8 - railroad expansion ppt


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8 - railroad expansion ppt

  1. 1. Chapter 19:Growth of Industry The Main IdeaDuring the late 1800s, new technology led to rapid industrial growth and the expansion of railroads. Reading Focus• Why did railroads expand, and what changes resulted?File Name: F:TeachingNorth East Carolina Prep SchoolLesson PlansSocial StudiesAssignments8 -- Railroad Expansion PPTURL: http://www.slideshare.net/Anthony_Maiorano/8-railroad-expansion-pptFile Name Notes: F:TeachingNorth East Carolina Prep SchoolLesson PlansSocial StudiesAssignments8 – Railroad Expansion PPT NoteFile Name URL: http://www.scribd.com/doc/135038635/8-%E2%80%93-Railroad-Expansion-PPT-Notes
  2. 2. ObjectivesThe student will discover how the national railroad system changed the economy
  3. 3. New Industries Emerge• New technologies – Electrical power replaced steam and water power. • This change characterized the Second Industrial Revolution – Larger factories produced more and more goods. – Faster transportation moved people and goods more cheaply.• Dramatic industrial growth – Period sometimes called the Second Industrial Revolution
  4. 4. New Industries Emerge Making steel Oil industry begins• The Bessemer process revolutionized the steel Oil was a key commodity as a industry. fuel source and for lubrication.• Helped to make America the Edwin L. Drake drilled the first world’s top producer and successful oil well in transformed the U.S. into a Pennsylvania modern industrial economy.• Construction companies could Oil prospectors, or Wildcatters, build bigger bridges and taller looked for oil in other regions. buildings. The oil boom at Spindeltop Texas caused a dramatic increase in oil production from 1900-1910
  5. 5. Railroads expand • Between 1865 and 1890, the number of miles of railroad track increased nearly fivefold. AidingMore tracks the growth, the federal government gave thousands of acres of land to railroad companies.Union Pacific • Laid tracks westward from Omaha, Nebraska • In laying track for the Transcontinental railroad, the Union Pacific Railroad proceeded more quickly because it benefited from smoother terrain. • Tracks were laid eastward from Sacramento, Central California. Chinese workers laid tracks through Pacific tougher terrain, crossing deserts and blasting through mountains. • Uniting the country physically and economically, the two rail lines met on May 18, 1869.
  6. 6. Important EffectsThe Transcontinental railroad was important because itpromoted trade and provided jobs.Settlement of the West was easier, small areas began to fillwith people. With railroads, new towns were founded andexisting ones expanded.Railroads led to the adoption of standard time zones.Before, each area had its own local time based on theposition of the sun.By 1918 standard time was adopted for the nation as awhole.
  7. 7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmdTq9x-naE
  8. 8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmdTq9x-naE