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BOO! How Agile brought out my Wicked Witch of the West

Talk delivered by Antoinette Coetzee at Global Scrum Gathering Vienna - Oct 2019

2015 was my Annus horribilis - my most horrible year. It was the year I wondered whether I had turned into an awful person, or whether I have just always been one. It was also the start of the biggest personal growth spurt in my life to date. And agile was slapbang in the middle of all this - it forced me to confront my own values, behaviour and courage. If you are keen to find out how agile shines the spotlight on our personal dysfunctions and how that can benefit us both personally and as leaders, come join me and take a look in my magic mirror. Don’t be scared, you may just realise you have so much more in your toolbox than you thought! And it will be worth looking… this I promise.

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BOO! How Agile brought out my Wicked Witch of the West

  1. 1. BOO! How Agile brought out my Wicked Witch of the West by Antoinette Coetzee @AntoinetteCoet #PersonalLeadershipJourney #SGVIE
  2. 2. GROWTH PAINS OF A STARTUP @AntoinetteCoet #PersonalLeadershipJourney #SGVIE
  3. 3. @AntoinetteCoet #PersonalLeadershipJourney #SGVIE WHAT I WANTED TO CREATE
  4. 4. @AntoinetteCoet #PersonalLeadershipJourney #SGVIE WHAT WE CREATED...
  5. 5. Development of Action logicTHE FEEDBACK… @AntoinetteCoet #PersonalLeadershipJourney #SGVIE
  6. 6. Development of Action logicTHE FEEDBACK… @AntoinetteCoet #PersonalLeadershipJourney #SGVIE You are not practicing what you preach!
  7. 7. Development of Action logicWHAT WAS GOING ON INSIDE @AntoinetteCoet #PersonalLeadershipJourney #SGVIE
  8. 8. I WAS A POSTER CHILD FOR EVERY MANAGER WE EVER WANT TO CHANGE @AntoinetteCoet #PersonalLeadershipJourney #SGVIE
  9. 9. Development of Action logicWHAT I DID @AntoinetteCoet #PersonalLeadershipJourney #SGVIE I stayed with me. In my shadow. And I looked at my inner witch. For more than a year. I did not fix my discomfort by rationalising or blaming, and I worked with my triggers. I helped people find more stable jobs that suited them better and paid a guaranteed salary. And I kept on inspecting and adapting with the ones that were comfortable in a “consulting” setup.
  10. 10. A TOOL @AntoinetteCoet #PersonalLeadershipJourney #SGVIE
  11. 11. Development of Action logic Opportunist Diplomat Expert Achiever EARLY LATER StrategistIndividualist ACTION LOGIC @AntoinetteCoet #PersonalLeadershipJourney #SGVIE
  12. 12. @AntoinetteCoet #PersonalLeadershipJourney #SGVIE HOW HAVE I CHANGED? • Allow the bigger scheme of things to dominate the here and now • Softened and grown more patient • Authentically look for what’s good and working first • Embraced “I don’t know” – who knows what is right or wrong anyway! • Acquired new language • More tolerance for displeasing people
  13. 13. @AntoinetteCoet #PersonalLeadershipJourney #SGVIE AND... You want to work with me? What are YOU bringing to the table?
  14. 14. @AntoinetteCoet #PersonalLeadershipJourney #SGVIE WHAT CAN YOU DO?
  15. 15. @AntoinetteCoet #PersonalLeadershipJourney #SGVIE • Take the feedback on the chin • Stay in the discomfort – face it! • Cultivate unconditional inner friendliness • Work your triggers with curiosity • Ask for help – for you, for your team • Be brave. Be brave. Be brave. • Grow your empathy for everyone, including yourself • Educate yourself about growth
  16. 16. @AntoinetteCoet #PersonalLeadershipJourney #SGVIE THANK YOU! To all of you who made this journey possible – may your growth be as significant as mine. And less painful.