s Lifestyle Advertisement
  17. Problems and Solutions •Is it really build “brand awareness”? To stay away from the political and social arena, and focus on their products in their ads. •