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Business plan

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Business plan

  1. 1. PANNASASTRA UNIVERSITY OF CAMBODIA Business Law Topic: Business Plan• Professor Name: Kong Phallack• Group 4• Group member: Sok Lim Tan Seyhab Mean MouyHouy Theing Khamaraniwath Ngouv Chanvirak
  2. 2. Introduction • Restaurant DescriptionCompany Overview • Commercial Registration • Taxation Registration • Labor Registration • Ministry of Tourism • Ministry of Environment • Ministry of HealthRelated LawSWOT AnalysisConclusion
  3. 3. I. Introduction Yummy House Yummy House is a new buffet restaurant that located in Toul Tom I, ChomKamom, Phnom Penh. Yummy House is in front of the Tonle Basak Restaurant, it willopen on 12/12/2012. MissionYummy house’s mission is thinking about the quality of foods with healthy for ourcustomers. To compete with other restaurant we will:1. Keep customers as king.2. Think about the healthy and the best taste foods for our customers.3. Create more type of foods with different tastes, shapes.4. Keep good relationship with our customers.5. Permanently maintain the operation as legal, ethical, social responsible and environmental behavior.
  4. 4. Introduction (Continue) Vision In long run business, we need to think and take care the amount of ourcustomers that are decrease or increase because the more customers, the moreprofits. Objective We open this restaurant in purpose to provide the advantages for theconsumer and our company like:1. Bring the delicious and provide good services for our customers.2. Get the maximize profits and customers.
  5. 5. Introduction (Continue) Location of Yummy house Restaurant
  6. 6. Company Overview Yummy House restaurant will be establish as a sole proprietorship byMr. Sok Lim.

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