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Zambia Women

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K:\ws420 zambia

  1. 1. WOMEN OF ZAMBIA and introduction of me! : )<br />Women Studies 420<br />September 5, 2010<br />
  2. 2. My name is Antonina, but people call me Anto…<br /><ul><li>I am a 23 year old female who lives in Moorhead, Mn. I moved here a year ago from Hibbing, Mn.
  3. 3. I achieved my A.A. at Hibbing Community College and am now a full time student at Minnesota State University Moorhead going for my B.A. in Social Work AND Criminal Justice!
  4. 4. Other than school, I currently have 3 jobs and definitely keep myself busy!</li></li></ul><li>Fun Pass Times…<br /><ul><li>For fun I enjoy cross-stitching, latch-hooking, knitting, reading, watching movies, 4-wheeling, playing video games, hanging out with family and friends, journaling, cliff jumping, anything really. I still have a lot of “kid” in me! : )
  5. 5. I have my motorcycle license as well. Nothing more free feeling than driving down a highway on a motorcycle!</li></li></ul><li>Random Fact about me…<br /><ul><li>I’d say the most random fact about me is that I am an Ordained Minister in the state of Minnesota! I just did my first wedding last month which was a same sex couple (2 girls).
  6. 6. I am not a die hard feminist BUT I am all about women power and being treated as an equal no matter your gender.</li></li></ul><li>Zambian Flag<br /><ul><li>One very interesting thing I learned about Zambia’s flag is what it represents: “…the red stands for the struggle for freedom, the black for the Zambian people, and the orange for natural resources and mineral wealth. The eagle is representative of the people's ability to rise above the nation's problems…”</li></li></ul><li>Education and Medical<br /><ul><li>Women are amongst the poorest of the poor in Zambia.
  7. 7. Earning an education in Zambia has become unaffordable due to education cutbacks. Most families have to choose who to send to school; they usually choose boys because girls may drop out or get married and money spent on educating them will have been 'wasted‘.
  8. 8. Caring for the sick is the women’s job in Zambia. Families have to choose which illnesses are serious enough to take to the hospital. A lot of women's and children's diseases are ignored, such as home deliveries, which are sometimes dangerous, have become common again.
  9. 9. Often times, diseases that have a cure are left untreated and therefore have fatal results.</li></li></ul><li>Prostitution<br /><ul><li>Girls often prostitute themselves to survive. Some of them 'turn tricks' not for money but simply to get a free meal or a place to sleep.
  10. 10. They are often in danger of contracting AIDS since Zambia has one of the highest incidence of HIV in Africa, but they also are in danger of being beaten up and exploited by unscrupulous men.
  11. 11. Often times mothers encourage their children to go and work the streets to feed themselves, but also to help feed the other children at home. AIDS, which may manifest itself in five or ten years time, does not seem much of a threat to a family that is starving now.
  12. 12. Some of the mothers themselves engage in prostitution in order to feed their families.</li></li></ul><li>References<br /><ul><li>Priscilla Jere-Mwiindilila. June, 1994. The effects of
  13. 13. structural adjustment on women in Zambia. Retrieved from http://warc.ch/pc/rw942/02.html.
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