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Design Your Enterprise


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Design Your Enterprise

  1. 1. design Your Enterprise Ensure Optimal Alignment of your Business Goals and IT Infrastructure through effective use of IT Strategy, Architecture and Engineering disciplines. experience. the difference. architecture
  2. 2. TORI Global2 TORI can help you formulate, create, communicate and ratify your IT infrastructure strategy. Our skills will help ensure that your IT Infrastructure is consistently in optimal alignment with your business strategy. Pressure on business IT providers to deliver a fit-for-purpose IT Infrastructure service has never been more intense. Meeting these challenges demands the effective formulation and articulation of a relevant IT Strategy – reinforced through supporting Architecture, Engineering and Governance processes. OUR SOLUTIONS TORI adopts a collaborative, pragmatic, disciplined approach to helping you design your IT Infrastructure. Engaging with appropriate stakeholders and your own subject matter experts, our aim is to help you deliver optimal alignment of your IT infrastructure with your business goals and requirements. Our offerings within the “DESIGN your Enterprise” portfolio span a wide range of activities and deliverables. These include Strategy, Architecture and Engineering, and can be targeted at the Enterprise, Solution or Technical component level, each delivered with appropriate focus and detail. Our approach • A well understood, communicated and ratified IT Strategy ensures rapid and effective decision making • A corresponding IT Architecture framework, ensures that IT systems are engineered and implemented in a cohesive manner • A comprehensive Infrastructure strategy facilitates decisions that contribute to the optimal alignment of technology with business drivers • Timely adoption of new technology • Effective and efficient IT Infrastructure THE BENEFITS tori expertise • Enterprise IT Infrastructure Strategy and Architecture • IT Infrastructure Solution Architecture and Engineering • Technical component Engineering • Recommendations for appropriate governance processes and tooling to ensure on-going strategic alignment
  3. 3. 3experience. the difference Alignment to industry TORI’s capabilities in formulating and driving effective execution of an IT Infrastructure Strategy have been developed over many years. Our professionals have extensive experience gained in strategic, architecture and engineering roles in Investment Banking, Manufacturing and Technology Product and Service sectors. Technology focus The primary focus areas of TORI’s “DESIGN” practice are IT Infrastructure, Platforms and Tools. TORI technology capabilities range from Enterprise Wide Technology and Strategy right through to the design and build of specialised technical components within your IT Infrastructure topology. TORI’s Strategy, Architecture and Engineering practitioners have helped a number of organisations to optimise the alignment of their Technical IT Infrastructure with their wider business strategy. The experience, acquired over many years, allows us to influence the thinking of both the executive management and the engineers and specialists responsible for IT delivery; thereby embedding a strategic, architecture-led engineering culture across the organisation. our proven track record tori infrastructure strategy Find out more at: business business-specific and enterprise-wide processing app server, db server, web server, vdi, middleware data centre, server, network, storage, os, hypervisor ITSMTOOLs Application (Creativity) platform (Capability) infrastructure (Capacity) Architect Design Build Deploy Run Strategy and Governance Businessspecific BusinessDemand Standardgeneric ITcapabilityand capacitysupply
  4. 4. experience. the difference. CONTaCT US London +44 20 7025 5555 New York +1 212 461 2145 ABOUT TORI GLOBAL TORI Global will help you transform your business. We are experienced, independent practitioners. Our extensive global network of experts works with you to manage change across your enterprise. TORI was formed by a team of practitioners with extensive experience working at a senior level for large firms across multiple regions. The founding partners all sought the ‘ideal’ consultancy when working as CIO, CTO and Executives. TORI was created to embody that ideal. Our name encompasses our core values - those of Trust, Openness, Respect and Integrity. We work to ensure that these four values are inherent in everything we do, from internal processes to service delivery. TORI CAN HELP YOU DEFINE, CREATE, ARTICULATE AND EXECUTE AN EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT, BUSINESS- RELEVANT AND BUSINESS-ALIGNED IT INFRASTRUCTURE STRATEGY.