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Ethics test

  1. 1. Ethics TrainingAnswer each of the followingquestions as it pertains to ethicalresponsibility at Louisville RegionalAirport Authority
  2. 2. Name:Class: Ethics Training
  3. 3. Standards of Conduct• The LRAA conducts its business fairly, impartially and in compliance with all laws and regulations. The Authority is committed to conducting its business with integrity underlying all relationships, including those with citizens, customers, suppliers, communities and among employees.• Avoid conduct or activity that may call into question the integrity of the Authority. – This includes comments and postings to social media networks regarding the Authority and/or its employees (Twitter, Facebook etc. – see 7.01 in handbook)
  4. 4. Which one of the standards of conducts listed below should an employee avoid:A Preferential treatment (person or entity)B Adversely affecting the confidence of the publicC Violation of Authority policiesD All of the above
  5. 5. We Are All Responsible• Every employee has the responsibility to be familiar with the Authority’s policies and to ask questions and seek guidance, in compliance with our policy.• Policies are in your handbook and on the intranet.
  6. 6. All Louisville Regional Airport Authority’s polices can be found in:A The Airport’s MagazineB Employee HandbookC Airport TerminalD Airmail
  7. 7. If you have observed, or have knowledge of actions that are in violation of Board policies, employment policies or regulatory law, you should report the issue by: Discuss with a Supervisor, Manager,A Director, DED, ED, HR or any member of the management teamB The A.I.R. Contact lineC Both A & BD No one
  8. 8. What is A.I.R.?• A.I.R. stands for: – Ask – Inform – Report Third Party for non-compliance issue to Available 24/7 1-877-874-8416 or• A.I.R. stands for Ask – Inform – and Report. It is managed by a third party that the Authority has contracted with to handle anonymous questions and concerns from our employees.• A.I.R. is available 24/7 through either a 800 phone number or you can access them through their website.• You have the option of remaining anonymous or giving your name. The representatives that receive your initial question or concern are not Authority employees. They are trained on how to handle either the phone or internet inquiry. The more information you can give them the better someone else will be able to respond to your issue.• A.I.R ensures employees have a clear pathway to voice their concerns without fear of retaliation. It’s another resource in addition to discussing issues with management individually.
  9. 9. What is does A.I.R. stand for?A Site inside the terminalB Airplane abbreviationC Another Issue to ReportD Ask , Inform, Report
  10. 10. If you have observed, or have knowledge ofactions that are in violation of Board policies,employment policies or regulatory law, you shouldreport the issue by: Discuss with a Supervisor, Manager, Director, DED,A ED, HR or any member of the management teamB The A.I.R. Contact lineC Both A or BD No one
  11. 11. Utilizing A.I.R. Contact Line• First you must submit your concern or question, either by phone or on the internet to A.I.R. A.I.R will assign a case ID number to your issue. The issue is then forwarded to the appropriate party within the LRAA to review the issue and, if necessary, to investigate. The issue is only identified by the case ID number unless you choose to include your name or other identifying information. After the issue has been reviewed, then a response is sent to A.I.R. You will be able to check on the status of your issue by accessing your case number.• Remember, A.I.R. is not a complaint line. It is intended to answer employee questions or to report a concern re: violation of our policies or non-compliance with laws/guidelines.• Research will depend on the details you include in your claim. As stated earlier, you can remain anonymous. However, if you identify yourself, we are able to follow up with you directly. If you elect to remain anonymous, feedback will be provided through your assigned case number.• Due to privacy, feedback containing any specific action that may involve another employee will not be included in the follow up communication.• Response time will depend on the nature of the issue, as well as how much detail is included in the submission.• Remember, any review, investigation and/or follow up will depend on specific details provided in the initial or follow-up submissions.• A.I.R. is intended to address “compliance issues” not complaints..
  12. 12. A.I.R. will address any complaint anemployee reports. A True B False
  13. 13. Issues to report• A.I.R. is designed to process issues concerning: – Fraud – Theft – Non-compliance of a contract – Discrimination – Violation or unfair application of Authority policies – Violation of federal, state, local or regulatory laws/regulations/guidelines – If your question or concern does not fit within any of the above categories, then the A.I.R. contact line may not the appropriate resource. The A.I.R. process will also guide you re: what types of issues and supporting details are needed to complete the process.
  14. 14. Which of the following issues would you not report to A.I.R.?A DiscriminationB FraudC Parking area needing repavingD Theft
  15. 15. What Are Our Conduct Policies– Conflict of Interest– Release of Confidential Information– Political Involvement– Harassment– Money Handling– Nepotism– E-Mail and Online Systems– Electronic Equipment/Camera Surveillance– Attendance– Employee Conduct**Reminder: complete detail of all of these policies can be found in your Handbook or on the intranet.
  16. 16. Conflict of InterestTo safeguard the activities, assets and employees of the Authority, all employeesmust avoid any relationship or activity that might conflict, or give the appearance toconflict with their ability to make objective, fair and lawful decisions regarding theAuthority. – Compensation, Goods and Services (not over $75) – Financial Interests and Contracts – Fraternization Compensation, Goods and Services:• Avoid receiving any compensation which might adversely affect: – The exercise of judgment on behalf of the LRAA – Appear to have such an effect • If known, it could impair public confidence in the LRAA • Can not accept compensation, goods or services, or thing(s) of value of more than $75 from: – Person/entity doing business w/ LRAA – Person/entity has done business w/ LRAA w/in previous 2 years – Person/entity negotiating business/commercial relationship w/ LRAA – Officer, director, employee, shareholder, agent or rep listed above – Any relative of person listed above
  17. 17. Conflict of Interest Financial Interests and Contracts:• No employee of the Airport Authority, or member of their immediate family, domestic partner or significant other shall directly or indirectly: – Have a financial interest in any contract to which the Airport Authority is party or sell goods/property to the Airport Authority. – Either by himself/another, directly/indirectly contract w/ the Airport Authority for any work to be paid with funds of the Airport Authority,• Outside Employment – If it is w/ entity described previously in policy • File written request for a waiver w/ HR • Request reviewed by ED – Public Safety employees should refer to PSD Secondary Employment Policy
  18. 18. To work for one of the airlines located in the terminal at LRAA would be a conflict of interest. True, LRAA has a businessA agreement with the airlinesB False, is does not affect anyone
  19. 19. Conflict of Interest Fraternization:• The Authority believes an environment where employees maintain clear boundaries between personal and business interactions is most effective for conducting business. This includes relationships through social media networks• Supervisory positions or other influential roles are subject to more stringent requirements under this policy due to their status.• Behavior should comply w/ following policies – Equal Employment Opportunity – Code of Conduct – Harassment
  20. 20. Release of Confidential Information• TheExecutive Director designates who isauthorized to speak on behalf of the Authority• All media contact should go to Public Relations Employees are prohibited from: • Displaying the LRAA logo on any social media network. • Displaying any nonpublic image of the LRAA premises and property
  21. 21. Media should be directed to the Public Relations Director TrueAB False
  22. 22. Political Involvement Employees nominated or elected to public office w/in KY or elsewhere which could conflict w/ position held as employee of the Airport Authority • Position w/ the Authority shall be terminated and forfeited • Determination of conflict of interest shall be made by Executive DirectorTo avoid conflict, employees of the Authority are prohibitedfrom the following in any public election: • Using their office or position w/ the Authority for the benefit of any candidate • Managing a political campaign. • Soliciting or receiving contributions for a political campaign • Actively and publicly support a candidate, (except on his or her own time, and while not in an Authority uniform or in an Authority office, building, vehicle, property or on the grounds of the airport).
  23. 23. Harassment • Maintain a working environment free from harassment by supervisors, co-workers and third parties. • The Authority prohibits any discrimination or harassment that is sexual, racial, religious in nature, or related to gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability or any other protected classes.• The Authority also prohibits any acts of retaliation orreprisal for having made a good faith complaint under thispolicy or for participating in an investigation.• It is the responsibility of every supervisor/manageremployed by the Authority to ensure that this antiharassment policy is strictly enforced.
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