Lordmancer introduction


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Giới thiệu game online giành cho điện thoại di động Lordmancer. Bạn có thể download game về chơi tại http://yomobile.vn

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Lordmancer introduction

  1. 1. multiplayer online RPG for cellphones
  2. 2. What Is Lordmancer? Lordmancer is a multiplayer online java-game for cellphones with strategy and RPG (MMORPG) features. Several users can play the game simultaneously. There are virtual characters, towns, items, gold in the game’s world. Players can talk, fight, discover new lands, create clans. Lordmancer is a virtual reality where a character can spend months in. Such computer games-blockbusters as Kings Bounty and Heroes of Might & Magic became Lordmancers prototypes. We took the best aspects of these games, adapted Lordmancer for cellphones and cell networks, created unique design and thoroughly worked on the details of game world. What did we get? We got a thrilling and captivating MMORPG for cellphones. Besides, this game brings actual profit to us and to our partners. Lets take a closer look at the game and the opportunities it gives to mobile companies, content-providers, advertisers and players.
  3. 3. A Few Facts The game is available for most user’s cellphones supporting java MIDP 2.0 and a screen resolution not less than 128x160. The game performance was thoroughly tested on Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung cellphones, as well as on Symbian smart phones and personal Windows Mobile communicators. The size of a jar-file is around 240-350 Kb. The interaction of java client with a server is performed by means of GPRS. An hour of dynamic game eats up about 200 KB of traffic. Release of the games Russian commercial version – November, 1, 2008. English version – September, 1, 2010 Now the game is available in two languages – Russian and English.Our Plans for the Nearest Future џ further development of the world of Lordmancer and the games opportunities; џ access to the markets of Western Europe and Asia; џ creation of a game client for Apple iPhones, Android (both will be available in 2010).
  4. 4. The Games Distinctive Features Lordmancer has a number of advantages over other multiplayer game’s projects for cellphones. џ several users can play the game at the same time. џthe games virtual reality is nearly infinite and protected from overcrowding and unfair cruel attacks of weaker players by stronger and more experienced ones. џconvenient and highly developed “player versus player” mode (PvP). џgood opportunities for player’s interaction. They can fight, exchange items, unite to create clans in the game, talk in the games public or private chat, take part in tournaments. џthe games economy involves game currency, trade operations, earning and spending currency. џthere are 5 races, tens of creature types, over 200 field maps and hundreds of items and magic scrolls in the game. џthe games options allow to dynamically add new field maps, items and magic in the game process. џthere are opportunities for players self-affirmation through the game reality. A player can capture a town, and name it after his name or login, create his own clan, select the way of a warrior or wizard, elf or ork. џthe game is available to users through a “Free to play” scheme, i.e. absolutely free. But it brings actual profit.
  5. 5. The Game Process The characters follow the field map, meet other characters (players and NPC), find towns, villages, buried treasures and the Gates that connect worlds. A character can easily move from place to place on several maps connected with one another, which stand for the Land. To get to another Land, a character has to find the Gates connecting worlds. Strong enemies or some restrictions often prevent characters from accessing the Gates. The game has a “player vs. player” mode (PvP). As a rule, players fight in a step-by-step mode. A player can also fight with a computer-guided opponent. Strong artificial intelligence and a complex fight scheme will not seem boring even to most hard-to-please players. The players can talk through Chat, exchange items, unite into clans and make wars. When in towns, characters can hire creatures to enlarge their army, buy and sell items or magic scrolls. Towns represent neutral territory where they cannot attack one another. But they can communicate and trade. The games economy is based on the economy laws of the real world. A player has to keep the balance between income and expenses. A one-time payment for buying an army is not enough to maintain troops. A player has to pay salary to the army on a regular basis. A player has a chance to get a source of regular income. And it depends totally on a player whether the money earned is enough for him.
  6. 6. Who Are the Players? Nearly every active computer or cellphone game’s player (quests, RPG, multiplayer online games, etc.) can play Lordmancer. You can play Lordmancer anytime and anywhere – in a bus, subway or car, at school or college, during lunch break at work, at breakfast or dinner time, or before going to bed at home. This is a great advantage over computer games. Playing Lordmancer is equally exciting for occasional players, as well as for true hardcore gamers. Young people, ages 12-30 are our major target audience. However, more mature people also get fascinated with the game, since it reminds them popular blockbusters of the past years. The game doesn’t contain any erotic or brutal scenes.Why the Game Attracts Users: џ They can create their own character with unique features; џ They can easily talk to other players; џ Self-actualization in the unique virtual world of the game; џ Constant extension of the game world; џ They can play everywhere.
  7. 7. Free to Play Lordmancer is available through a “Free to Play” scheme, which means that the download and playing the game is free. The game is based on the principle “time=money”. A player has a choice. He can either spend much time playing the game to upgrade his characters skills and keep the positions taken, or he can spend some real money to achieve the same results, but times faster. The account balance is given special attention. A player cannot win a significant advantage over other players in the game through recharging his account. He can just make the game a bit easier, speed up the characters upgrading, or stand out of the pack a little. Winning the game through just paying money is impossible. They may buy a special game money called Crystal for real money. The price for one Crystal can be established taking into account specificity of the country. The gamers can buy Crystals by means VAS SMS, credit card and any other billing ways.
  8. 8. Affiliation Affiliates can access the game through jar-files and through WAP site. In either case every affiliate gets a unique link to the game wap site. The site version for affiliates contains jar files of the game with codes and the affiliates VAS SMS numbers.Affiliation Options: 1. You give us VAS SMS numbers. We attach them to the list of the games SMS services and allocate you an affiliate link to WAP site and your versions of jar-files. You promote them in every possible way. We charge you a commission for every outgoing SMS. 2. We assign you a number to place in front of our VAS SMS numbers and give you an affiliate link to WAP site and your versions of jar-files. You promote them in every possible way. And you get a commission for every outgoing SMS. NB! Any user logged in on the site of an affiliate is anchored to this affiliate.
  9. 9. Why Is it Profitable to Become One of Our Affiliates? 1. The game does not need a demo-version. It is available for free of charge play. Once a user starts playing, he gets excited so much that he just cannot stop. The gambling spirit encourages making micro payments even those, who would never buy a java game. 2. Our offer fits content providers, as well as any other affiliates that have resources for promotion of the game. 3. The user involved into the game by an affiliate stays anchored to this affiliate. An affiliate gets a commission from every payment made by a user. Even if a user pays us a year after the registration. 4. We constantly work on the project. Our game is a high-quality product that permanently develops. We would like to offer a long-term and mutually fair affiliation.
  10. 10. iPhone
  11. 11. Contacts: LLC “Mobile Active” 614094, Perm, Ovchinnikova Str., 17 Chief Executive Officer Anton Telitsyn e-mail: telitsyn@mobak.ru ICQ: 277-022-112 Phone numbers: +7-912-98-73707, +7 (342) 22-456-01 Chief of Development Dep. Ivan Dolgov e-mail: dolgov@mobak.ru ICQ: 54-376-192 Cell phone: +7-922-24-01144