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LIMU Gift Pack 1

  1. 1.   K.Q.U.E.S.T.-LIMU  Experience   100  Reasons  to  Drink  LIMU   Today’s Date: _________________________________ Customer: _____________________________________ Contact No.: ___________________________________Email Info: ____________________________________ Follow Up :  15 Days  30 Days  45 Days  60 Days Check The National Library of Medicine’s on-line database at:, you will see over 900, 3rd party, independent studies from scientists all over the world. Scientific studies from The National Library of Medicine reinforce Fucoidan’s many health benefits. [Highlight Health Concern(s) Below - See How LIMU’s Fucoidan Rich Nutrients may Improve Your Health] 1. Nutrients Easily Absorbed 34. Fever Reducer 67. Reduce Indigestion 2. Strengthens Bones & Teeth 35. Relieves Mouth Sores 68. Improve Stroke Damage 3. Fights Depression 36. Alleviates Strep Infection 69. Lowers Stroke Risk 4. Builds Healthier Blood 37. Minimize Respiratory Infection 70. Inhibits Blood Clots 5. Improves Thyroid Health 38. Lessens Allergies 71. Aids Liver Repair 6. Alleviates Mood Disorders 39. Relieves Allergic Inflammation 72. Stimulates Tissue Replacement 7. Like Nature’s Perfect Food 40. Alleviates Sinusitis 73. Helps Cope with Stress 8. Resists Colds & Flu 41. Reduces Congestion 74. Natural Detoxifier 9. Natural Antibiotic 42. Lowers Cholesterol 75. Reduces Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 10. Strengthens Immune System 43. Improves Blood Pressure 76. Reduces & Minimizes Mental Stress 11. Protects Against Disease 44. Breakdown Dangerous Cells 77. Aids in Skin Repair 12. Speeds Immune Response 45. Slows Tumor Growth 78. Boost Wound Healing 13. Stronger White Blood Cells 46. Inhibits Malignant Cells 79. Speeds Skin Healing 14. Fights Antibiotic Resistant 47. Absolutely NO Side Effects! 80. Hydrates Hair 15. Optimizes Immune System 48. Inhibits/Reduces Cancer Cell Growth 81. Helps Skin Retain Moisture 16. Relieves Meningitis Swelling 49. Constrains Carcinogenic Transformation 82. Improves Moisture Absorption 17. Relieves Earaches 50. Inhibits Carcinogenic Bowel Toxins 83. Firms Skin 18. Relieves Eye Inflammation 51. Helps Improvement with Eye Sight 84. Strengthens Hair, Nails and Skin 19. Relieves Gingivitis 52. Helps Improve Hormone Level 85. Reduces Wrinkles 20. Relieves Headache 53. Protects Against Tumor Malignancy 86. Restores Hair 21. Relieves Pain 54. Protects Against Steroid Damage 87. Breaks Down Stored Fat 22. Relieves Sore Throat 55. Protects Breast Tissue 88. Satisfies Appetite 23. Relieves Backache 56. Contribute To Breast Health 89. Eliminates Cravings 24. Relieves Toothache 57. Alleviates Premenstrual Distress 90. Promotes Thyroid Stimulation 25. Relieves Boils 58. Alleviates Bladder Infections 91. Improves Metabolism 26. Relieves Arthritis 59. Reduces Yeast Infections 92. Helps Reduce Obesity 27. Relieves Prostate Swelling 60. Balances Blood Sugar 93. Reduces Hyperactivity (ADHD Help) 28. Relieves Fibromyalgia 61. Inhibits Insulin Over - Response 94. Reduce Liver Problems 29. Immune System Booster 62. Improves Gastro Intestinal Function 95. Aids Proper Scar Formation 30. Helps Fight Virus 63. Reduce Occurrence of Ulcers 96. Improves Tissue Healing 31. Herpes (Cold Sore) Relief 64. Relieves Peritonitis 97. Improves Joint Health 32. Halts Viruses 65. Alleviates Constipation 98. Strengthen Heart Muscle Cells 33. Specialized Immune Support 66. Helps with Colon Disease 99. Slows Down Aging Process 100. Helps Improve Diabetes   Tear  Off  Below  And  Provide  To  Customer  .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................     LIMU  Member’s  Name:                                                                                                                         ID#:    _______________________________________   Cell  Info:                                                                                                                                                  Business  Phone  Info:  _______________________________   Member’s  LIMU  Website  Info  (To  Order  Products):  __________________________________________________                                 (LIVE)  LIMU  PRODUCT  LINE  CONFERENCE  CALL:  _________________________________________________                  
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  3. 3. 97 Reasons To Drink Original LimuTreasured by the Tongans of the South Pacific for 3,000 years, Limu hasdeveloped a reputation for promoting good health and fighting disease.Scientists have discovered Limus amazing benefits can be attributed to itscomplex carbohydrates, called polysacchrides, as well as its glyconutrients,antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Fucoidan--the most exciting of them all--hasbeen cited in more that 650 research studies around the world. ADHD HELP 1Reduces Hyperactivity: Amino acids and polyphenois (antioxidants) in Limu are able tobind to heavy metals in the urinary tract, preventing a build up in the bloodstream. Heavymetals have been linked to learning disorders and hyperactivity in children. ALLERGY RELIEF 2Lessens Allergies: Fucoidan may lessen allergic reactions by stimulating interleukin 12 andinterferon-fA production, proteins which suppress lgE production. Too much lgE causessneezing, wheezing and nasal inflammation. 3Relieves Allergic Inflammation: Fucoidan has anti-inflammatory properties which can alsohelp reduce discomfort of allergies and skin disorders. 4Alleviates Sinusitis: Limu’s anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties can alleviate avariety of sinus conditions. 5Reduces Congestion: Limu’s mucilage helps the body hold moisture which can reducecongestion. BLOOD PRESSURE & CHOLESTEROL CONTROL 6Lowers Cholesterol: The Journal of Nutrition cited data showing fucoidan alters theactivity of liver enzymes that control the way fatty acids are metabolized, resulting in lowercholesterol levels in the blood. 7Improves Blood Pressure: Studies show Limu’s fucoidan improves blood pressure levels. CANCER INHIBITING PROPERTIES 8Breaks Down Dangerous Cells: A Japanese study showed fucoidan causes apoptosis—
  4. 4. where DNA within cancer cells is broken down by the cell’s own enzymes. 9Slows Tumor Growth: Studies show that fucoidan effectively blocks the G1 phase of celldivision, discouraging the growth of malignant tumors in tests using humanbronchopulmonary carcinoma cells. 10Inhibits Malignant Cells: Limu’s fucoidan stimulates production of interleukin andinterferon compounds, inhibiting malignant cell growth. Limu’s lamarin also has anti-cancer compounds. 11No Side Effects: Doctors in Japan have found no side effects from fucoidansupplementation in the treatment of colon and lung cancer as well as leukemia. 12Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth: Limu’s fucoidan helps the immune surveillance systemrecognize and inhibit cancer cell growth. 13Constrains Carcinogenic Transformation: Limu compounds can inhibit transformation tophospholipids to carcinogenic substances. 14Inhibits Carcinogenic Bowel Toxins: Limu’s compounds inhibit the creation of carcinogenicflora in the bowel. 15Reduces Cancer Risk: The Limu plant has compounds that reduce the risk of certaincancers by reducing plasma cholesterol. DIABETES & HYPOGLYCEMIA HELP 16Balances Blood Sugar: Limu’s fucoidan can slow the infusion of glucose into thebloodstream, which stabilizes blood sugar levels. 17Inhibits Insulin Over-Response: Fucoidan’s affect on glucose can help prevent excessiveinsulin responses in diabetics, reducing the chance of hypoglycemia. GASTROINTESTINAL ISSUES 18Improves GI Function: Consistent fucoidan supplementation in studies, showed improvedfunction of the upper gastro intestinal tract, according to studies conducted in Tokyo. 19Reduces Occurrence of Ulcers: The Yakult Central Institute for Microbiological Researchreported that C-fucoidan prevented the attachment of H.pylori (ulcer causing bacteria) tostomach lining cells. 20Relieves Peritonitis: Limu’s fucoidan presence may inhibit inflammation-causing whitecells from migrating to the stomach lining, helping reduce peritonitic inflammation.
  5. 5. 21Alleviates Constipation: Limu’s mucilage helps the body hold moisture which can reduceconstipation. 22Helps with Colon Diseases:See Reason # 18 Improves GI Functions 23Reduces Indigestion:See Reason # 18 Improves GI Functions HAIR, SKIN & NAIL HEALTH 24Aids in Skin Repair: Japanese scientists reported in Biological Pharmacology Bulletin thatfucoidan boosts the production of the integrin protein, which aids in skin repair. 25Boosts Wound Healing: The same report states that fucoidan promotes the contraction ofcollagen gel, boosting healing. 26Speeds Skin Healing: Laboratory tests suggest compounds in Limu shorten the skin cellreplacement cycle, causing skin to heal faster and wrinkle more slowly. 27Hydrates Hair: Limu’s alginic acid helps it resist drying out from sun exposure. 28Helps Skin Retain Moisture: Limu’s mucilage provides protection for delicate membranesand helps hold in moisture. 29Improves Moisture Absorption: Mucilage enhance the absorption of water molecules in theskin, reducing skin dryness. 30Firms Skin: Limu’s mucilage contributes to making the skin firm and resilient. 31Strengthens Hair, Nails & Skin: Limu’s mucilage can strengthen hair, nails and skin. 32Reduce Wrinkles: Mucilage can help reduce wrinkles by boosting skin regeneration. 33Restores Hair: Externally applied Limu gels and compresses, combined with internalsupplements, may aid hair restoration from loss due to chemotherapy or radiationtreatments. IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH 34Nutrients Easily Absorbed: Limu’s 70+ vitamins and minerals are used by the body quicklyand efficiently. 35
  6. 6. Strengthens Bones & Teeth: Limu is rich in calcium. 36Fights Depression: Limu is rich in magnesium, considered elemental in fighting depression. 37Builds Healthier Blood: The Limu plant absorbs iron from the pure South Pacific waters.Iron is necessary for healthy blood and prevention of anemia. 38Improves Thyroid Health: Limu absorbs zinc and iodine crucial for optimal thyroid health. 39Alleviates Mood Disorders: Limu is a rich source of natural vitamins B1, B2, B12 andlecithin, which help battle symptoms of moodiness. OPTIMIZE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM 40Nature’s Perfect Food: Limu contains a unique polysaccharide called fucoidan, whosechemical composition closely resembles human breast milk. 41Resists Colds & Flu: Limu has more vitamin C than oranges. 42Natural Antibiotic: Limu’s fucoidan has the same antibodies as human breast milk. 43Strengthens Immune System: Limu’s fucoidan stimulates production of vital immune cells,helping the body battle against bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, even cancer cells andhelps mitigate dozens of autoimmune disorders. 44Protects Against Disease: Limu’s glyconutrients encourage “Natural Killer” (NK) cells tofight disease, enabling better protection from tissue breakdown. 45Speeds Immune Response: Limu’s glyconutrients also encourage NK cell and B-cellregeneration, speeding up the body’s immune response. 46Stronger White Blood Cells: Glyconutrients in Limu aids white blood cells to better destroyinfectious microorganisms. 47Fights Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria: Limu’s fucoidan has powerful immune-boostingcomponents that can strengthen the body’s fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria. PREMATURE AGING 48Reduces Liver Problems: Fucoidan can significantly enhance the production of hepatocytegrowth factor (HGF), which stimulates regeneration of liver cells, reducing the risk ofhepatitis, cirrhosis and liver failure. 49Aids Proper Scar Formation: Fucoidan’s effect on HGF boosts production of skin cells,
  7. 7. vital to scar formation. 50Improves Tissue Healing: HGF boosts tissue healing by inhibiting the prevention ofregeneration, challenging degenerative diseases such as diabetes and artherosclerosis. 51Improves Joint Health: Fucoidan’s effect on HGF boosts cartilage regeneration. 52Strengthens Heart Muscle Cells: HGF increases production of heart muscle cells, whichmay help pulmonary fibrosis. 53Slows Aging: Studies show HGF slows the deterioration associated with aging by inhibitinga substance in the body that prevents the regeneration of tissue. STRESS & HEALING 54Aids Liver Repair: Fucoidan stimulates better liver cell regeneration/tissue replacement. 55Stimulates Tissue Replacement: Fucoidan stimulates tissue replacement in organs and theskin. This is especially important for surgery recovery. 56Helps Cope with Stress: Limu can help the body cope with stress by keeping it suppliedwith restorative compounds and minerals. Also Limu’s nutritional boost allows the mind tobe reassured the body is receiving optimal nutrition. 57Natural Detoxifier: Limu alginate is a natural detoxifier. 58Reduces Chronic Fatigue: Due to Limu’s anti-inflammatory and energy-producingcapability. VASCULAR FLOW & STROKE IMPROVEMENT 59Improves Stroke Damage: Limu’s Fucoidan has strong anti-inflammatory properties thatmay help minimize brain damage and memory impairment in stroke sufferers. 60Lowers Stroke Risk: There is evidence Limu’s Fucoidan discourages the formation of bloodclots, lowering the risk of both heart attacks and strokes. The Department of SurgicalSciences in Stockholm concluded that the anti-coagulating properties of fucoidan are morepotent than the commonly prescribed Heparin. 61Inhibits Blood Clots: Limu’s lamarin is a natural anti-clotting compound. WEIGHT & APPETITE CONTROL 62
  8. 8. Breaks Down Fat: Lecithin in Limu may help break down fatty deposits under the skin. 63Satisfies Appetite: The high mucilage content of Limu helps satisfy hunger. 64Eliminates Cravings: Limu’s balance of nutrients, often eliminates food cravings. 65Thyroid Stimulation: The iodine in Limu can stimulate an underactive thyroid, which hasbeen linked to slower metabolism and weight gain. 66Improves Metabolism: The organic iodine in Limu also supports increased metabolismfunction. 67Helps Reduce Obesity: As Limu helps stabilize blood sugars, food can be used as energyrather than stored as fat. WITH ITS ANTI-INFLAMMATORY QUALITIES, LIMU ALSO: 68Relieves Meningitis Swelling 69Relieves Earaches 70Relieves Eye Inflammation 71Relieves Gingivitis 72Relieves Headaches 73Relieves Pain 74Relieves Sore Throats 75Relieves Backaches 76Relieves Toothaches 77Relieves Boils 78Relieves Arthritis 79Relieves Prostate Swelling 80Relieves Fibromyalgia 81Immune System Booster: Limu’s Fucoidan can do what no synthetic drug can: fight
  9. 9. bacteria while boosting the immune system rather than weakening it. 82Helps Fight Viruses: Limu’s fucoidan increases the production of some types ofinterleukins and interferons secreted by immune cells (like T cells). This can be an effectivetreatment against viruses that cause hepatitis, chronic fatigue and even AIDS. 83Herpes (Cold Sores) Relief: Fucoidan may be beneficial for people who suffer from chronicviral infections such as herpes or cytomegalovirus, which can cause miscarriages and birthdefects. 84Halts Viruses: Fucoidan has been shown to bind to enveloped viruses, interfering with theirability to attach to host cells and preventing replication. 85Specialized Immune Support: Laboratory tests show fucoidan boosts the level of immunedefense cells specifically designed to attack invaders that are present, rather than boostingrandom defense cells. 86Reduces Fever 87Relieves Mouth Sores 88Alleviates Strep Infections 89Minimizes Respiratory Infections WOMEN, HORMONES & BREAST HEALTH 90Improves Hormone Levels: A combination of soy and Limu’s fucoidan impacts hormonelevels in postmenopausal women. 91Protects Against Tumor Malignancy: A University of South Carolina study demonstratesthat soy and fucoidan work synergistically, possibly protecting against the formation ofmalignant breast tumors. 92Protects From Steroids: Protects against the negative effects of steroids. 93Protects Breast Tissue: Limu helps protect breast tissue against pollutants and toxins. 94Contributes to Breast Health: Limu supplies vital trace minerals that protect breast tissue. 95Alleviates Premenstrual Distress: Limu is a rich source of vitamins B1, B2 and B12. 96Alleviates Bladder Infections:See Reason # 85 Specialized Immune Support
  10. 10. 97Reduces Yeast Infections:See Reason # 85 Specialized Immune Support* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and dietary supplements are not intended to cure, preventor treat any illness or disease. These experiences are provided for informational purposes and are not meant tosubstitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. If you have or suspect youhave a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider. Rita Elkins book, "Limu Moui: Prize SeaPlant of the South Pacific," is an independent publication and is not endorsed in any way by The Limu Company.
  11. 11. . .,    Why Fucoidan Offers The Most  Health Benefits:  Fucoidan Health Benefits- Anti-cancer, immune builder, anti-inflammatory, stem cell regenerator & more.   Fucoidan-a sulfated polysaccharide extracted from brown seaweed is now thought to have a role to play in the stem cell-induced repair of cardiovascular damage.   Leading researchers from around the world state they have never seen one ingredient do more for the human body than fucoidan. The 900+ studies on fucoidan health benefits at verify this in many ways from a great variety of universities and research centers world-wide.   Fucoidan Health Benefits:   • More Fucoidan Health Benefits:   Repair & regenerate organs & tissue Promotes healthy cell growth   Provides anti-cancer/anti-tumor action   Blocks the formation of new blood vessels around cancer cells   • Prevents blood coagulation • Lowers cholesterol levels • Provides anti-HIV action • Provides anti-ulcer action & removes stomach discomfort • Reduces allergic reactions due to pollen & atopic allergies • Provides antiviral/antibacterial action • Promotes hair growth • Enhances moisture retention in the skin • Prevents weight gain • Improves the intestinal environment
  12. 12. . .    • Natures best anti inflammatory • Boosts liver function    8 Essential Saccarides Add to Fucoidan Health Benefits   Fucoidan Is Believed To Be Natures Most Diverse And Effective Cell Signaler. Fucoidan Has Enormous Power And Energy In Supporting Significant And Forceful Effects On Stem Cells, Organs, Tissues And Many Biological Structures And Systems Within The Body.   .Fucoidan has amazing health benefits! It contains all 8 essential saccarides for cellular communication:   Mannose - Prevents bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal infections   Eases inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis   Lupus patients are deficient in this saccharide   Lowers blood sugar and triglyceride levels in diabetic patients
  13. 13.    Fucose- Increases growth factors IGF-1& 2 identical to those found abundant in breast milk  • Influences brain development and ability to create long-term memories • Induces production of immune factors interferon and interleukin in immunocytes • Regulates immunomodulating activity • Activates stem cells   Creates hormonal anti-aging longevity factors • Inhibits tumor growth through apopitosis • Metabolism of this saccharide is abnormal in cystic fibrosis, diabetes, cancer and shingles • Active against other herpes viruses, including herpes I and cytomegalovirus Guards against respiratory infections Inhibits allergic reactions by suppressing IgE_Increases growth factors for muscle rebuilding • Stimulates bone growth and repair • Creates growth factors for skin, hair, lining of internal organs • Acts directly with anti-inflammatory inhibitors • Re-pigments graying hair • Potent energy metabolism increase • Natural high ORAC value protects eyes & major organs   Galactose - Enhances wound healing • Increases calcium absorption Triggers long-term memory formation • Glucose - Potent fast-energy source • Enhances memory Stimulates calcium absorption Elderly Alzheimers patients register lower levels of this saccharide than those with organic brain disease from stroke or other vascular diseases
  14. 14. Glucose metabolism turbed in depression; manic-depression, anorexia and bulimia• N-Acetylgalactosamine - Heart disease patients have lower-than- normal levels of this saccharide• Inhibits spread of tumor• Immune modulator with antitumor properties and activity against HIV• N-Acetvlglucosamine Vital to learning• Glucosamine, a metabolic product of this saccharide• Helps repair cartilage Decreases pain and inflammation• Increases range of motion repair mucosal-lining defensive barrier implicated in Crohns disease, ulcerative colitis & interstitial cystitis• N-Acetylneurominic Acid- Important for brain development and learning• Abundant in breast milk Repels bacteria, virus and other pathogens• Xylose - AntibacteJ,ial and antifungal• may prevent cancer of the digestive tract