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Apache LibCloud - Keeping up with the cloud market in 2016

An overview of the Apache LibCloud project and how it can help you stay ahead of the cloud market in 2016

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Apache LibCloud - Keeping up with the cloud market in 2016

  1. 1. Keeping up with the Cloud market in 2016 Anthony Shaw, Apache LibCloud PMC
  2. 2. Overview of the LibCloud project  Python library, supports 2.5+, 3.0+  Formed in 2009  Graduated to Apache TLP in May 2011  200k+ downloads a month on PyPi  154 contributors LibCloud is an open-source library providing a single interface to communicate with multiple clouds, public or private. Supports IaaS, LBaaS, DNS and Storage.
  3. 3. Why should you use LibCloud? My workloads run in private and public clouds, I’ve got scripts for both LibCloud supports all major public clouds and private hypervisor APIs. Consolidate your scripts into 1 tool
  4. 4. Supported Clouds (IaaS)
  5. 5. Consolidation in Public Cloud People are using multiple clouds for a reason. Choosing a cloud provider can be both a commercial and technical decision. Don’t let your choice of cloud provider dictate your automation strategy. Give yourself the freedom of vendor agnostic deployment. The number of public cloud providers in 2015 has decreased, and usage has consolidated to a handful of “hyper-scale” providers.
  6. 6. Protection against market shifts [1] 6 months later.. This HP Helion REST API is amazing! I’m going to automate all the things… “HP Will Shut Down Its Helion Public Cloud on Jan. 31”[1]
  7. 7. Dispersion in Private Cloud • Adoption of private cloud has only increased slightly between 2014 and 2015 • LibCloud supports VMware APIs, OpenStack, CloudStack but not Azure Pack or System Center. • Libvirt and KVM support also available.
  8. 8. Using LibCloud If you want to use LibCloud directly from Python.. $ pip install apache-libcloud Credentials Choice of Cloud get_driver() Node Driver
  9. 9. Compute Drivers Node Driver Node Size Image Location Network Extended functions  List images, sizes, nodes (VMs) and locations.  Deploy, destroy, start and stop nodes  Create networks  Extended functions for most native functionality e.g. snapshots, cloning where supported.
  10. 10. Example Create Node Deploy Node(s) ComputeDriver Deploy your primary workload in private cloud and a failover in public cloud Create Node Deploy Node(s) Parallel multi-cloud deployment Update DNS records
  11. 11. DNS Drivers  Zone Management  Add, find, update and delete records  Configure TTL for rapid failover  Some drivers support automated purchasing and pricing of domains (e.g. GoDaddy). DNS Driver Zone Records Extended functions
  12. 12. Example Locate Zone Add A record Create Node Deploy Node DNSDriver Compute Driver Integrate your public IP addresses with your A/AAAA records Public IP(s)
  13. 13. Storage Drivers  Create containers.  List and manage existing containers.  Import, fetch and upload objects into containers.  Fetch CDN URLs where supported. Storage Driver Container Object Extended functions
  14. 14. Example Create Container Add Objects Create Node Deploy Node Storage Driver Compute Driver New build event Don’t lose out when using private clouds and not having access to object storage. Cross-over your cloud providers to get the best of both. Deployment bits
  15. 15. Load Balancer Drivers Define virtual listeners. Control load-balancing method. Set protocol, IP and port(s). Add and remove nodes from a virtual listener.LB Driver Listener Nodes VIPs Extended functions
  16. 16. Example Create Listener Add Node Update DNS Create Node Deploy Node DNS Driver LBDriver Compute Driver Auto- Scale event Implement auto- scaling for a cloud that doesn’t currently offer it by crossing- over load balancer and compute drivers.
  17. 17. Mix and match Compute Storage DNS Application workload To take full advantage of the LibCloud ecosystem, deploy your application across multiple providers, choose the best platform(s) for the job. Compute DNS Storage Load Balancer
  18. 18. Other ways of consuming LibCloud Orchestration Tools Management UIs Development Tooling
  19. 19. Salt Stack Cloud Leverage the flexibility and breadth of the LibCloud driver support from Salt Stack
  20. 20. Contributing to LibCloud Fork + code Raise Pull Request Merge!Test + flake
  21. 21. About me @anthonypjshaw @tonybaloney Based in Sydney, Australia Head of Innovation for Dimension Data

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An overview of the Apache LibCloud project and how it can help you stay ahead of the cloud market in 2016


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